Thursday, January 10, 2008

Legends Review

After a long absence I am finally going to start posting on here again. Although they are probably going to be far and few in between. I don’t have the time or the capability to keep up with the talents that are Hawk, BH & Hooty. I do have the time to read this blog everyday though. Turns out that is a lot easier than posting.

Anywho, after this Christmas my box set of the ‘Legends of the Palouse’ is finally complete thanks to my sister-in-law, Carol. She also got the box signed by Jack Thompson and the Part 3 DVD signed by Gesser. Apparently tallying 45 minutes of standing in line to do so. I’m sure she did it just to get a chance to talk to Gesser. I know you dig him Carol. The point being is that I’ve decided to break my blogging dry spell with a review of the ‘Legends of the Palouse’ movies.

There are 3 movies, 6 hours total running time. By the looks of it Jeff McQuarrie did most, if not all, of the directing, interviewing and editing. I have to imagine he had some kind of help though. Too bad I never watch the credits or I could probably tell you guys that. Go to and check it out for yourself. You can buy the 3 movies separately or get the entire box set. The movies are:

Part One: The First 80 Years
The title is pretty self-explanatory but this one takes you from the very first coach in 1894 on through to 1914. It covers all the big names that you already know or buildings are named after or both. The thing for me was that I didn’t realize that I didn’t know jack about these guys until I watched this. The movie goes on to cover the greatest teams from 1915-1972. There’s a few inspirational stories. I particularly liked the story of Rob Retherford because he’s a hick like me. There is stuff about the history of the school itself. McQuarrie also put together a really great collection of old photos to make this movie complete and well worth the dough. I think they should pass this movie out to every freshman that shows up on campus and give them a test over it. I almost felt embarrassed by how much I learned from it because I probably should have known a lot of that stuff already. Now I feel more comfortable about calling myself a Coug.

Part Two – Learning to Bowl
This movie starts out talking about the Apple Cup rivalry. It goes over the Greatest Teams between 1975-1995. Yes, the ’88 Holiday Bowl team is in there as well as plenty of Bledsoe coverage. This one contains all the footage you can handle of afro’s, mustaches, those really thick face mask bars and mesh mid drift jerseys. If you’re into MTV Cribs you’ll like this one too because they have a chapter on making it in the pro’s and what some of these guys did with their fat paychecks.

Part Three – Raising the Bar
How couldn’t you love this one that covers the greatest teams from ’96 on. That’s a lot of good, winning football. They start the movie talking about the ’98 Rose Bowl and that team. Of course they went on to cover the 3 – 10 win seasons. The thing I really liked about this one is that they talked about, showed lots of footage of and interviewed quite a few of the good players from those years. There are lots of good little tidbits that get told too like Trufant used to cut everyone’s hair for $5 and Lamont Thompson could throw the ball just as far with his left hand as he could with his right. There is ample footage of Gesser, my favorite being a quick snip-it of him surrounded by trainers puking his guts out. There is a chapter on the great players through all of Cougar football history who played on average teams and never really got the glory they deserved. Then McQuarrie put together a panel of judges who ranked the greatest Cougar teams of all times. You’re going to have to buy the movie to find out how that turned out.

In case you were questioning Keith Jackson's loyalty to WSU over the last few years based on the Coug games he's covered like I have, Part 3 will ease your mind. It was good to see and I'm sorry I ever doubted you Keith. You are probably the best at doing that job in an unbiased manner. I just wish you would pitch Fouts some sh!t once in a while. Fark you Dan.

I couldn’t really tell you which movie to go out and buy first. I honestly think you should buy them all but if not I would chose Part One or Part Three depending on whether you like the history or winning football.


kaddy said...

Nice post, Rooster.

These movies are a must have, I think, for all Coug fans...well worth the money.

By the way, the '88 team played in the Aloha Bowl...the '81 team with Paul Sorenson played in the Holiday.

kaddy said...

For everyone's reading pleasure...

kaddy said...

Try that again...

Bush Doctor said...


There's also a pretty good little diddy about the time when Aydelot jumped over the gaurdrail and played catch with Bledsoe on the sideline.

Rooster said...

BH's Lil' B everybody. He caught me posting this morning so I knew the mockery was coming.

Holiday/Aloha - Tomato/Camelto. Impressive catch though Kaddy.

longball said...

I love the highlights and interviews (i have only watched #3 so far), but i found some of the stuff so unbearably cheesy i almost couldnt watch it. The worst part, whay on earth waste one second interviewing the blonde dunce squad of sorority girls and all their tired, clueless cliches about what it means to be a coug. Anyway, sorry to be such a Dbbie Downer about everyones favorite new movie, but i hadnt heard anything butunqualified praise about it and hence, i was dissapointed in how low brow it was. I dont know who this Jeff McQuarrie guy or whoever he is, but we were making much more compelling videos about our high school football team in AV class. Right Ptown?

kaddy said...

I think you're expecting a little too much - the movies aren't perfect, but I think they're done well enough, and the subject matter is the most important thing...our love of the Cougs and all things WSU!

Rooster said...

I agree with you to a certain extent Longball, there was cheese sprinkled throughout. The sorority chicks were definitely the worst of it. If they had done it without audio and/or clothing it would have been way better. It was only a quick couple minutes though.

If you own Part 3 you own clips of your favorite Cougar football memories though. Like the pass to Chris Jackson in the '97 Apple Cup for example. All the "Hey remember that pass that xxx threw to xxx" conversations you have with your buddies are packaged together now. It's like having a Cougar football mixed tape that you can throw in at parties.

I think maybe your "unqualified praise" and "low brow" comments were just a set up for your high school AV joke but regardless, it's a documentary never intended for the cinema not a high budget Hollywood production.

Side note: It was a harsh reality about my age when I realized that I witnessed and/or remember about 50% of the content of all 3 movies.

Money=Power=UW said...

They left out Part 4 - learning to SUCK like only a Coug can suck off and old man Doba sucked. Go Dawgs.

Hooty McBoob said...

Wow, Longball. That was some serious fuckin' gloom. Are you OK, li'l fella?


Anonymous said...

I think it is useless to argue but I will do so anyway.

What football team has beaten UW three of the last four years? Which team has the better record over (at least) the last 5 seasons (I'm pretty sure more)? Which team just beat UW? Which basketball team has beaten the Dawgs the past six games? I'll give you a hint. It's a rivalry.

I think the UW blog is done well and enjoy checking it out. It actually makes me think there are some intelligent Huskies out there, but I guess that doesn't apply to all Dawgs. Why bother posting? Don't you have better things to do?

PS I've been wondering why the name Rooster had been sitting their for the past 6 months. Now I know. Good post.