Friday, February 01, 2008

Here We Go

Yep, its that time, time to go ahead and jump off that god damn bridge into the deep abyss.

Like it or not, we are now a SOLID 3-3 in our last six games.

Like it or not, despite lofty expectations and equally lofty National Rankings, this team is in a mid-season funk and looks like it belongs somewhere in the middle of the PAC.

Which makes tomorrow's game as important as ANY game that has been played over the past two years. Win and you finish the 4-5 (home-away) split at a solid 6-3 with UCLA on Thursday. Lose and you're 5-4, about to be 5-5, and dare I say, possibly 5-6????

Its big, folks, REAL BIG.

But, before everyone goes all CWAZY with the sky is falling stuff, realize this:


And that's the truth.

So, when you think about it, the fact that this team is 17-3 having NOT put it all together is really a story.

The question is whether or not this is a group that will ever "put it together" (think 2006 Seahawks).

Tomorrow, Stanford comes in loosey goosey having already gained a split. We, on the other hand, figure to be tight as hell.

The first half and our ability to not dig a hole early is really, really key. THAT and Mr. Baynes must stay out of foul trouble. I like Robbie on the second twin and I like Weaver on Goods.

So, its going to come down to Baynes matching R. Lopez and Harmeling, Low, and Rochestie having good offensive games.

Stanford 61 WSU 54

How quickly things change.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you count much at the bank there Brinkhater but we are 3-2 in the last 5 games. (wins over A-state, OSU and Oregon). Maybe best if you stick to wild baseless speculation on the gridiron Ace.

longball said...

Well your math on our recent record aside, you are absolutely right. The current trajectory of this team can no longer be denied. Our defense is just not that effective anymore and with a shooters like Hill and Goods coming to town, we are well on our way to an 0-4 home stand. It would be nice to see this team really bring it, just once, being all chalk full of veterans and what not. I would not be suprised if Stanford just completey outclasses us tomorrow much like Zona and UCLA did. Missed shots near the rim, giving up offensive rebounds, giving up high percentage shooting to our opponenets, and stars who dissappear for a half or an entire game, usually when we need them most - these things are fast becoming our M.O. as much as Defense.

kaddy said...

I don't think the wheels are coming off, but I do think we need to come out tomorrow with a renewed focus and intensity. Hopefully that will happen - I'll miss all but about 10 minutes at the end, so that could be good or bad.

E said...

longball's new nickname is Debbie Downer.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

But I bet its Anonymous that looks like Rachel Dratch or Snatch or whatever her name is....

Thanks for helping with the correction, ace...Have a great time tonight cruising the drag in the Tri-Cities with your Mr. Microphone tuned to 88.9fm

longball said...

e- You are scholar and a gentleman, and because i know that to be true, i also know that YOU know that once you have a nickname like Longball you have no other nicknames. ever. Dont forget it brotha!

my love to M and the kids:)

Sedihawk said...

As all the stories are hyping today, there hasn't been a 2-game losing streak yet in the TB era. All 1.5 years of it, but still, something to hope for today.

That said, keep your eye on Cal the rest of the way. A lot of last-minute losses this year, but they have some serious talent, especially Anderson. THAT said, it's not like we got run out of the building ala Arizona or UCLA. we still had plenty of chances to win that game. Make one more 3, or hit a couple more FT's, and it could have been different. OH well!

Just remember, it's a DAMN GOOD LEAGUE this year, and home or away, no matter the opponent, outside the lowly Beav's of this year there just isn't an easy out! TB was right when he said that this was going to be a difficult year, and that he thought it was possible we might even have a less impressive record compared to last year, the conference was going to be that tough.

But Brinkhater is right in that we better get this one, or we're staring 5-5 smack-dab in the face with UCLA up next, and a real blown opportunity to make some noise with this 4-game homestand.

Anonymous said...

Love how Mr. "Bank on It" blasts out these long incoherent rants. Then is so insecure he has to send personal insults when someone disagrees or corrects him. Who else out there that loves this blog and Wazzu football thinks it would be WAY better with more Sedihawk and no "artist"?

longball said...

I think "anonymous" is Alex Brink. Stop trolling the blog, Alex!

OutlawJosieWales said...

Personally I think it's Brinkhater's baby, but who knows/cares. All that we do know is we're 5-4 and as Tom "ugliest guy ever" Petty once said, "now I'm FREE......FREE FALLLLINNGG!"