Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

This is the greatest post ever and the best example of how a picture says 1,000 words.

I just wish we could have had Neil Derrick and T. Lewis running that uptop weave in the background with the House of Payne camping in the key behind them.

Talk about a bad offense....Sheesh!

medinabooster said...

Ah there you go cougs. Ripping coach Sampson but I am sure he never did anything wrong in the Palouse, right? Because you right wing rednecks never cheat. Not with your moral highgrounds and all. Ever notice how many churches are in spokane? One on every corner. Can the local papers do a story now on Sampson and his rampant cheating, what's fair is fair right?

longball said...

Hi there Medinabooster, Longball the Coug fan here, just got back from caucusing for Obama. On the way i had to stop to pick up a gift for my freinds Bob and Steve's civil union next week, and hug a couple trees, then i come home and read your enlightened comment on this blog (my 2nd favorite to Daily Kos by the way). Its pretty foolish to paint any community with the same brush, but especialy one as diverse as a major state university. But then, i guess what you really prove with your comment above is that one of the enduring exceptions to that rule is, ALL dawgs are arrogant asshats.

longball said...

... Oh and if you are trying to draw a paralell between the Cougs under Sampson and the State Penitentiary otherwise known as the Husky Football Program, you're not even close. Its not like Bennie Seltzer was breaking his girlfriends bones while Joey Warmenhoven was running round raping everything that moves and the Pullman PD and 'ol Judge Wally Friel were helping cover it all up. Nice try though.

I will concede that Brian Paine was probably doing a lot of amatuer porn, but if you are rocking that moustache and you want to make some money, its either that or become a cop.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate Sampson. I enjoyed the run we had with the program. I did hate how he allowed WSU recruits to go to Oklahoma. I think I recall MP stating that he wouldn't allow any Wazzu recruit for the incoming class come to Bama. Not that he necessarily wanted a bunch of 2 star recruits:)
I do fit your description Mr. Medina as opposed to my left-winged friend (how we ever get along is truly amazing!). The thing that is funny is that he was slapped around by the NCAA and get self-imposed penalties by UI and then goes out and does it again.
How stupid can you be? We trounce on players from all universities for doing the same stupid stuff (yes I said stuff, no need for swearing), why can't we do the same for coaches? It's all in good fun.

DinoRossiLUVR said...

No matter how one slices the election results from last night, there's no denying that Obama is the statistical front-runner. He's got a 100-plus pledged delegate lead and even has the lead if you factor in superdelegates. Here's our math: The NBC News election unit hard count stands at 1078 to 969. If you factor in the unallocated pledged delegates, our estimate rises to approximately 1128 to 1009 in Obama's favor (margin of error +/- 5 delegates). Toss in the superdelegates and Obama's lead is 1306 to 1270 (again +/- 5 delegates). What does this mean? For Clinton to overtake Obama for the pledged delegate lead -- which we think is the single most important statistic for the superdelegates to decide their vote -- she'll have to win 55% of the remaining delegates. Assuming next week goes Obama's way in Wisconsin and Hawaii, that percentage rises to 57%. Toss in likely Obama victories in Vermont, Wyoming, Mississippi, Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota, then Clinton's percentage need tops 60% of the remaining delegates available. And this is simply for her to regain the pledged delegate lead?

So no matter how you slice the total popular vote, Obama is the leader. He's at 50% in states that have awarded delegates; he's at 49% and leads Clinton by 3 points in states where both their names were on the ballot, and his lead is big enough that he leads even when you factor in Michigan where Obama's name wasn't on the ballot. Why does this popular vote total matter? Because it's yet another important talking point when wooing superdelegates. How many supers will be comfortable voting against the candidate who's leading in the pledged delegate count and the total vote count?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dino are you on the right website?

longball said...

What have i DONE! Please Dino, do not take my comment as any kind of sign that we want to have a real political discussion here. move along, please.

Sedihawk said...

Thanks for dropping by Dino, I guess. Odd. Can't argue with Obama's momentum right now but not sure I follow? Maybe it was Longball's mention of Obama? Weird.

Anonymous said...

Quality post Longball. I had forgotten Joey Warmenhoven (shame on me) and I think Paine actually is a cop in cashmere. can't you just see him in a tan polyester uniform two sizes too small, feet up on his desk exposing his white tube socks while eating a box of doughnuts??? Or is that Brunner I'm picturing??

Anyway, I can't wait for the Times' expose on this issue. It should be life changing.

XOX Poux

medinabooster said...

Whatever cougs. Why can't we be lovers if we can't be friends. I will retreat with my tail between my legs. Might as well have to go back to banging the 19-yr old nanny as I stare out at lake WA. yes, I have many things you can only dream of. And we will retake this state next year with rossi and of course with our #10 QB better than your #10 QB ever was. Amusing blog but you are still little sisters in our eyes.

'03CouveCoug said...

Hey medinabooster,

If you're so well off, why don't you buy yourself a friggin' life.


The Entire Coug Nation

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

Medina Booster:

You are the greatest ever. Say what you want fellow Cougies, but when you come on this blog and start busting out Michael "Mullethead" Bolton lyrics on this site, you have a die-hard friend for life in Brinkhater.

And so I say in response, 'How can we start over when the fighting never ends?'

So, can we be friends? For me, its fun being a little sister when BIG Sister got really fat, lost total control over their athletic program, and despite having all the resources in the world, can't beat little Sister in any major men's sport.

Love your body, Larry.

longball said...

No way, Poux, He's really a cop? Can you imagine getting pulled over and having that 6'10" hulk approach your drivers side window? sheesh.

I'll give him this though, he was the best ever at drawing a charge.

Anonymous said...

Here are few names from the past, Ryan Topper and Chris Slotemaker! If I recall Tops actually hit a 3 in a game.
Of course, I'm still waiting for Ike's son (does he have one?) to reach the college level because he's going to be a baller.
I sent you an email at your gmail acct about being in Sea-town for mediation on the 20th give me a call and we can visit one of your local pubs.
You didn't indicate whether the 19 year old was hot. You should recognize that is the min. criteria before gloating to the Cougs. The lack of mention of her "hotness" implies that your nanny is the next contestant on the Biggest Loser and a current UW student.

Anonymous said...

Typical husky.

Seriously though, what kind of guy gets on a blog and BRAGS about cheating on his wife? That's just sad. Either you are a liar, or a bad husband. Which one of these guys do you wanna be? My guess is you are both.