Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ah, Mr. X factor, you were SSSSSSSOOOOO big tonight...Hope you saved a few of those bullets for Saturday, cause we sure are going to need you again then!

Yep, Harmeling's dagger to put the game away was the difference tonight. That and Baynes' HUGE steal and stuff when you could feel that things were starting to slip a bit.

Overall, we played pretty darn well tonight. Our problem was that we just didn't shoot the ball very well, and part of our spacing on the zone was a bit off which made it hard to get the ball to the weakside baseline quickly enough.

But I loved our patience and the energy of Cowgill and Rochestie: the former who played pretty darn well and the latter who just couldn't find the jumper. But the effort and scheme was there.

Time to savor this victory in a major way.

We now head into the three game stretch that WILL define our season's fortunes.

In the meantime, as we sit at 21-5 and 9 wins in conference, know that we are now a virtual LOCK for the tourney.

And with Kelvin getting the axe officially tomorrow, time may be short on this little dream.

Take it.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody else want to punch Todd Mansfield in the face?

Great shot by Harmerling ... err ... Hammerling ... err ... Hammraling. Oregon State is awesome!


Sedihawk said...


The only thing even close to good was showing the Ehlo highlights at the end of the game. Otherwise, completely AWFUL. That wasn't the B-team, that was the F-TEAM. I know Pullman is a bitch to get to in the winter during the week, but that's the best they could do? They would be better off just picking 3 students from the college station to do the game.

Strong win last night. Harmel's 3's were huge, and Brinkhater is right again, he's the ultimate x-factor. With Weaver still fighting things offensively, we're going to need Harmeling over these last 4 games.

Anyone see the sign in the crowd of Baynes? It was a mock of the movie 300, with Baynes' face on the main character saying "THIS IS PULLMAN!" Just great.

Sedihawk said...

One more quick thing. KJR is doing a full day of Sonics basketball today. Interviews with the greats of the past, political people, media people, classic clips all day from Calabro. The day will culminate in the full rebroadcast of game 7 of the '96 western conference finals!

Glad to see they are trying to fire up the masses to get people pissed off that they are trying to steal the team.

Kaddy, I know the NBA isn't what it used to be, and I'm right there with you. I've barely been able to watch them play this year. But the bigger picture is at stake here. The franchise is a community asset, one of only 10 in the NBA with at least 40 years of history. They are a landmark NBA franchise and losing it would be a big blow to the region.

Rooster said...

That's pretty much how I'd sum up the game BH. I also thought that everyone's efforts to hit the boards and not allow ASU many second shots was a big factor. That is the advantage you have when you are a team that doesn't rely on the fastbreak points... everyone can go to the boards and secure the ball first.

Does anyone else get disappointed when the fouling starts with 1:40 left in the game? It was good for the Cougs but kind of an anti-clamatic. As much as they were touting how good of a coach that Sendick guy is, I thought he sealed the loss for ASU by starting the foul show early. Am I not seeing it? Your guys are shooting pretty well, the Cougs aren't finding the net from outside so instead of making them earn it he puts a group of very good foul shooters on the line and gives it away. Thank you coach because up to that point I though ASU could go on another 9-2 run and take that one to the wire.

Sorry, I hope I didn't belittle the Cougs efforts with that rant. They played a solid game all the way through and probably would have one the close one if it came to that.

Rooster said...

3rd Paragraph, 3rd Line - Replace the word "one" with the word "won".

Rooster said...
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Anonymous said...

You are right on. I don't have a trouble with fouling early if you foul poor FT shooters. However it is plain dumb coaching to start giving freebies away to great shooters when you are only down 7. You get a stop and a 3 you are now down 4.
I thought it was complete lunacy and truly believe that Sendek just lost his nerve.

kaddy said...

The game was a lot of fun - the loudest it got was when Baynes stole and dunked it - ears were ringing.

Sedihawk said...

Kaddy, ears were ringing? I take it you made the trip across the mountains?

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Re: Fouls.

Guys, there was 1:25 left in the game, they were down THREE POSSESSIONS and have a defense that is meant to create bad shots NOT create turnovers.

What were they supposed to do, wait for us to run the clock down to 55 seconds left and then get down four or five possessions?

Come on. When you are down three possessions you need to create AS MANY possessions as possible. And the way you do that is by fouling.

Plus, remember that ASU scored 21 points in the last minute thirty in the previous game, so there was just a BIT of replay going on in Herby's mind.

Meanwhile, what the heck is up with the U?

What do you all think that portends for our game Saturday?

Rooster said...

BH, your new moniker is Mr. Smarty Pants.

At 1:25 maybe but I clearly remember seeing 1:40 on the clock when the fouling started and thinking "What the ...., thanks coach". We've all been Cougs long enough to know what can go down in 1 minute 40 seconds. There's no way he should have started handing us free throws at that point. And that scoring 21 points in the last minute thirty dealio was exactly the reason why Sendek was quick to hit the panic button. Regardless, Mr. Smarty Pants, my original point was that it bums me out seeing a game finish with everyone walking down to the other end of the court 5 (or however many) times. I guess it is good that I'm not a coach because pride would probably lose me a few games.

I'll come clean, I've watched a few large portions of UW games (not complete games) since the Cougs beat them and they look a lot better. Brockman has been solid all year long but those young guys out front are starting to look as athletic as they were hyped to be. They are dangerous playing their type of game but I still feel pretty good about the Cougs chances when we slow them down.

AZ has to be hanging their heads right now which could make them dangerous. If we learned anything from the loss down there I don't see why we can't have our way with them. There's definitely no way that we let them run away with it. I think we match up better with them than most teams but I agree that Weaver's health is important. Although it didn't seem to be an issue last night. It's hard to tell when he's grimacing and when he's smiling. If we play offense like we did last night, ie take advantage of open outside shots and find Cowgill or Baynes underneath when the outside shot is not available, we should be sitting pretty. Everyone finding their stroke would be icing on the cake. Has that happened yet? That's just big picture babble though. What do you think Mr. Pants.

kaddy said...

Yep - I was working over there this week, and attended the game. First b-ball game in Pullman since '95 - it was a blast.

kaddy said...

Sampson out, by the way.

Sedihawk said...

And so begins the Tony-Bennett-to-Indiana rumors. This is just place #1 of what will be a long, lengthy group of columns and opinions that believe he's #1 with a bullet to Indiana. Let's hope they can all focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by this, because Indiana IS one of "those jobs" where if they offered and he took it, you tip your hat and understand why.

kaddy said...

I don't think he'll go - there is an article from the Daily Evergreen where he talks about how much he and his wife like Pullman, because he can have a peaceful life while coaching in an elite league. If they offer to triple his salary, however...oh well.