Thursday, February 28, 2008


Don't let the cute face fool you, the man is an absolute assassin.

The key to tonight, and potentially our season, is to slow this man down. Let Ryan Anderson go off as he did in the previous meeting and CAL is a very, very difficult team to beat.

Moreover, as we noted here last week, CAL is a light version of Arizona--this is a team that we do NOT match up with that well. Man, do I hate the tall prolific wing man....

So, its going to be a nip and tuck affair all the way through.

Aside from how we do with Mr. Anderson tonight, I think that the other key to watch is how we set up offensively. As I have noted periodically through the season, our inability to make teams pay for the overplay (particularly up top) is nothing short of alarming. Currently, team after team after team (with the NOTABLE exception of SC) have crowded us up top and jumped all of our high ball screens. The result has been few open looks for guys like Low who represent our primary play makers.

Of course, the key to the overplay is simply to cut backdoor--which we have largely failed to do. Part of that, in my view, has to do with the presence of Baynes just camped down on the low block. In effect, his post position has largely served to crowd the very lanes that our dudes need to use to cut to the basket.

So, I am hopeful that we will see much more of a high post offense over the weekend. Since Forrest appears to be primed for more minutes, a high post set should open up some passing lanes and back-door cuts and allow Caleb to knock down those 12-14 foot J's that he likes so much.

In any case, look for Rochestie to rebound a bit from his shooting slump. I also look for a high, high energy game from Mr. Robbie Cowgill who HAS played much better of late. I also think either Weaver or Low will have a nice night.

This one is going to be hard to watch folks. I say we win it 56-55 in a heartstopper. But, if Anderson goes off, this same score with go in the other direction.

We simply, simply must contain him.

"Enjoy" this one.


longball said...

Well BR, your post gives me confidence about tonight's game. If back door cuts are the key to getting good looks against this D, the absence of Harmeling may help us tonight. I know, wierd, but it means more minutes for Forest and Nic, both of whom are more fit to make the backdoor cuts and other movements without the ball we need to defeat the high ball pressure. Nic is probably the best on our team without the ball (and maybe the worst WITH the ball) and Forest is a crafty and effective finisher near the rim with a great stroke from mid range. If that is indeed what this team needs to do tonight, i am very confident it is exactly what we will do, just beacuse we are forced to use the personel who do it best.


Anonymous said...

Here, here to Longball's sentiments. Watching Nic handle the ball is something I prohibit my 3-year and 1-year old from watching.
We are going to need some ball handling help next year!

Woody said...

Is that Ryan Anderson of the Cal Bears or Brad Adam of Fox Sports Northwest?

Check out link and you decide.



Woody said...

Sorry Everyone,
The joke is only moderately funny when the link is complete and works.

the end of that link should be fsnbradadam (for those still interested)

But they still are doppelgängers of one another. For those from the 98195 that is a double or a look a like of a person.



Sedihawk said...

I would love to see something other than the jumpers off the curl, time and again, out of Low. But we'll see, if the "BK" is spotting it, you know TB and company have some new wrinkles in for tonight, Harmel or not.

Heard a quick snippet today from Bud Nameck, talking to Ian of KJR about Bennett. He said all the right things, but added some personal items about Bennett, such as how he has talked to Bennett several times in the last couple of years about how much he likes Pullman and the small town. He actually embraces it and doesn't think it's phony. He thinks Tony will stay, EXCEPT FOR ONE THING WE DON'T KNOW - What will IU offer, if he's really their #1 candidate? Would Tony feel good about turning down $1.5, $1.6 million a year at a hoops hotbed? That's the only think that was a concern to Nameck.

Interesting fodder all the way around.

Sedihawk said...

What a SCHOOLING here in the 2nd half! What a strong performance. That's 4 of our last 5, and 3 of these last 5 (Oregon, ASU, Cal) we've looked damn good.