Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Belated Christmas?

While we were all caught up in signing day and the HORRIBLE losing streak of our beloved Cougar Cagers, Santa might have come 11 months early to the Cougar Nation.

His early present to each and every one of us?

Yep, the main target of the Tyee Club to replace Ty "Stale Saltine" Willingham just got all tied up in Paul Allen's steel blue for the next few years.

Now, the one energetic, UW alum DREAM coach is 100% unavailable for the near future.

Which means that Montlake will be stiffled a bit longer!

And as our consecutive season streak of more wins than the Huskies continues to mount, our chances of keeping pace in the Crap-10 just get better, better, and better under Coach Paul.

Think the Pups are glad that they gave Ty that extra year now?????

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Sedihawk said...

Well, Mora is a high energy guy and he's a players coach, but we'll see how it plays in Seattle. I have no doubt that he would be great at UW, and he'll probably end up there someday.

I just wonder though. Hugh Millen to this day says the best NFL coaches were the ones that could scare the hell out of you as a player, and Holmgren has that air about him. Mora doesn't. But I bet the first couple of years will be good under Mora, as Ruskell will surround him with outstanding talent and high-character guys. The key will be to see what happens in year 3, just like in Atl. Does he learn his lesson like Belichick did after his first unsuccessful go-around in Cleveland, only to come back as a GREAT NFL head coach? Or will Mora revert back to who he is, which is a good defensive coach and a players coach, but over his head as a head coach? Obviously I hope he's the next Belichick, only better and not the one that cheats(!), and as Holmgren has said all along, eventually players tune you out. It's time for a new voice.

The thing that gets me is shouldn't they have waited a year to see who the hell out there would be interested in this job? I mean look around the NFL, you tell me where you are going to find the combo of great city/great stadium/crazy fans/richer than God owner/franchise QB in his prime/un-and-coming young defense? Wouldn't it have been interesting to say the least to see what types of coaches would have taken a long look at Seattle? In other words...was Mora the best they could do, and they are so confident in him that they are nabbing him a year EARLY?

The telling thing was Mora pulling out of the Redskin search. I would bet 4 whole chickens and a coke that he was going to get that job if he wanted it. So it was only a matter of time before he was going to be scooped up. And I have to trust Ruskell. Outside of the Hutch fiasco, he's done a hell of a job in shoring up team weaknesses.

What's funny is that little Danny Snyder settled for Jim Zorn, a guy in his early-50's who's never been a head coach, at any level (by the way, Zorn in his 50's?? MY GOD I felt old when I saw that!). Zorn was so nervous that he didn't even know the Redskin colors and was referring to assistant coaches that have been fired! Good luck Jimmie. You better win out there too, because they'll destroy you if you don't.