Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cougs Losing D-line Recruit to SC?


Henderson looked like a real sleeper "get", good size and quickness off the edge, the typical 2-star recruit that they bring in, add some weight and suddenly he becomes a top-flight pass rushing d-tackle or something along those lines. But man, it's SC!

How can you say no to that??? :)

He'll be wined and dined this weekend, told how wonderful he is repeatedly, and if he doesn't commit to SC it'll be a major upset! But as the link says, we'll see. Remember, J-Stewart went on his visit down there and was told how great he was, the student body chanted his name, the whole deal, and he stuck to his 2 finalists of Oregon and WSU. It's not for everyone. Click here for more ...plus Comments

Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh Randy!

What the heck happened to Randy Moss anyway??

Of course, there's also the now-famous Man-crush song from KJR, simply titled "Brady":

I guess when you actually DUMP Bridget?

You're just that good. Click here for more ...plus Comments

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Make Your Free-Throws!!!

Tonight was lost, and the dreaded Ducks won, because of what happened at the Charity Stripe.

We make free throws in the last five minutes, we win. They made theirs and so they won.

Free throws are now the official achilees heel of this team, no doubt about it.

Free throws cost us the UCLA game.

They almost, and perhaps should have, cost us against Arizona.

And they certainly cost us tonight.

Bottom line: we really are where we want to be..This team doesn't need to be highly ranked or a top 3 seed....we need to be in the 4-6 range where we can sneak up and bite people.

The kids will play better there as well.

Very interesting test now against Ariz, who was Humiliated today, and will be looking for revenge.

How will we respond to such a collapse, and then such a near heroic and miraculous comeback?

My sense is that if Cowgill can find a consistent post-game, this team will go 6-3 again in the second half.

We'll see...In the meantime:

MAKE YOUR STINKIN FREE THROWS Click here for more ...plus Comments

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Recruiting Just About Done; Bracketology MADNESS!

The Cougs picked up 2 more verbals last night, so things are just about done. I like what I've seen and heard on Block, and he's very athletic. Pellum has top speed and we beat out Dennis the Liar for him, so that's a good thing! Both are top-100 guys at their positions. Just a few spots left to fill if everything holds true to signing day.

Have you seen the latest ESPN bracketology?? Joe Lunardi is regarded as the #1 guy in America at projecting the 64-team field, and he sees WSU is now a 5-seed in the east and would play round 1 in Sacramento!?! Come on Lawson, ZERO excuse for missing them if they do indeed land there (I know, I know, a lot can change between now and then, but still.). Let's just hope this newfound success doesn't suddenly get to these guys, but I have a feeling it won't. We know upsets happen all the time and they are just kids, but, this is a very experienced team that has been through hell the last 2 seasons as a core group, so we should get some consistent performances the rest of the way.

Amazing to see how valuable experience is in college hoops these days. As UW is showing, you can't just take a bunch of highly rated recruits and green sophomores and throw them out on the floor and expect them to gel and win Pac-10 games. Teams like Oregon, USC, WSU, they have guys that have been through some wars the last few years and now that pain is paying off. And to hear Glenn of the Spokesman tell it, WSU is set to be a preseason top-25 team next year with all the experience they will potentially bring back NEXT year (just 1 senior, Ivory Clark, on the roster). This might be a truly rare, special run the next couple of years, so stay tuned and enjoy the ride! Click here for more ...plus Comments

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Wow. These guys are pretty good. I know UW is struggling, and didn't have Hawes, but, 75-47? Wow. While I won't try and go nuts breaking everything down, this is starting to look like it will be a special season. How special, we can't tell, but so far, me likey! And yes, STILL enjoying the ride!

Meanwhile, a couple of big-time sequels have been announced and will be hitting the big screens this summer. Looks like some serious blockbusters this year??

Meanwhile, this looks scary as HELL!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Don't Mess with Ed Hochuli

He's a really good ref first and foremost, and everyone agrees with that. Always explains the calls well, doesn't really show much in regards to being indecisive, and you just get a sense that he's got control when he's running a game. And his name? Ed Hochuli. You know, the ref with the huge physique who loves doing "curls for the girls" in the gym?

So all that said, check out his "mock Myspace page" for a few grins... :) I especially love the quote "First and 24....inch biceps that is."

