Saturday, March 08, 2008


Cheer up kiddo. You guys sure tried hard. You might want to change those shorts though. I guess when you lose to "little brother" SEVEN straight times, it's got to be tough.

In all seriousness, this one felt more grinder than thriller. Thrilling, sure, a thrill to win, beat your rival for the 7th straight time, and most of all, thrilled to salt away the #3 Pac-10 seed. But a grinder in the way this thing played out. If you are scoring at home, that's now 7 straight in hoops, 3 out of the last 4 in football. WOW.

I finally thought the missed free throws, something we seem to be doing a lot of lately, was going to nail us. Not only Cowgill's miss with 13 seconds left in a tie game, but to go just 19-29 for the game isn't real great. It's borderline-bad actually. We got absolutely destroyed on the glass too. Not that it's all that surprising, but 42-23? That's TERRIBLE.

To stay positive, you have to like Cowgill's final home game. I can't remember the last time I saw him actually look OK shooting the ball from 17-feet? But he sure hit a few. And that lay-in with 13 seconds left to time the game was huge. That was more or less a scramble for the ball at that point and obviously could have gone the other way, and suddenly you are fouling down 2. Instead we're tied. Ok, he missed the FT (and borderline lucky to draw IRON he missed so badly!) but still, a heady play by the senior.

Low was efficient, 6-for-13 including a couple of 3's. One of those was super-deep, easily from NBA land. He played pretty well with the ball too. I'm not sure what his turnover count was, but I don't remember him making too many errant passes or really forcing the action. A nice way to go out.

I can't believe Weaver's final line of 20 points. Maybe it was because he made 9 FT's, but he seemed to scuffle from the field. It didn't "feel" like a guy who scored 20 points? I don't know, hard to explain I guess.

ALL that said, I think the timing of our little "who's our big-shot Bob?" poll was pretty good. Did you notice who hit those 3's in the first OT, both when we were DOWN 3 points? They couldn't have been better looks, and they couldn't have come at a better time. Just gigantic shots to keep them in a game that felt like it was going to slip away so many times. Rochestie is the guy you want to take those shots, again not just because of his ability to hit the 3 or draw the foul, but his desire at crunch time to be THE GUY to take those shots! On a team that is totally unselfish, you have to at least have one guy that doesn't look pass-first when the heat is on. Rochestie is that guy.

Well, on to the Pac-10 tourney. I truly hope this win will cement a Big Dance 6-seed, worst-case, regardless of what happens next week. We get the 6-seed Oregon Ducks in next Thursday at 6 PM. Let's just rest up and get ready to go next week.


Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack..

Get ready for the Trolls.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Couple of other drug-induced notes:

1) I thought that in addition to his team playing well, Romar coached a HELLUVA game tonight. They did a really, really nice job of switching looks on us.

2) The officiating was particularly uneven if not poor. Lots of ticky tack tonight given the level of physical play. I thought it contributed to a really bad flow.

3) Tony's decsision to start Cross and Henry put class before winning. Starting those two put us on our heels early when we had an opportunity to establish tempo and control early. The fact that he started those kids showed that winning ain't everything, and that, is classy no matter how you cut it.

4) We are still not very good on our offensive sets. Against the zone, we dribble WAY too much. And we still don't swing the ball nearly quick enough. That better be a focus in practice this week. It was also amazing to me that it wasn't until the last 5:00 that you saw those cross, high ball screens. What is up with that? I tell you, our ability to respond to other teams' pressure in the half court set + the zone is our key moving forward. IF we figure that out, then look out.

5) The conference is just phenomenal. CAL, who finishes ninth, should have won less ANOTHER gimme call to the Bruins. The Dawgs looked fantastic tonight and showed great heart in spite of going nowhere, and Arizona is now 7th? Say what?

What's gonna happen next week?

Anonymous said...

What a game! I had a charity auction to go to at my wife's school. The thing started at 4:30, but dinner was going to be served at 6:30 with the big tix items to start going sometime thereafter. My wife went to the auction at 4:30 I stayed home with the kids to watch the 1st half and then dropped the kids off at the babysitter at halftime around 5:30. I then stopped by a buddy's house to watch the game for about 20 mins. I then had a 30 min drive to the auction. As I was pulling in I got to hear the last few moments of reg.
Received text messages at the auction with score updates. Awesome and ended out bidding a number of folks for an autographed b-ball from this year's team for only $500!
My day is complete.

Woody said...

Any win is a good win.

