Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Diversion: Best SB Catch Ever?

As we sit two days away from signing day, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at last night's thriller of a Super Bowl. But real quick on signing day - our own Hooty McBoob will be at the signing day extravaganza on Wednesday night and will provide the instant reactions to what he sees, so stay tuned for that on Wednesday or Thursday.

So about that game last night - so many twists and turns, so many things on the line, and it was a classic finish. But here's the thing that Rooster told me this AM - Eli Manning is a SUPER BOWL CHAMPION?? The same nervous, erratic QB that they were just destroying since last year in the NY papers and Even Tiki Barber? That kid brother of Peyton took them all the way down the field for the game-winner?? Unbelievable. And that is why we watch, isn't it?

How about that Giants defense? They did to the Pats exactly what they did to Tampa, Dallas and Green Bay. They took away the run, completely, put the offense in 3rd and long, and then unleashed the BEASTS on that d-line. And what a bunch of physical monsters on that d-line. Osi, Strahan, Justin Tuck, WOW, those guys are just ass-kickers. Amazing how different a QB will perform if he's uncomfortable isn't it? Here Brady broke all those records this year, the team was 18-0, but he was under fire all damn game! Amazing.

This game in a way reminded me of the first Patriots SB win. Remember that one? They beat the Rams as a double-digit underdog with a physical defense and a mistake-free offense. But most of all, they punched the favored, offensive Rams in the mouth and by the end it got the job done. That's exactly what we saw last night.

That Giants d-coordinator, John Spag-something, is going to be one hot property, if he doesn't get the Redskins job this week that is! Also interesting that some of the biggest upsets have now happened at that stadium in Arizona - Last year it was Boise State and then Florida over Ohio State, this year it was West Virginia over Oklahoma and now one of the biggest SB upsets ever.

Anyway, I don't know if words can fully explain it, but I thought that catch by Tyree when Eli somehow escaped a sure sack was just amazing. Check out these pics. And let me ask, is it the greatest catch in SB history?? Simply amazing. HOW DID HE HOLD ON TO THAT BALL? Harrison had his hand on it as well and was trying to rip it out of there, and he somehow held on to that ball? UNREAL.


longball said...

About that catch - it was on the winning drive for the Super Bowl against a team that was 18-0, i hereby nominate it for greatest play in NFL history. i have never seen a bigger, crazier, more amazing play in the NFL. It was so great at both ends. Manning and Tyree both just refused to give up and fought, first to escape the sack, then to hang onto the catch. I havent picked my jaw up of the ground yet.

kaddy said...

Most importantly, Phase 3 of the stadium renovation was approved on Friday by the WSU Board of Regents - it will cost $42 million.

Sedihawk said...

It was probably the greatest 2-man play in SB history. It wasn't like Marcus Allen or John Riggins and their big-time plays, but this play was amazing in Eli getting away from a sure sack (and subsequent 4th and 15 coming up), so that was amazing, and then the catch just was unreal.

I doubted Eli his whole career, but he sure as hell shut my mouth with this playoff run. I just didn't think he had it in him, but man, did he prove it.

Kaddy, on Phase III, I was going to write something about it. But trust me when I say we are a LONG, long way away from it. We might be about 1/5th of the way to that number per what I was told last week. It's going to be a tough climb to get there, but hey, it is nice that at least they've given the thumbs-up by the board.

Anonymous said...

How about some money from Schweitzer Engineering Lab, they are bringing in 300 more jobs to Pullman. Also, it is the 2nd largest employer in the region. How about Schweitzer Field at Martin Stadium....

kaddy said...

I threw out the "Schweitzer Field" idea on Cougfan, and someone with inside knowledge (or so he said) replied that Schweitzer gives a lot of money to the school and the Pullman community, but he isn't a big sports fan. Who knows...I guess he paid for the Pullman Aquatic Center by himself, which sounds cool, although I have no idea what that is.

TiltingRight said...

I didn't care which team won the SB, but I wanted a good game. Man did we get one. I was jumped up screaming and yelling, spilling beer all over the couch... ahh... good times.

Ditto almost verbatim on Eli Manning, Sedi. My foot tastes better than it smells.

Also, the Pullman Aquatic Center is up by the high school isn't it?

Sedihawk said...

I agree, great contest in the pinnacle of sporting events. I the NY hype is thick right now, but it's a lot easier to just appreciate what they did in that game from out here vs. being around a bunch of loud, drunk, arrogant NY fans that are already on my nerves. Listening to some of them on Howard today, "PHUCK BOSTON" and all that, really classy. Oh well.

The aquatic center, isn't that the 'ol swimmin' hole down by the river?? Seriously, I have no idea. Longball, want to chime in?