Staying on the NFL theme, the Hawks came up short at Chicago. Part of me felt OK about it, because of what they made out of the season in winning the division and a playoff game, something that is never an easy thing do to, especially when you consider the Hawks and their long history of failure. But it was a frustrating loss, because of the opportunities that were there to steal this one. I don't want to go to far into it, but if you saw the game, you know how close they were, both at the end of regulation and the first possession in OT, of getting this one. Ah well, that game was a microcosm of their 2006 season - flashes of brilliance combined with huge mistakes from ALL players and massive breakdowns when they could least afford it. But overall, they sure played their butts off, and we see the advantages of having a GM like Ruskell who values character so high. A team with a bunch of bandits and renegades would have quit down the stretch, what with all the injuries and everything, but not this group. You have to feel good about where things are headed, and I really think they have another nice run in them.

Meanwhile on Planet Coug, lots of recruiting happenings. Gain some, lose some, typical for this time of year. AND YES, reportedly the 5-star JC safety has committed in Mixon, but, we've still got a lot of time left for him to keep shopping around. I may sound negative, but I'm in "see-it-to-believe-it" mode right about now.

One more thing that is Pac-10 related- Oregon lost Gary Crowton, their highly regarded OC, to LSU last night. Should be interesting to see what direction they go, but to lose the OC just weeks away from signing day? The Quacks will be in some serious spin control on that one. Click here for more ...plus Comments

Saturday, January 13, 2007


A quick message to the Cougar Nation:


The reasons are simple: there is no better joy than being able to watch a journey that is free of expectations and angst. And there aren't may journeys that are free of those two burdens.

But, such freedom IS this season of Cougar basketball.

Next year, we are going to return the majority of our guys.

And because of what has already happened this year, this group will now be picked to finish in the top 3 in the PAC next season and will be ranked nationally to start the season.

As a result, as next season becomes the focus of conversation, all of us will be talking about how "deep" we will go in the NCAA tournament, how high our ranking and national exposure will be, how much better our recruiting and sustainability as a program will be--all of which will inevitably lead us to become devasted if and when we don't get there. (see Cougar Football and Mariner Baseball as Exhibits A-Z)

But this season, we have none of that crap. Indeed, after we beat Stanford today and prove that we can beat "Big" teams as well as atheletic ones, we will be sitting alone in first place (with the tiebreaker) in the Pac-10.

We will also be four wins away from 20 with a whopping 12 games left.

We will be thinking about conference championships, high tournament seedings, and dare I say a run to the Sweet 16, the Elite 8, and depending on the bracket, seedings, and happenings, maybe a Wisconsin or George Mason-esque run to the Final Four!

And if it doesn't happen, we'll be sad for a bit, but we will mostly just marvel at the character of this team, the way they gelled and put us on the map, the first stormings of Friel Court in a decade, the first national rankings since Reagan was in his FIRST TERM in office, the ability to finish in the top 3 after being picked tenth, etc., etc., etc.

And of course, we will eagerly anticipate next year.

Which, of course, will be filled with HIGH expectations.

Which, of course, will make it MUCH less fun and enjoyable than this year.

So, enjoy this Cougar fans. These types of magical runs don't happen often--not only because it is SSSSOOO hard to make the transformation from zero to hero, but also because we know that our PERFECT coach won't stay long, and so the inevitable fall is just that, inevitable...

So, enjoy the game today as well as the entire season as it is: a "once, twice, or thrice" in a lifetime experience.

And lets root for Arizona to KILL the Ducks while we're at it.

Out. Click here for more ...plus Comments

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bowling Ball GONE

Hot off the press, the Bowling Ball, Hall, and Williams have flunked out. Classic.

Not only do we not go to bowl games anymore, but we're back to banditville and flunking out players.

The bowling ball is the biggest loss since he threatened--when healthy--to really be a force for us....particularly in short yardage situations (and he was AWESOME in that first half against Auburn).

So, football sucks--even in 2007.

Meanwhile, the Cougar hoops team is still rolling. More later on that front, but if we win the next two games, then we really have something serious to ponder:

A real, bonafide contender for a Pac-10 championship.

Maybe we'll change the name of the blog to WSU Basketball next week.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ted Ginn taken out by....THE Ohio State University?

Yep, this is after the opening kickoff was returned for a TD for the Buckeyes. Ginn tried to play a couple of snaps on the following series, but soon was done for the season.

