Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, for the first time since the end of the Vanderbilt game last year, we were outcoached...From the use of the weave as a wrinkle to the high ball screen, to the quasi-match-up zone stuff they threw us at times at the defensive end, they were one step ahead of us all night. And as much as those two Arizona kids were BRILLIANT, I thought Tony coached WAY too cute all night.

And once again, we looked LOST offensively. And unfortunately, our X factors were largely absent when we so desperately needed them.

The bottom line that we can glean from this loss is that we do NOT do well against teams with the tall and active wing player like Mr. Chase Budinger, and unfortunately, Mr. Ryan Anderson.

This was a really bad loss for us folks..

10-8 and an 8 seed now looks like a real distinct possibility when a 7-1 second half seemed so within reach just a few hours ago..



longball said...

Our overall performance at home this year is a disgrace.

Sedihawk said...

4 home losses now. Longball you are right, sort of, but can't every pac-10 team make that claim this year? Both AZ schools won on the road yesterday, and as a whole the conference is barely above .500 at home! It's just that kind of year my friends.

The sad reality is what BKHater says, and that's the matchup nightmare that is a team like AZ. Bud Withers had that as his theme today, that a team as talented as AZ that can beat you in different ways is a team that we just don't match up well against. And the whipping in the desert was no mirage.

Sure this was a tighter game, but it always had the feel of AZ's game, even when we had that short-lived 3-pt lead. It goes to show you how great this conference is, when AZ can roll with two likely lottery picks and still be in the muck of a 7-7 conference record??

We also have to accept another reality. The days of flying under the radar and teams coming into Pullman and just wanting to go home seem to be over. Tony is 47-14 as the story in the Olympian touts today, and you don't get that by accident. We're smack-dab on the bulletin board now, and teams actually take us seriously. I really think that's the biggest difference from last year to this year, besides the obvious defensive loss of Ivory Clark, but teams just seem more prepared for what we're going to do? Maybe I'm grasping, maybe it's just that the entire conference got better while we basically stayed the same?

Anyway, look at the conference standings again and you won't feel as bad. Winning 9 games with 3 to go is a big friggin' accomplishment, something only UCLA and Stanford have done to this point.

zzu_cru said...

This will make you sick. From the Olympian:

Bennett, making his way down the hall past Arizona's locker room, stopped to shake hands with O'Neill. The two became familiar several years ago when O'Neill coached Northwestern against Big Ten rival Wisconsin, where Bennett was an assistant.

"Congratulations," Bennett told O'Neill, who was surrounded by reporters. "Your kids played well. It was like you were back in the Big Ten."

"You will be soon," O'Neill responded while smiling. "If you're lucky."

O'Neill is already campaigning for TB to IU? Great.

JMNOR55 said...

Well at least the Cougs have the Tournament as an option.

Why are the Huskies so damn mediocre? With a good coach and an urban area, they should be better than 15-13.

I don't think TB will be going to IU. They will go after Pearl at Tennessee.

kaddy said...

If that's what O'Neill said, that is pretty disrespectful. I wonder how Tony felt about him saying that in front of reporters?

Sedihawk said...

TOTALLY AGREE with you Kaddy. If you are going to say something like that, say it in private. Don't say it with the crowd of reporters around. "If you are lucky" WTF is that all about? What a jackass. Nice mid-February sunburn on O'Neill too. What a bozo.

Anonymous said...

The Oregonian is reporting that we have offered a HS Sr out of Portland, a guy with last name McCoy, supposedly the no. 10 PG in HS a scholly for next year. Anyone see the article? Sauls must be really hurting and must not be expected to return.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

I wouldn't take the O'Neill thing too seriously. Remember, the presence of the Bennetts has been viewed as a mixed bag in the conference. On one hand, the two coaches from LA LOVE have Tony in the conference. Both have said on several occasions that WSU's emergence has been GREAT for the league.

However, in the case of Arizona, not so much. Arizona coaches--including Lute--were said to be VERY, VERY concerned when they heard about Dick Bennett's hire.

Part of O'Neil's comments may have been some ribbing that just wasn't that funny. But, you can bet that in spite of the sweep they put on us this year, that they just LOVE the prospect of getting Tony and crew the hell out of the conference.

Can we beat CAL now, please?

kaddy said...

That's what I was wondering. Is O'Neill tired of competing against good coaches, so he is hoping Bennett goes back to the Midwest? Or, does he hope Bennett cashes in on a huge contract, because he respects him so much? Or, is he simply bagging on WSU, indicating Bennett would be "lucky" to get out of there?

Whatever it was, it was totally inappropriate, and I wish someone would call him on it.