Saturday, February 16, 2008

Better Win!!!!!

Ah, my little feathered friends...

So, now that we've kicked your butt on your homecourt as predicted, are you going to comment on how much BETTER we are than you in our comments section now that you lost???

Anyhow, sorry for all the speculation we provided below, Duck fans...BUT once again, we were right on this blog and you were wrong...too bad that's a FACT.

So, go back to watching the Sun Bowl for the 1,000 time while hugging your Joey Harrington Tiger Beat Pin-up, as you try to deny and forget one of the biggest choke and collapse jobs in the history of Pac-10 football.

In the meantime, we'll all look forward to watching you all turn a 6-1 start next year into a wonderful 8-6 suck fest.

Talk with you all soon, cuties!!!


Sedihawk said...


Awfully quiet out of the qwackers. But this is what happens when you feed the trolls. They are internet tough-guys before the fact, then invisible after. Oh well.

GREAT W. That's called Cougar Defense, period. Longball said it best. Suck it. Suck it long, suck it hard.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...


Another thing quackers: Both Sedi and I picked us to get drilled this year in Autzen with my pick being the most severe: 48-17

So next time, come back with a real take instead of the crap that you spewed this year.

As for us: the backcourt has been on fire. And after imploring for more involvement from Rochestie, he has a trip where he averages 22ppg.

If he can keep a high level of production up (above 14ppg) we will be really tough to beat.

This week is really our whole season. Should be fun to watch..

Sedihawk said...

Oh troll, oh troll, where fore art thou? Talk sh*t before, disappear after. What a shock.

In all seriousness, it sure felt good to beat them in their house. That was a huge game on their radar, no doubt about it, and our kids did the thing that Brinkhater raved about early in the year after wins at Gonzaga and at Baylor - SO MUCH FLIPPIN' moxie! Especially down the stretch.

Time to look ahead to the AZ schools.

Anonymous said...

Well, according to our Duck friends, the refs lost the game for the Quack. Of course, when would the Ducks ever lose simply because they were outplayed?

Check out the and go to the pictures of the game to find out Oregon's perspective.

By the way, how did last post get so crazy. I mean heck, you'd think people visiting this site would be Cougar fans. Instead we get a bunch of Oregon fans saying they're gonna kill us and UW fans saying Oregon's gonna kill us but the Ducks suck too. Sheesh! Does Oregon just plan sabotages of other team blogs before evry game? I wouldn't be surprised...

Sedihawk said...

I don't know what it is with Oregon fans. What's weird is that well over a year or even two years ago we did a post about the new Oregon uniforms, about how they are overdoing it with the terrible combo's, and we STILL get random comments from Oregon fans about it. I don't know how they find it since it's so old, but still, every few weeks I'll get a new comment from an Oregon fan correcting me on either one of the players in the picture, or how they aren't wearing one of the combo's anymore. It's odd.

I'll say this about Oregon fans - they are passionate. I'll give them that. But it's not just us WSU fans that can't stand them. Ask UW, quickly, who they hate more, Oregon fans or WSU fans, and I'd bet 9 out of 10 will knee-jerk tell you Oregon. They are mouthy and go out of their way to tell you how great they are (seriously, talking crap about a basketball game on a WSU football blog?? When Oregon clearly isn't what they were even last year?? Ok.). But they also have extremely thin skin and like you pointed out, when they lose, it's usually because the refs F*CKED them. Yet what's sad is that the Oklahoma fiasco from last year, remember the worst Pac-10 refs ever on that phantom onside kick and the disaster that was the end of that game? Oregon fans just laughed it off in an "oh well, what's done is done!" manner.

But to call this WSU win a gift from the refs? Are you KIDDING ME? They clearly have no idea about how often WSU gets screwed by the refs over the years, but especially on the road. We never get calls. We are the Washington Generals of the Pac-10 in the eyes of the refs, the "other" team brought in for entertainment purposes but ultimately is supposed to lose the game. But to think the refs blew some calls at Mac Court?? INSANE.

Here's the reason we beat them - REBOUNDS. We shocked them with our ownage of the glass. Like Tony said, we defended the 3 as well as we did against anyone this year, and to hold them to only Leunen hitting some 3's is gigantic in beating them, but still, getting to the boards was just huge.

But what a huge win. 8-5 now and clearly we've got a swagger back. I can't wait for the AZ schools to pay a visit this week. The gym is going to be hot, the weather is going to be cold, and they'll hopefully trudge into Friel wishing they were somewhere else!