Happy Friday, Cougar Nation.

How about them Cougars?

Well, given that our boys are about half-way to accomplishing the impossible, I thought I’d fire off a quick DREAM scenario for how we can get back to the NCAAs:

A) Win out in the regular season (Duh!)
B) Both Oregon State (to Quack) and USC (to Stanford) lose tomorrow
C) Oregon State Loses to UCLA and Beats USC next week on the road.
D) Arizona loses to UW and at home to CAL next week

WERE ALL of these scenarios to happen, we would finish 5th in the conference.

We would then have a first round game against UCLA, CAL, or ASU.

Win that first game and we’re in as the conference’s fifth team.

So, there you have it. Win three more in a row and if the sky falls upward, we’re dancing once again.

Lets fricking win tomorrow!!!!