Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yep, put on the tap shoes, Grandma, because the Washington State Cougars are headed to the NCAA tournament for the second year in a row.

And wow, you saw tonight that when this team can score, it is absolutely dominant.

While I WHIFFED on the margin of victory, we DID see the start of some really, really nice cross screens from our post players up high. And, not surprisingly, we saw some really nice lanes to the basket. We also saw some nice open looks from the perimeter as a result as well (isn't it amazing how Low looks when he can actually catch the ball facing the basket???)

And the stat line was proof with Weaver, Low, and Rochestie all above 15pts...

Overall, this team is now playing the way that it should play. And my sense is that the new offensive wrinkles will be firmly in place by the time that the Pac-10 tourney rolls around.

We're peaking at the right time folks, its simply a matter of avoiding the type of periodic brick fest that doomed us against Arizona.

It will be fun to see how this all plays out,


Congrats Seniors on Making History!


Sedihawk said...

Beyond impressed with the ball movement. You could see it from the first few possessions of the game, that no matter what magic Ryan Anderson had, we were simply better. The play that stands out to me is early in the game, we had at least 2 extra passes out on the perimeter, and then Low drove to the hole, drew the double-team and dished perfectly to Baynes who finished with authority. Just such a difference offensively!

Can someone explain this conference, please?? UCLA goes to ASU and destroys them 70-49. USC goes to Arizona and beats them by 12? The same Arizona that is the matchup nightmare for us and looks like a sweet-16 team? The same SC team that we swept, including a 74-50 whipping a few weeks ago?

3 out of 4 road teams win last night, and UW gives all Stanford can handle?? As Bud Nameck said the other day, WSU can't wait for the tournament so they can get a break from this friggin' conference! Unreal.

AtlantaCoug said...

Go Cougs! When we win like that I am thinking final four. When we lose at home I am thinking 'one and done'. Quite the fan am I.

For you Sonic Lovers this is great.

kaddy said...

Nice to see Henry get some minutes, too.

Sedihawk said...

The ATL showing up. It's been a while ATL, busy with the wife/kids/etc?

That is great that Simmons would open it up like that for Sonics fans to air their angst. Some pretty good/funny stuff in there too. Simmons is fantastic, ok he's an insufferable Boston fan, but still, he's honest and open and funny, and you can't help but respect that.

The latest on the Sonics has Ron Sims of the King County council say that THESE Sonics are gone. Whether it's about winning the case and making them stay for two more years, or whatever, Bennett takes his ball and goes home after the 09-10 season. What's obvious here is that no matter what happens, local leadership is absolutely DONE WITH CLAY-CLAY! In fact they want him to leave, and they want to make it hurt for him to leave, which is why this is headed for court, but they are done with him.

But the good news is that if we can win this case, it keeps things on the front burner in the political community. It keeps the NBA here for a little longer, and the attention and sense of urgency to get something done. Uf they were to escape, it might become out of sight, out of mind? God knows the local leadership does nothing until the gun is to the head, ala M's/Seahawks, so why would this be any different?

There's always the outside hope that they can bleed Bennett's group with two years of horrendous losses, but that's not likely. Bennett knew what he was getting into when he bought the team and went down this path, and they are certainly prepared to eat their young to get the team in the dust bowl. Think about it, they are billionaires. You don't usually bleed billionaires and force them to sell when they are dug in and on the cusp of becoming civic heroes, AND, the end-game is in sight. If there were 10 years left on the lease and he lost? Then it's a totally different story, and he could lose a good chunk of his fortune waiting it out. But worst-case scenario, if they lose the case and are forced to stay, they will PROBABLY lose about $100 million, tops. That sucks for him, but they are prepared for it. There are only two more seasons left, and he's got the financial wherewithal to withstand it (unfortunately).

The wild card here, which is huge, is the vote on Tuesday in OKC. It's for a 1-cent tax to help them get their Ford Center up to snuff for NBA standards. If the vote passes and everything works out there, then the Ford Center will get $120 million in enhancements, such as luxury suites, restaurants, a "family fun zone", etc. All stuff that's lacking in the Key. The NBA board of governors will gladly approve the move if that is in place. But IF the vote fails? Bennett's bid to move is in serious trouble within the NBA. Nobody believes the Ford Center is the long-term answer, even Clay, and there's a reason they fast-tracked this thing for a public vote. So we'll see how that plays out.

That said, I'm not holding my breath. Bennett is in bed with every OKC politician, and his wife owns the media. Bennett is a mini-Paul Allen to OKC. If he wants this thing to pass? IT WILL PASS. One way or another.

Here's the thing about the NBA that I don't get/HATE. Why is it, in baseball, teams like the Cubs can have Wrigley field, or teams like the Red Sox can have Fenway, and those stadiums are looked upon as jewels of the community and the sport? Those stadiums are obviously lacking the revenue streams of the newest parks, they have fewer seats, and they are ancient compared to Safeco for example. Yet the Cubs and Sox don't seem to have a problem generating revenue? In fact they are in the top 3 or 5 in MLB in revenue. Yet the NBA, it's all about how much money you can suck from the patrons out of your building. And if you don't like the building you have, go ahead and move! It's just so stupid. I've been to the Key several times, as I know many of you have too, and even the old coliseum before that, and you know what? It's a FANTASTIC place to watch a game. The sightlines are great, you are right on top of the court, it's a very loud and intimate place. You go to a game there, and you walk out scratching your head saying "they need to tear this place down, why??"

Maybe it's just more indicative of a sport that's clearly broken?

Anonymous said...

Two new stories breaking this afternoon on the Sonics:

Local group wants either to buy the Sonics from Bennett, or they will buy another team to move them here.

Huge Seattle Center plan made public. Key is at least part of the equation.