Saturday, March 01, 2008


Happy Saturday, Cougar Nation!

Sorry for the brief post with no pictures, but I have real life deadlines to meet today.

Anyhow, BELOW you will find SediHawk's review of last night's Coug football dinner.

IT IS A great read.

As for today, well, a win would put us on track for what I believe will be a #3 seed in the tourney.

With a loss, we head toward the dreaded land of a 5 seed--unless we make a run in the Pac-10 tournament.

Honestly, this is the hardest game of the season for me to predict. As we get nearer to the finish line, the voice of Brinkhater the fan gets much louder than Brinkhater the quasi-analyst.

And with that in mind, Brinkhater the fan smells a really great victory for us today.

But, Brinkhater the quasi-analyst smells things a bit differently (I use both nostrils). He sees the rabid fans at Maples, he sees a Cardinal team that will have "The Goods" this time around (he didn't play last game, remember), and he sees a game where Mr. Hill does just enough to make Kyle Weaver struggle.

In essence, I ask you all to think back to our games with USC last year. If you remember, we nipped them in LA by 1 or two points in the first game. In the second game, we secured 2nd place in the conference in a wild, double OT thriller that served as Baynes' coming out party.

But after that second game, you just knew that if we played them again, that they would get us and get us good.

And I think the same type of thing will begin to play out today.

Cardinal win 65-63 and set themselves up to get beat by us pretty good (by 10 points) in the second round of the Pac-10 tourney in two weeks.

"Enjoy" again...


longball said...

Wow BH, if we do indeed knock them off in the tournament i think i'll have you read my palm.

What a frustrating loss after completely dominating them in the first half. The stretches without Baynes on the floor (who OWNED chest pounder Brook tonight whenever he was in)plus our gaurds forgetting how to make a shot in the 2nd half killed us tonight. Bye Bye 3 seed, we officially have no signature wins.

Sedihawk said...

Couldn't agree more Longball. This is the most disappointing loss of the season to me. We really needed a signature win, we could touch it, taste it, smell it, but we couldn't close the deal. Just goes to show you what a fine line it is between winning in the clutch and losing. We were great vs Gonzaga and Baylor early in the season, both games where it came down to the final few possessions, but our losses are starting to stand out against true quality opponents. I know we were on cloud 9 after the Cal win, but Cal is the definition of inconsistency this year and they might not even make the dance. Ugh. Just disappointing, that's all.

Really makes you wonder if the league is really THAT good? That everyone in the Pac-10 will make some noise in the dance once we stop beating on each other? Or is it really:
One "super great" team in UCLA;
One team that has 2 or 3 seed written all over it in Stanford;
One absolutely terrible team in Oregon State;
And then the other 7 teams are just a big mash-up that can beat each other on any given night?

Expectations are a bitch. I think everyone looks at last year, and I totally include myself in this, but I thought we would be better just given the experience we have back. I EXPECTED, not hoped, that we would win the tight games this year. But maybe we just aren't any better than we were last year, and the league in virtually every other spot took a step forward? Sigh.

kaddy said...

It gets frustrating to watch all the ticky-tack fouls they call on Baynes - like the refs just expect him to foul because he's so big and aggressive. That 5th foul today was horseshit - just because someone bounces into and off of Baynes' chest doesn't mean he fouled them. He's big, and he doesn't get pushed around...that doesn't equal a foul.

The other thing is the hot and cold flashes of Low - I know he's more hot than cold, but he can be so on it's unconscious, then so cold he goes 0 for a half. Frustrating.

I do think the league this year is great - and I don't think we're any worse than last year. Even Bennett thinks we're maybe a little bit better, and I would trust his judgement.

A win against the lavender and piss would close out the season nicely at 11-7 in league, which, when we get down to it, is pretty respectable. That said, I'd rather be a 6 seed than a 5...there is always a 5 that gets beaten by a 12, and I don't want us to play Davidson in the 1st round.

Atlantacoug said...

I agree with Ms. Kaddy. Low giveth and he taketh away. When Weaver landed on his hip in the 2nd half my life flashed before my eyes. Tough, Tough loss. So last year we sweep Ariz and Stanford but get swept by Oregon. This year the opposite. I really thought we would win today because as dominant as the Chest thumpin Lopez jerks are, I really think their back court is weak. And when Low was going off, I thought we were exposing them. But Weaver did not score much and that hurt. And we all saw how ugly the 2nd half scoring was. Missed opportunity. Sorry for rambling post. Beat the Huskies for 7th time in a row on Senior day and all will be forgiven.

kaddy said...

We split with Stanford last year, smart guy.