Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad Omen for Pac-10?

Valpo, coach Romar? Seriously?? VALPO?? Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria. What the hell is going on with UW's hoop program? Are they reverting back to what they really are? Were they just a fluke with Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy and Bobby Jones? After their sweet-16 run in 2006, they now have one post-season appearance, and it's a loss to Valpo.

Yes, UW screwed the proverbial pooch tonight, dropping the opener of the worst post-season tournament of all-time, the C-Blah-I. Oh yeah, Brockman gutted it out for 14 points on a bum ankle, but in a microcosm of a season gone wrong, he also bricked a pair of free throws with 4 seconds left in the 72-71 loss. Unbelievable.

After you stop laughing, ask yourself this - is this something to wring your hands about for tomorrow? Is this a bad sign for the Pac-10 overall? Granted UW was in the CBI for a reason this year. They were one of the worst free throw shooting teams in America (actually Winthrop is right there with them). They finished 16-17 and looked every bit the up-and-down, .500 team. But is this bad for what we actually care about, as in, WSU??

Hard to say. After all, we did need two OT sessions - at home no less - to finally dispose of UW. And UW did beat UCLA, Arizona, ASU and Oregon this year. I'm leaning it's not a big deal....but I can't help but feel queasy on the eve of March Madness!

Meanwhile, Cougfan has a FREE write-up of today's practice. Hooray FREE. In the FREE write-up, they talk about practicing indoors and - gasp - running the option with all the QB's? Wow. This really isn't your grandfather's (read: Doba) WSU offense anymore, is it? Anyway, enjoy.


Michelle said...

Also, has pictures of the practices as well as a tournament blog.

Rooster said...

I went to Pullman and got to watch the double-OT win. (I knew my father in law had season tickets but I didn't know they were row 6 right on center court. I'll be hitting him up for a few more games next season now that I know that. We walked past President Floyd on our way down.) I went, in a "this a family event sort of a way", absolutely horse yelling at our fine Pac-10 officials for 3 reasons 1) they suck, 2) they need to hear that they suck, 3) they were within earshot because the replay monitor was right below us.

Anyway, my observations were that without Ryan Appleby and his high arching, fall away, high percentage 3 point shooting that game would have never gone to overtime. I don't know if Romar recruited Appleby (Romar got the job April 3, 2002 and Appleby committed to Florida July 18, 2002) but you could definitely say that it wasn't one of Romar's highly regarded recruits that kept him in that game as well as many other games this season. However, if you look at UW's roster there are some young, VERY athletic guys on that team. Pondexter can jump out of the gym and watch for 6'9" Freshman Matthew Bryan-Amaning to be a force in the next couple years. So I'm thinking Romar is the root of UW's trouble and he'll prove it if he can't do anything with the talent he has in the next couple years. Get this... this is the first line of Romar's bio on UW's Official Athletic website: "In In just five years, Coach Lorenzo Romar has elevated Washington to the elite level of college basketball. The charismatic coach plans to stay at the top after putting together consecutive recruiting classes that were rated among the nation's best" Ha Ha. Someone is going to have to sneak in and change that before long.

As far as them losing in the CBI being a bad omen for the Pac-10 because of some of their Pac-10 wins (particularly UCLA) I say no worries. They were a CBI caliber team all along who won a couple games because their 3-point shooter went unconscious, a couple of the young guys athletic abilities overcame their lack of experience and they have a guy they can count on for 17.8 points a game.

I'm nervous about playing UW for the next couple seasons though. Hopefully Romar drops the ball with this talent.