Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, we knocked the nerves out in the second half and ran rough shot over those poor souls from Winthrop.

Man, what a performance from our front line.

And now our boys make their move toward immortality.

In my mind, next to the 97 football season, the 2002 UCLA game for the Rose Bowl, and our 2003 win over Texas, this is the biggest game for Cougar athletics in the past 40 years.

Its that big.

No need to go over game film with this one. Is Notre Dame good? Yep.

Can they score? Yep.

Are they balanced? Yep.

Can they defend? Kinda.

Is the Big East awesome? Yep.

But, it really is all about this ONE question folks: CAN THEY CROWD US?

And based on what i have seen the answer is NO.

Cougs 65 Irish 59

Enjoy our boys run to the Sweet Sixteen.

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TiltingRight said... has our offense AND defense ranked 11th in the country in efficiency. It has ND at 17th on offense and 44th on defense.

Overall, we're ranked #8, they're at #24.

In the tourny that doesn't mean anything, but his ratings/rankings are meant to be predictive....