Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Little Perspective

Well, in case you were out of the country, missed the game, or got trashed and forgot everything about last night, here is the game summary in a nutshell (yes, I am a mixed metaphor machine):

Yep, we laid one big, fat, stinking egg.

In short, the coaches got outcoached, the players got outplayed, and bloggers throughout Arizona out-blogged and out-predicted the not-so-venerable Brinkhater.

But, after getting over my own hangover and paultry 36-2 record, I came to this startling realization:


A year ago, I provided you all with a post that read "As Good As It Gets." In that post, I reminded all Cougar fans that last year's Cinderella ride could be the best that we would ever do.

And I may have been right.

But, what this year has proved, or should have proved, to all of us is that the boys that are currently dawning Crimson and Grey each week are simply spectacular student athletes. In short, it is difficult to think of a better, big-time program that does more things the right way, for the right reasons, and with the right results.

In other words, for better or for worse, as we head down the last three games of the regular season, it really is high time for us to laud these guys and what they've done for our beloved university and the sense of pride that we all have for it.

I for one am going to enjoy the rest of this ride.

My keys for Thursday's win at Berkeley will be up later in the week.

And while I know anonymous the Troll is coming shortly, you can bank on that win on Thursday.

As for Saturday...


Anonymous said...

Crimson and Gold?? What the fuck???

Anonymous said...

Grey = name

Gray = color

Hope this helps.

zzu_cru said...

Anonymous = coward.

I don't care if that helps.

Oh, and you are also wrong.

What is the difference between the two spellings? According to Google Answers, the two words have almost the same meaning in all cases, and g-r-a-y is simply an American derivation of the original spelling g-r-e-y. According to Flak Magazine, the difference can be chalked up to the same happenstances that led to organize/organise and judgement/judgment. Among the several hypotheses for why gray and grey exist, I believe the following to be the best:

Gray is a color.

Grey is a *colour*.

So next time you're faced with the choice of spelling the word "gray," feel free to go with whatever spelling best suits you at the time.

Sedihawk said...

Pfft, whatever. One man's gray is another man's grey. No big deal, so RELAX.

Moving on, a FANTASTIC article flying under the radar today by one of the best columnists in the NW, John McGrath. Check it out:

Major tip of the hat to John McGrath. I chatted with him once, at halftime of the '06 AC in the buffet line in the press box. Really a genuine guy and while it was only for like 2 minutes, he's a salt-of-the-earth type.