Saturday, March 29, 2008

NOT SO BREAKING News - Bennett NOT(!) Offered IU Job

UPDATE 9:00 AM 3/29/08 - Per Andy Katz, Bennett has NOT BEEN OFFERED the IU job. Check it out.

"The source also said a published report Saturday morning that Indiana had made an offer to Washington State's Tony Bennett was inaccurate. Indiana has not offered anyone the job, according to the source.

Reached Saturday morning in Pullman, Bennett told, "I haven't had one conversation with [Indiana] and so, no, I haven't been offered the job.''

Washington State athletic director Jim Sterk said Saturday morning that no school has asked for permission to talk to Bennett."

Well, that didn't take long. Per Fox Sports at least, the cat is officially out of the bag, and Indiana has made their move to Tony. Let's see how Tony handles this one. And this little matter of the Cal Bears has now cropped up, where Cougfan cites a report in the San Francisco Chronicle saying sources claim "Bennett is expected to leave WSU" and that he's already a finalist for their job. You can read that story here.

I tried our own source earlier today, as I actually heard a rumor something was up, but I didn't hear a thing back from him. So I don't have anything good "insider" views about what is out there. But the gut tells you this isn't a good thing.

I just hope we find out soon enough what he's going to do. I can't imagine he is the type of guy that is going to let this thing drag out. It makes you think we are going to get the word sooner rather than later. It's hold-your-breath time.


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ZZU_CRU said...

What about unity, servanthood, passion, humility, and thankfulness, as well as Christian principles? Was it all hot air? Are we simply a whistle-stop on the TB express? A lot of hearts are breaking right now.

kaddy said...

Nothing has happened yet, so let's just take it easy. I can't see Tony looking Taylor in the face and saying "Gee, thanks for giving up your scholie next year, but I'm gone." Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sedihawk said...

True that Kaddy. Good old Andy Katz is on the job again, setting things right.

By the way, ever wonder why Katz seems to laud WSU and Bennett at every chance? He loves the Bennett's, for good reason. The point is, when you hear something from Katz, don't take it as a grain of salt. It's GRANITE. I will officially sit tight and not play this rumor game unless Katz reports it!

Anonymous said...

There are contrasting reports about whether Bennett has been offered the IU job with Bennett going so far as to tell one media outlet Saturday that he hasn't "had one conversation" with Indiana. Still, according to multiple sources (one of whom is close to Bennett), here's the reality of the situation: No, Bennett has not "had one conversation" with "Indiana" or "formally" been offered the Indiana job, but that's not how this stuff works in this era. Remember, Billy Donovan was never formally offered the Kentucky job last year, but he knew it was his job if he wanted it.

This is similar.

According to sources, third-party representatives made Bennett aware late Friday through other third-party representatives that he can be Indiana's next coach if he wants to be Indiana's next coach. He is expected to decide in the next 24 hours and allow IU to move forward, one way or another. Furthermore, a separate source said if Bennett withdraws from consideration at Indiana he will use it to display his loyalty to Washington State before asking WSU officials for everything he needs (chartered planes, better pay for assistants, etc.) to consistently win in the Pac-10. If he gets it, great. If not, then he'll take a serious look at California or LSU, two other places where Bennett is considered among the leading candidates to fill a head coaching vacancy.

kaddy said...

Donate to the basketball fund! $50, $100, $500, $10,000 - all of it will help! Anyone have a link?

JMNOR55 said...

A very good season. I wish that they had some of Washington or Oregon's athletes to hang in with UNC, but a good season for the Cougars.

Bennett should stay in Pullman. He can create a good team, don't emualte Monson, who lept at the first BCS job and then didn't work out there.