Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Does the Fun Ever START?

Our own Hooty McBoob will be along at some point soon to recap the signing day event. Looking forward to the breakdown, and we'll take it a step further and highlight some of these prospects and who might get on the field next year.

Speaking of next year.....can someone please tell me what, exactly, old Dobes and staff were doing this fall? To think that Wulff pulled together what, 21 kids in 6 weeks? Remarkable. And as Brinkhater told me earlier today, it's not like every kid we got was headed for Central. Sure, we didn't rob the greatest school in the history of ever in UW, nor did we even do much against the likes of Oregon State or Stanford, but hey, given the circumstances, we did ok.

Again, please, someone tell me what Doba was doing. Why do I ask this question? Well, have you heard the latest?

Wulff was on Dennis Patchin's show today and it was NOT sounding good. To recap, we've got major depth issues that "surprised" Wulff that "a Pac-10 school could be so thin." He spoke especially of the defensive line position and the secondary. Did you know we have THREE cornerbacks on scholarship right now? THREE. Uh, yeah, that's really, really bad. We have one running back coming off a torn ACL in Tardy, who's barely eligible by the way. We have another running back in Ivory that IS a major, major grade risk right now, to the point that some claim it could be an upset if he's able to make grades this year.

Even worse, according to Patchin, WSU is now in danger of losing scholarships next year due to the APR rule, or Academic Progress Rate. If they fall below a specific number, then we will be penalized with loss of scholies. That's not a good thing for this program.

Then you have the off-the-field stuff, like Xavier Hicks and Ahmu, both projected starters, both still suspended from all team activities. SO HOW ABOUT THAT RECRUITING CLASS, EH??

Well, I hope Wulff can pull this program together, but I think we're only now starting to grasp the absolute rebuilding job that lies ahead. But Doba, dude, I know you had some tough things happen, but WTF?? As someone on Cougfan wrote today:

"the more that comes out about the Doba era, the more I dislike him. And many around here consider him a "great cougar"...get real he is our Gilberston; from his inability to judge talent, character, coaches, talking to the media, the supposed influence of message boards for poor recruiting, the recruiting mistakes in general, the inability to prepare for an opponent, just too many BS excuses, and now the possible loss of scholarships.

Just brutal, all the while he sits back and is going to collect 1.1 million from WSU.


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TiltingRight said...

Man, hate to continue kicking a guy when he's already run out of town, but, yeah. WTF?

And has anyone been able to get an answer as to why Doba'd decided to offer scholy's late? Half of the best recruits were locked up by other schools (Montlake's Mutts had 15) before Doba was even fired.

longball said...

I really think it was just a matter of him being in completely over his head. Being a head coach is an administrative as much as an X's and O's position. Doba was a good X's and O's coach, is a good man and a great Coug, but he was a terrible head coach. The administrative part of the job, ensuring we had effective recruiting, were keeping guys elligible, talking to the press and boosters, etc. he was sorely lacking. Price had plenty of lean years as coach, but there was always something brewing, and you could tell, when we werent having success, Price was fixing it. Doba, on the other hand, was just not addressing these issues. There was no plan and we were not going anywhere but down. Just making excuses. I cant believe how close this program was to being on life support.

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