Sunday, March 16, 2008

And thy Prayers....

Shall be answered.

We got as favorable a first weekend draw that we could have asked for.....

To be sure, Winthrop will be a nightmare and Notre Dame will be a test...

But overall, you have to say that we have a GREAT chance of advancing past the first weekend.

How exciting!

And congrats to Arizona State for getting totally screwed...How anyone can justify Oregon OR Arizona over them is beyond me...

Give us your thoughts


atlantacoug said...

Could not have asked for a better seeding. I was sure it would be #5 or #6.
No excuses cougs!

Sedihawk said...

Smart team? Check.
Tourney experience? Check.
Seniors in the backcourt? Check.
Play strong defense and efficient offensively? Check.
Favorable draw just one time zone away? Check.
Most road/neutral floor wins of anyone not named North Carolina? Check.

As ATL says, no excuses!

Disappointed for ASU. Sweep AZ, better conference record than AZ, and AZ gets a 10 while ASU stays home? That sucks. ASU needed one more win, obviously, but you can blame Georgia winning the SEC and USD beating Gonzaga for stealing their spot.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the difference between Lunardi's projections compared to reality, there are only 5 teams where he shot too low by 2 or more seeds. Of those 5, 3 of them are Pac-10 teams.

Oregon -3
Washington State -2
Arizona -2

And that was after a last minute adjustment moving WSU up one spot to a 6. USC was also undervalued at -1 and no Pac-10 team was overvalued by Lunardi. He also guessed low on Gonzaga and San Diego as well. The only team anywhere near the west coast that he guess high on was Portland State at a 15 when they came in at a 16. Proving once again that bracketology has a serious East Coast bias, or at least an anti-West Coast bias. But they will talk about how he picked 65 out of 65 teams right and continue to call him an expert. Like that is sooooo difficult. I'm pretty sure 75% of the college hoops fans could pull off this trick as well.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Not me, I can't predict squat outside of the Cougars.

What do you think the altitude will do to us given our lack of depth?

Any thoughts?

Sedihawk said...

I don't think it will be that big of a deal, do you? I mean everyone playing this week in Denver isn't from there, so they all have to adjust. It's not like we have 5 fat guys out there sucking wind after a couple times up and down the court!

I saw the Winthrop coach on ESPN2 tonight. Classy guy with a lot of respect for us. He says that WSU and Winthrop are similar, but he is already saying how worried he is about our 6-10 combo of Baynes and Cowgill. It doesn't sound like they are confident of how they can match up with us down low. Also, he pointed out one thing that I hadn't heard before - did you know that WSU has made more free throws than our opponents have even ATTEMPTED?? That's a weird stat. I never knew we were so proficient in that area, but when you compare us to our competition, that's big-time! The coach also went on and on about how we play such good defense, but also average 67 points per game offensively. He seemed genuinely impressed, based on the level of competition we played against all year. He's also beyond excited to play us, so we'll see!

Hard as it is probably going to be, remember to try and enjoy the remaining games with this team. Read Jerry Brewer's article in the Times today, and get some perspective on just how far we come. Also think about how stable this program is, if Tony does indeed do what it seems like he's going to do, which is stay. The level of recruits is just way, way higher than it's ever been. We've got a really special thing going, so just try to enjoy it. Success is fleeting and it all can change overnight.

Just think of UW 2 years ago, nearly beating U-Conn in the sweet 16. I'm sure every UW hoops fan at the time thought "well, sorry to see B-Roy and Bobby Jones and those guys leave, but man, we got this new recruit named Spencer Hawes who is one of the best centers in the nation! Brockman and Dentmon are so young and look how much they've shown as starters as frosh. We'll be JUST FINE!"

And we know how that's worked out for them. So enjoy this while we still have it.

Anonymous said...

let's not take Winthrop too lightly.....they gave the Zags fits a couple of years ago.....and they did beat ND last year IIRC...

another thing.....let's show our appreciation by donating to the Basketball Fund...its easy to can do it online....