Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bennett to IU: PASS!

Sweet! Tony stays, as Vince at the has the news. Like many of you thought, the job just isn't done here. I can't wait until his press conference tomorrow or Tuesday and we can hear about the future, and Tony WILL be part of it!

Interesting that he did talk to IU after all (and not a shocker). This is a great day for Cougars everywhere!

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kaddy said...

Nice to see a coach that appreciates everything WSU & Pullman have to offer...enough to actually say "no thanks" to what is considered an elite program. Time to step it up, Cougs, with our wallets! Donate to the basketball fund!

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo - way to go TB!! With Bennett and Wulf in the fold for awhile, I think the basketball and football programs look solid for years to come.....damn just wish our school could pay with the big boys - why can't we?? Why does this crap have to happen every time we have a decent coach (i.e. when we are successful)?? We are not the coaching farm league for the IU's and Miami's and Oklahoma's and Alabama's.....or is that we have subscribed to be?? It is frustrating when other schools the same size do not have this problem. I thought WSU had one of the biggest alum contribution bases of any school?? I know I contribute every year......just frustrates me is all.......can anyone explain why wsu and not other schools under 20K?

Reno, NV

P.s. Damn Heroes and Legends in spokane changed ownership - boooo!!! ;)

P.p.s. Sorry guys, I picked the unc game 69-68.....well, I did get unc's 68 score correct - but I am no Nostradamus ;) ......anyway, wsu played 3 times in the tourney and they showed them a whooping zero times on cbs here in about being pissed down here :(

Sedihawk said...

Wow, no coverage in NV? That's really too bad Billy. The first two rounds were fantastic. I'm sure DVD's will surface, somewhere.

You ask a good question, and I bet Kaddy would weigh in as well - why can't we pay the big boys? It's pretty simple really, but you can't pay coaches money you don't have. We're dead last in the Pac-10, every year, in donor levels, season ticket holders (in football), etc. It's actually pretty amazing that we're going to pay Tony $875,000 this year (the 75K bonus for the sweet 16) and there are some rumors that we're going to bump him again to possibly an even $1 million per. But sadly it's as simple as that. We need these special funds that Sterk cooks up to try and get people to write checks. We have a source at the school who is deeply involved in fund-raising and he continually shakes his head when asked about the difficulty we have in raising money.

The thing is, we know the Cougar pride is out there. Tons of people read and post at Cougfan, they hit Cougzone, the blog. They travel well to NCAA tourney games, even road football games usually get a decent following. Heck, they even hit this little blog to the tune of over 68,000 hits and counting. The passion is there. But it doesn't run deep enough for people to actually contribute enough to keep up with the rest of the Joneses! I wish I knew all the reasons why.

Brian said...

I believe WSU is the leading public university as far as donating grads:grads. However, we graduate probably less than 1/4th of schools like UW, UCLA, ASU, Cal, Michigan, Iowa, UI, etc.

I also suspect that we lack the deep pockets found at universities with law and medical schools.

I also think some people just don't get it. I have a buddy who is a big Coug fan and alum, married to Coug, no kids and pretty darn successful and who I know could afford to be a President's Associate if he so wanted to. I'm not even sure he's a $100 Cougar Club member. I hit him up with information occassionally (like the BBall Fund) but I'm not sure if he does anything with it.

If you are reading this --- Quit being such a tight ass and support the Cougs!!!

kaddy said...

WSU does very well on the academic side...I think our endowment is over $650 million...I read somewhere it is bigger than Oregon's. However, that does nothing for athletics - the Athletic Dept. cannot contact anyone for fundraising until they either donate to the AD or contact the AD first. It's a stupid protocol, but the way it is. I don't think that is all of the problem, but it doesn't help.

Honestly, I think Coug fans, in general, are pretty cheap. I know we have some alums with the kind of money needed, but trying to convince them to give it to the AD is another story.

How many alums have you spoken to that haven't been back to Pullman in 15-20 years? You think those people donate to athletics? Highly unlikely.

Sedihawk said...

Good stuff Kaddy, you are more dialed in than I am. But it's those athletic dept funds that just have to get better.

Maybe we're cheap because of our eastern WA schooling and the conservative values that come with it? And you look around today, and man, the economy is in trouble. Foreclosures are out of control (and trust me, we're only about halfway through this mess). The dollar is as weak as can be. It's not exactly a good time to throw a bunch of loose change at a basketball team, know what I mean?

But we'll see. Look how fast $600K was raised last year? Winning does strange things and suddenly people might just forgo that week at the summer rental this year and instead send in a check to the program.

kaddy said...

I really think it's a combination of things. Many alums lose touch with WSU after graduation, and get busy with their lives, kids, jobs, etc. It's easier to do that with WSU than most other schools because of the remote location. Another item is the expense for those of us that don't live close. Gas prices, hotel rooms, food, etc, all add up. WSU has always had to work harder, but it seems like we finally have some momentum in our favor, especially now the Schweitzer Engineering is growing, which is growing the community. I think if Pullman gets to 20,000 permanent residents, we'll be in good shape - right now it is about 9,000.

Anonymous said...

Lose touch is right. I know several that haven't even been back to campus since the mid-90's, if not longer. And no, some of them don't donate a penny. They criticize, yes, but they won't spend $.

For a good laugh, Hawks, you talk about UW being worried about TB? Go to their UW hoops message board and their first five topics are about TB. And to make it worse, UW's co-founder started a post that said TB will be going to LSU with nothing to back it up. Those UW guys are just terrified of what we can become with TB in charge.