The Cougs definately played well is bunches tonight but not complete game. Credit The Dawgs for that, you could tell this is one they wanted. In fact, it did not seem like we really got into it until the end of regulation.

That is actually a sign of where this team is. Being able to get victories (against your rivals no less) and not playing your best or matching intensity throughout.

It is hard not to get nostalgic about these Seniors on a night like tonight, and the Big 3 Seniors stepped up big. What they have done the last 2 years and what they have meant to this program. It is unbeleivable. The encouraging thing is the emergence of the next 3 this year. McLovin at the point, The big Aussie down under and how Forrest is coming around. He has gone from a gangly kid last year to becoming a less gangly more confident player throughout this year. Have not even mentioned the big game potential of Harmeling. You could not ask for a better mix of Senior Leaders showing the way for the underclassmen.

I hate to say it but I think this is what it feels like to have an actual program.

Great night for the Seniors, great night to be a Coug!

Go Cougs!


kaddy said...

I feel pretty optimistic for next year - our floor General, Taylor, with the monster at Center, then Forrest & Harmeling. I don't think the drop-off will be as dramatic as everyone thinks, although it's impossible to replace Weaver, D-Low & the ultimate role player, Robbie Cowgill. As you mentioned Woody, it's sure nice to have an actual PROGRAM.

kaddy said...

Anyone else notice how gray Tony Bennett is getting? Welcome to the 1st seat on the bench, Tony.

kaddy said...

One more I couldn't resist - the Huskies flew home on the Cougar Horizon plane - how sweet is that?!

atlantacoug said...

Latest Projections have Cougs in Either Denver or Omaha...Let's hope it is Denver. Much more $$ to fly to Omaha.

Woody said...


Lunardi has the Cougs projected as a #7 seed in Raleigh nonetheless.
So, after going on Seattle Radio and telling everyone The Cougs would be no less then a #6 seed, he proceeds to make them a #7 in the next 2 Brackets he does. Oh yes, and all the Cougs have done is win one game in that time. He has Zags a #6 as well, hmmm?

I will be interested in what he has to say on Mitch in the Morning's show this Wednesday.

I guess good thing he does not make the Brackets. If we can get a third win over the Ducks in LA, we should budge off that spot.



Sedihawk said...

In hearing Lunardi's interview again, I don't know, but he seemed a little unprepared to answer WSU's seeding? He really does hem and haw before saying the 3-6 range. Maybe he just blew it? He hadn't had us as a 3 for a while so maybe he was thinking out loud instead of being prepared to answer the question. The guy knows his stuff though, I mean every year he's amazingly accurate.

Meanwhile, breaking news - Steve Ballmer is OFFICIALLY TIGHTENING THE SCREWS on the state! Get it done now, or lose your $150 million gift. PERIOD.

Nothing gets done without pressure anymore. Some political careers are going to be made or broken over the next 3 days!

AtlantaCoug said...

And now the bad news....

Very disappointed. Whatever 'questions' they have I don't see why they can't be answered before Thursday.

Sedihawk said...

It's not over yet!

How about this part of the letter to the state:

"The city first broached this general idea with you and with the Democratic legislative leadership before the current session convened, and we have been in continuous discussions with all of you since. The specific $150m offer was presented to the City on February 15th and conveyed to you and the legislative leadership immediately thereafter."

Here's a link to the letter itself:

Wait a mean to tell me that the governor and the leadership of the state knew about this 3+ weeks ago, and it's only getting a reaction now because the new ownership group went public with it? Now maybe I understand why David Stern hates Washington. How BAD are Gregoire, Chopp and the rest going to look if they pass on this? By saying they only heard about it last week is a blatant LIE. They are lying to the public with their statements. Unbelievable.

It makes you wonder, if Slade Gorton and Ballmer and the rest didn’t go public last week, would we ever have heard about this? Was Gregoire just hoping that they would keep quiet until after the session, then shrug her shoulders if/when it leaked and say “gosh, if only we could have heard about this before the session was over?” Can you imagine if this stuff was made public after the session was over?? Wow, wow, WOW!

At this point I really wonder if Gregoire has some sort of deal with Bennett. Something else is going on here.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, this isn't a $150 million gift. It is a $500 MILLION DOLLAR GIFT! Or did you overlook the cost of buying the team, whether it is this or anohter struggling team? If they thumb their noses at this, it's hte most pathetic, rudderless ship in Olympia, EOS!

Sedihawk said...

And now Dino Rossi has weighed in, FULLY SUPPORTING the idea! There's some major political clout to hopefully get this rolling.

Your move Christine!

kaddy said...

You go, Dino!