Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Win!!

I don't care what anyone says, last night's win was a thing of beauty in my book. We hold the Beavs to 31-odd-percent shooting, get good offensive play out of our backcourt, Robbie Cowgill showed his increasing aggressiveness and confidence--all against a really scrappy team that had NOTHING to lose and wanted that game bad.

No matter how you cut it, a win is a win is a win is a win. In addition, sometimes playing games like that in empty gyms are the most difficult to play.

So, on we go to the mighty Quack Attack who, once again, seem to have found themselves JUST in the nick of time to play us (what the heck is up with that?).

But, even with a raucous crowd tomorrow at MacCourt and even as the mighty Quack do their utmost to scrap and bomb their way back to the upper division, it won't be enough.

You could see it in the offensive sets last night that this team is FINALLY putting it together, finally getting playmakers the ball in situations where they can do something with it, and we are starting to see our x factors (Rochestie, Harmeling, and kinda Cowgill) start to show themselves.

Granted, we could have an off shooting night. Granted, the Quack can put on a 14-16 three point barrage akin to what we saw last night, but this one is going to be ours. Granted we could return to that horrible trap and watch them dish and drain all night long.

But it ain't gonna happen.

Cougs 69 Quack 62

But we'll make it interesting by missing some FTs down the stretch...

Enjoy the weekend, because next week is going to be TOUGH!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that on a football blog you are talking about basketball, but I guess if my football team played like the cougars do, I would devote my football blog to basketball also.

If the Ducks shoot like they have against the poodles and the Bears, then WSU will get dropped big deal though, you lose at Mac Court every year.

Are you really saying that against the beavers we saw WSU finally putting it together? The beavers? Seriously? Oregon beat them by 16 and played terribly a couple of weeks ago. Holding the beavers to 31% shooting is good? Really? They only shoot 38% for the season, so you are inflating that stat a bit...basically the cougars did to the beavers what everyone else has done to the beavers.

Look, I'm not saying the Ducks will win tomorrow, but it's no slam dunk that WSU will win, you are an idiot if you think so...I guess that would explain basketball stories on a football blog.

Sedihawk said...

Love those pea-sized onions on the anonymous comments guy. At least take 2 seconds and make up a name. Oh well. Oregon fans, once again showing why they are impossible to root for. If they had played the Soviets in hockey in 1980, well, GO RED ARMY.

I hate to break our hearts tonight, but I heard an interesting radio interview about 30 minutes ago. A reporter from Bloomington, Indiana was on with Jeff Aaron on KRKO-1380, talking about Kevlin and how he's likely gone. In fact the buzz is he won't survive another week, and he could even be fired by the end of the weekend.

But the real interesting/sad part in our world is who the inside IU sources are saying is their top candidate. I won't even say his name, but, you can probably do the math. And here's a little hint - his sister Kathi was once the women's coach at Indiana. GULP.

We are going to likely go through this every single year. But I guess I just wasn't ready for Tony-Bennett-to-bigger-better-job rumors in mid-February. THANKS FOR CHEATING, KELVIN.

longball said...

So this could be the 2nd time Kelvin screwed our program out of existence? First he hauls off the Oklahoma with Nate Erdman and now this? He is officially dead to me.

Anonymous said...

Don't lump all duck fans in with Anonymous. We are mostly very good fans who make a lot of noise. We just have a few idiots who come on to opposing message boards just to insult them (and the best you could come up with is "the name of this blog isn't correct, haha?" Come on).

I'm scared of the Cougs, because this is a must-win game for the ducks, and you guys are a good team when you put it together. You were top ten last year and part of this year. That isn't a fluke. That being said, we are shooting lights out right now, not just one player, everybody is (last game, our best 3 shooter only had a couple attempts from behind the line). And we're playing some D for once. I think we win, because Mac creates a real home court advantage and because we're a little hotter right now. But these teams are pretty evenly matched.

- Cheez

Anonymous said...


Sucking up to the ridiculous cougars will get you nowhere. Everything written on this blog is based squarely on opinion and there are no facts to back them up, and I (the first anonymous) will call anyone out on that, even Duck fans. I hate opinions based on nothing, you've got to back them up. Not just say nothing good will happen for the Ducks and the cougs will win, that's an 8 year olds argument.

Cheez says:
"Hello, my name is sniveling cheez and I want you guys to know that we are generally good fans who get loud. Please don't lump all us Duck fans together because some of us have no backbone and are scared of the cougs."

Cheez, you are a little baby or girl or both. First off, the fact that you say that Duck fans are good and make a lot of noise. Yep, they sounded real good when they were yelling "homo" words at Kevin Love. Also, though coug fans probably liked this one, yelling appleb!tch at ryan appleby. Quit being a little girl you little girl.


Original "Cheez is a little a girl" Anonymous.

JoeyHeatherington said...

Looks like Andy Katz is getting involved:

ESPN college basketball reporter Andy Katz threw out Tony Bennett's name as a potential candidate for the coaching job at Indiana if embattled former Cougars coach Kelvin Sampson is fired. Bennett, in his second year as WSU's head coach, has strong Midwestern roots. Michigan showed considerable interest in Bennett last year.

