Thursday, January 03, 2008

Best Palouse Posse Member?

The new poll question is now live, for those of you that wish to participate. And it's not exactly an easy one either. That's Mark Fields above, ready to make yet another TFL in his 1994 Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year season. But who was the best member of the 1994 swarming, disruptive, powerful WSU Palouse Posse? A strong case can be made for any of the top 5 names, so, cast your vote and state your position now!

Not too much else happening in the football world. OH yeah, DeWayne Walker stays at UCLA as Rick Neuheisel sticks a red hot one where the Husky sun doesn't shine. Of course it's 40 degrees and raining sideways these days, so, the sun never shines here anyway. But you get the drift. As our friend John speculates at UW Football Blog, something STINKS here, and this could be just round one of many jabs that UCLA's own Rick Neuheisel takes at the school that fired him for something he protests still to this day. Hmm, let's see. If the money is the same, and it's 70 degrees and sunny in January, or it's 40 and raining sideways? And my wife loves LA? Yeah, I'd pass on that job too. UW is now scrambling to find a new DC, as their other top choice, former Michigan DC Ron English, took the Louisville job. Oh, and UW also pissed off old-timers like Chris Tormey and Randy Hart, defensive coaches that would have been replaced had Walker been signed and brought a couple of his UCLA guys. Good luck with that situation.

An evening with Cougar Football coach Paul Wulff is now set for 2/29. If you are in the wet area of the state, clear your calendar and make an appearance. Our own Todd Thrasher works his butt off for that event, so check it out. It's worth it. I know WSU Football Blog will be represented by myself and probably Rooster, so we'll give a full report if you can't make it.

In recruiting news, the center the Cougars are recruiting, Jonathan Solomon, now has Hawaii as his leader. But the kid went ahead and bragged about how Hawaii was going to beat Georgia "by like 20 points."??!?!

"I think they'll beat Georgia by like 20 points. I've been talking some smack about Georgia because I lived in Georgia for a bit and my old teammate, Tanner Strickland, goes there and I like to give him a hard time. But I really don't think that anyone can stop Hawaii's offense..."

Wait a second....yep....I think Georgia just scored again/sacked Brennan again/etc. What a blowout. But we'll see what can happen.

Can't say I'm all that sad for the Hawaii fans either. I checked out some of their message boards when the June Jones rumors were making the rounds, and they basically told anyone who mentioned Jones in connection with another job to PHUCK themselves. Pretty classy.


kaddy said...

QB commit from Lakes HS in Tacoma -Calvin Schmidtke(?) - sounds like he has guts and a huge heart, size is a little small, but that isn't necessarily the most important thing, if his arm strength is there.

longball said...

There was a backup linebacker, or safety on the Palouse Posse that was missing part of one arm from the elbow down. I want to vote for that guy, but i forgot his name!

I was glad to see Hawaii get crushed. Any team that plays 2 1AA teams in its OOC, then plays a weak conference schedule and claims they belong in a BCS game deserves a mighty beat down like they got.

Hooty McBoob said...

I'm not sure if he was on that team but Payam Sadaat played for the Cougs and was basically missing his hand and part of his forearm. What do I win?

Hooty McBoob said...

Sorry - its Saadat not Sadaat. Either way, I had to confirm my genius...

kaddy said...

He's the one that blew off his arm with a homemade pipe bomb, right?

longball said...

Hooty wins the unconditinal admiration of longball, and kaddy you get honorable mention and an imaginary high five for providing the gory details!

Bonus round... who was the backup player who had the clutch pic in the end zone to seal our Alamo Bowl win against Baylor? The old memory aint what it used to be, sigh.

Sedihawk said...

Todd Jensen, a senior who backed up John Rushing all year, picked it off. That was actually the only time Baylor even came close to the end zone. 8 first downs and 151 yards of total offense! Just 41 yards in the first half. I heard Doba tell a story that Fields hurt his shoulder so bad in the first half that he couldn't even raise his arm above his chin. He refused to come out though. He had the trainer help him take off his pads at halftime to ice it, and he played the whole second half with one arm! What a player, what a defense.

longball said...

Todd Jensen! Nice work sedihawk!

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