Saturday, January 12, 2008


I wonder where Madden's other hand is??

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Brett Favre. Always have, always will. He loves the game, he's a fierce competitor that has a blast playing a kids game, and oh yeah, he's really, really good. But with today's white-out of the hapless Seattle D, get ready for a whole week of the national media slurp, slurp, slurping up all-things-Favre.

Seriously, have you ever seen a game turn around so fast as this one? 14-0 just 4 minutes into the game, and next thing you know it's 35-17. Amazing. I was so damn impressed with Favre, and especially the little things, like his body language. When they got down 14-0, they showed him a lot, and you never saw him do much of anything. He didn't flinch, didn't blink, and most of all, didn't panic. You must remember that Green Bay is the youngest team IN THE NFL. Not just left in the playoffs, but the entire damn thing. If they get down like that, and their leader shows any panic? Forget it. The Hawks could have blown them out. But instead, the guy is just as cool as it gets, never wavers, and they just methodically took the Hawks apart, bone by bone-crushing bone. GB never even punted until the 4th quarter! They scored TD's on 5 straight possessions. They were, in a word, unstoppable. Right now, Favre and Ryan Grant are doing their best John Elway - Terrell Davis impression, and it's working.

One more quick thing - let's not kid ourselves. The weather did, in my opinion, have a lot to do with what happened today. Seattle's only clear advantage is their speed on defense. And it's very, very impressive. Ask the Redskins just how fast and active and physical they can be. But you take those smaller, faster guys and put them in 3 inches of snow, in sloppy conditions? Suddenly they are looking like they are on roller skates. GB wasn't fancy, and they didn't need to be. They just lined up and popped them in the mouth, and pushed them back like they were falling down the hillside. On a regular track today, MAYBE it's a much tighter game, but with that relentless snow, forget it.

On the Coug game, I was pleased to see them come back in the end. But man, what an ugly first 10-12 minutes. They looked lost and clearly not in UCLA's class. But it's early, and I have to admit, if you looked at the schedule and saw @ UW, @ USC and @UCLA? I would have HOPED for 2-1. There's much worse things than losing to UCLA. And hey, they did chop it to 4 with 20-something seconds left. Stranger things have happened. It's going to be a long, grueling season!

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AtlantaCoug said...

I am not surprised that the Seahawks defense struggled in the Snow, but I am surprised that Green Bay's did not. Mainstream media kept saying these teams are 'mirror's of each other. Well, maybe in Offensive style, but not personel on Defense.
Coug game thoughts..two teams that plays the same style but one team is stocked with all-Americans and one with all-Everyman's. I don't want to overreact to the results. I would like to think we play better D at home in next meeting. I think the late barrage of 3's was nice, but an illusion. I like how Howland gushed about how good the Cougs are. It did not seem like coach speak. No shame in a 2-1 start in the pac 10 with all being road games. UCLA held serve, we will see how they do in Pullman.