Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Take Two

So, last time I ventured down this path, I not only ruined my perfect year of Cougar Prognostications (I currently stand at about 35-1), I also started us on a treacherous losing streak. Dare I head down that same road again?

Yep. Bring em out, Cougar Nation.

We WILL sweep the Arizona schools this week.

Anyhow, not a lot of rocket science needed to break down this week's upcoming slate.

In game #1, we have the much improved Arizona State Sun Devils led by super frosh Mr. Harden as well as Herb Sendek's stubborn match-up zone.

This game would prove super scary for a number of teams, but not us, not now. Barring major health issues, Kyle Weaver will match up well with Mr. H and our offense will be able to handle ASU's nagging defense. Look for Kyle Weaver to try to flash to (and/or catch the ball in) the center of the zone, kick to Low and Rochestie on the wings, penetrate himself, or kick off down low to Baynes for a nice soft dunk or four.

I actually like us to win this game in relative comfort (Notice how we are again starting with the 9-13 point "blow out" games?) to enter the AZ game with a split already in hand.

Cougs 68 ASU 56

With regards to Arizona, well, we're gonna win, but I'll wait to give the score until after Thursday's action. Obviously, Mr. Bayless is a real handful especially when teamed with the not-so Mildcats' other "Killer B", Mr. Chase Budinger.

For these eyes, the AZ game is going to come down to two major keys: Weaver's Health and AZ's ability to shoot over the top. As the Quack game showed hopefully once and for all, the days of the trapping up top are done. We now have returned to the type of "stay at home" defense that will concede contested 3 point bombs, but will not get caught in the dish and drain stuff that KILLED us previously against AZ (and almost killed us against the Quack in Game 1).

With the game at home in front of a raucous crowd, with the improved offensive play of Taylor Rochestie, and with a solid game from Mr. Harmeling (who I think will play well this week), we should exit this weekend at 10-5 in conference.

And that, Cougar Nation, will seal the deal on a NCAA tourney trip for the second year in a row.

Enjoy it, the season is quickly coming to a close..


zero_point_zero said...

Thank you for guaranteeing we will be swept. Jerk.

longball said...

Someone hasn't been following the majoruty of your predictions so far...

Matt said...

Maybe this time ASU will get the call at the buzzer.

Headache_Smith said...

Doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Hey look! Now our friends from ASU have decided to enlighten us on our blog! Whatever you believe, it's clearly not right when opposing team players (especially kids in their early twenties) are getting hit with flying objects from angry fans. All they did was play their hearts out for 40 minutes. Throw things at the refs if you so feel the urge, but what ASU fans did at the end of the last meeting between these two solid teams was just totally classless.

wsuhoops said...

Did you all see the P-I yesterday?