Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bad Timing

Neu-weasil picked up Norm Chow as his offensive coordinator yesterday. Good timing for Rick bad timing for both Chow and the Cougs. As our source told me Chow was the Cougs second choice behind June Jones back in December. Since Chow never saw his firing coming, and it didn't happen until Jan 15th, he probably never even read the offer letter he got from us.

I haven't read a lot of quotes from Chow saying how happy he is to be at UCLA or working with RN but it does sound like he is happy that he will be able to go home after work. I doubt Chow would have taken the WSU job since he probably had an offer from UCLA at the same time he had one from us but it would have been fun to be in the running. But that is where the bad timing for Chow comes in. I'm sure, if he was going to be fired, he would have appreciated if they'd done it a month or so earlier so he could have taken the head job. I guess maybe the Cougs benefitted from Chow's bad timing as I would rather see the weasil as the head coach than Chow for our sake.

Don't get me wrong, I'm done with the "what-ifs" now. It's time to look forward to the Wulff regime.


AtlantaCoug said...

Yeah, I am not sure if I wanted the Chow anyway..Probably make Doba look like Mr. Personality on Media days.

But more importantly, Former Coug Rien Long is in Hospital. Critical condition and I am sure we all hope he is OK


Billyblaze said...

Forget Milhouse, what about Rien Long??......all our prayers are with the big guy........

Billyblaze said...

Btw, I'd rather have a wolf (wulff) as opposed to a dawg (chow) running our offense - wolves rule and dawgs drool - hehehehehe ;) ....seriously, I do not think Norm has anything on Wulff......we will see innovation in our offense.....I really look forward to the new look cougs....sick of the bubble screens and short dink passes all the time and predictable runs/conservative non-attacking horizontal offense......on the other side though, kinda wish Doba woulda stayed to run the D but oh well, change is good/what was needed.......I still can not believe the last couple years of football - you have a 1,900 yd rusher and only finish with 5 wins......you have the all-time recording breaking Coug QB last year and only win 5 (granted it was Brink but you have to respect his 5yr loyalty and toughness)......was very frustrating....bring on the new regime!! ;)

Reno, NV
Wsu alum 94