DuckFighterIllustrated said...

The Ducks are hot? How, exactly? So you've won two in a row - congratulations. What about last week at Stanford? And how is 3-5 in your last 8 games "hot"? Oooh, facts. They're a bitch aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Yes exactly......give us the facts Duck fans?? - I am not really hearing any facts from you either - just opinion and a lotta hot air.......we shall see today, we shall see......if u guys lose, don't be a coward and disappear on this blog, ok?? and for the "why is basketball talked about on a football blog?," well we can easily turn the tables and ask you why you are even here since football season is over?? And damn, no Dixon, no top10 for the Ducks - how sad, could have been a contender ya know.....I feel for ya on that one but bleed crimson......and in case you have not noticed, we talk all coug sports on this blog.

Reno, NV
Coug alum 94

Coug'd It! said...

Hey Illustrated...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the mighty, once undefeated and top ranked Cougars only 4-4 in their last 8 games, including losses to Cal (oops!) and Arizona? That's nothing to write home about either. In fact, who, outside of an overrated Gonzaga team, has WSU beaten this year? Oh right.. NOBODY! Beating a mediocre Duck team doesn't count for squat, especially after you lose to them today. How is your team even ranked?

Now go bury your overrated head in the sand and wait for football season, where, once again you have the lowest rated recruiting class in the Pac-10, and you will fight it out with UW for last place in the Pac-10.

DIxon your mouth Cougars! said...

Billy Blaze...

Here's a fact..

40 points in the first half of a football game.

Bwahahahahahhaha.. YOU SUCK COUGARS!

Ontarrio_Whizzinator_Smith said...

Let's see:
Lost AT UW, currently the 9th place team in the conference.
Lost at WSU - of course.
Lost to Oakland - not your Canseco/McGwire Oakland either.
Lost last week by 29 points to Stanford.
Lost AT HOME to USC (so much for that dump of a building being the homecourt dominance factor). The same USC that WSU just SMOKED 74-50.


Delusiuonal Coug Fan said...

Hahaha.. Except nobody ranked the Ducks up at the top of the rankings, and nobody has entertained any notion of being the best in the land, which you Coug fans have been under some misplaced delusion about all year long. Face it, both programs are middle of the Pac teams at best. This is something Duck fans are aware of, and you Coug fans need to come to terms with. Getting your asses kisked in Eugene today should help with that. Thats the thing about us Duck fans. Were always willing to help our NW little brothers. Just ask the Beavs.


P.S. - when the wheels come off the Coug basketball season AGAIN (how was last year NCAA run - IMPRESSIVE!), just remember, you always have football....err.. wait...

Smoke weed everyday said...


Let's see:

-Beat 18th ranked KSU on the road
-Beat 7th ranked Stanford (RPI #19)
-Beat RPI# 14 Arizona

-beat nobody who is even ranked, and nobody with higher than #31 RPI Baylor

You should be pround. Your middle of the Pac-10, having beaten nobody but somehow still ranked, team scares nobody.

Remember, when it comes tourney time, good wins outweigh bad losses when it comes to seeding. Besides, after WSU was overseeded last year and went out early, do you think the committee will make the same mistake again?

Cam and Kristy said...

The Pac 10 is the best conference in America. Anyone can win on any given day, except for OSU. Today's game will be close. Oregon is shooting well right now, but they can have a bad shooting day just as easy. Cougs like to slow the game down, which isn't Oregon's style. Cougs will win becasue they will control the tempo. I think Cougs by 7.

Sedihawk said...

Wow, this sure got ugly.

Ok, we get it. Oregon fans love Oregon. Thanks for expressing that.

This isn't ESPN. It's a blog, and fandom usually rules over raw analysis in places like this. And believe me, we pick against our own when the situation warrants it.

That said, our beloved Brinkhater believes that WSU will beat the Ducks today because he thinks, quite simply, the WSU D will stay at home and not give up the wide-open 3's that the Ducks live and die on. Period. WSU did just that in the last game and the Ducks only hit 2-of-10 3's in the 2nd half. He believes we'll see more of the same today. But it's just an opinion.

Anyway, enough, everyone. It's a wonderful Saturday morning, go out and enjoy your weekend with the wife/kids/life partner.

longball said...

So each time we play the Ducks the obnoxious (and clueless) Quack trolls show up to prove once again how stupid they are. I especially like captain anonymous Duck moron calling out Duckfighter that the Cougs are overrated. News flash genius - Duckfighter is a HUSKY. Nothing could be more ironic than any fan of Nike U calling anyone else overrated. This is why the rest of the nation celebrated when Dixons knee exploded. Have fun underachieving AGAIN with your blue chip recruits, millions of Nike dollars and obnoxious uniforms. without a doubt, U of O is the Pac-10's greatest embarassment.

longball said...

Break out the brooms! Hey Quackers, where are you now? (crickets chirping). Thats what i thought. As Sean Connery would say on SNL celebrity jeopardy - "suck it. Suck it long, and suck it hard."