Now I still maintain that Ginn or not, Florida would have steamrolled tOSU. Maybe it's somewhat closer, like 34-21, something like that, but still, look at that million-dollar ankle being rolled on by #8. WOW. You'd think the way some of these guys are mobbed by their own guys that eventually this was going to happen to a big-time player, and well, there you have it.

So not only do we have a new d-line coach, but there is chatter than Rosey is a serious candidate for Central. I guess we'll see how it all plays out, and everyone knows Rosey wants to be a head guy, so maybe this is his best shot. Interesting about some of the potential turnover as Glenn puts it, both the guys calling plays for both sides of the ball wouldn't be around anymore. But that's somewhat overrated, because Doba called the defense for the 90's and beyond, and Levy can certainly call the offense, so I don't think it's TOO big of a deal if it goes down like that.

Also interesting to see that the name Keauntu Bankhead has surfaced - again. The all-universe safety coming out who failed to make grades has designs on heading to Pullman, but, it's not a sure thing. Not only does he still have some school issues, but other teams can certainly get into the mix right up until signing day. Let's just say that don't believe the Bankhead-to-WSU stuff until you see him running around on the field next fall! Click here for more ...plus Comments

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


And that's ANOTHER Troy Smith tackle for loss!

As Maty Allen would say, "That was a SHALACKING!" Or "Ohio State's entire team will be in TRACTION today!" Although I'm sure after that performance, hard to know what Maty would say.

I guess the writing might have been on the wall when USC embarrassed Michigan? The same USC that, well, we just didn't think was all that great this year? The same Michigan that put up 39 fat points at OSU, only to come up short? But my God did Troy Smith look lost or what? Yes, Ted Ginn going out early with the foot injury had something to do with it, and clearly tOSU couldn't stretch the field without one of the fastest human beings on the planet, but still, I don't know if he would have made that much of a difference in this one. Florida's D, just wow. Unbelievable blend of speed and power. But what really blew me away was that defensive front 4. They had Smith on the run all night long! Those D-ends, WOW. That's big-boy football if I ever saw it. And so, it's the college world of the Gator with hoops and football titles, and we all just kind of exist.

And, looking in the crystal ball, I guess we should pretty much get used to seeing Florida at the top in football. Have you heard about the kind of recruits Meyer is getting down there? Now how about adding a gaudy NCAA championship ring to all that is going on down there? YA THINK they'll be hanging around??

So, switching topics, sure looks as though the Doba to DC is official. They hired a defensive line coach from Nevada yesterday, Marty Long, so there's your extra hire right there. I would think they'll announce something sooner rather than later.

We'll see how it goes. I've been against the idea since the idea was floated, but what do I know? Don't get me wrong, I think coach Doba is a strong d-coordinator, but to wear both hats? I hope he's got the energy and drive to do it. I guess if he didn't think he had it he wouldn't do it. But I don't think we should expect that Doba will sprinkle magic dust and suddenly they become the 1994 or 2003 defense! Doba himself has the quote "it's not about the blitzes you call, it's about the blitzers." In other words? It doesn't matter who is making the calls, you have to have the personnel to make it work. Everyone says that yeah, the D was great in 2002 when they last went to the Rose Bowl, but they also had 4 guys playing regularly on that defense that went on to the NFL (Trufant, David, Coleman and Long). I don't know if we have 4 guys that can start in the NFL right now on D! And don't forget in 2003, Akey was the coordinator and that was a great defense, a defense that led the nation in sacks and takeaways. But do you think that was all about Akey? Or was it all about the talent on the field?? I'll take the latter. Click here for more ...plus Comments

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Shocker Saturday

So a funny thing happened on the way to the Cowboys 23-21 win over Seattle......WOW. I would imagine some of the Dallas newspapers (and probably the Seattle Times too?) had a similar headline above. Thanks for the butterfingers Romo. Enjoy the offseason. The Hawks hearts beat for one more week anyway.

And, a funny thing happened to #7 Arizona on the way to their 3-0 start in Pac-10 play. Yes, WSU won this one, and whaddaya know, the Cougs are 14-2?? Amazing, amazing OT win for them, as this season is really starting to set up as something to remember. Still not going to go crazy and freak out and over-analyze them, wring my hands over their weaknesses or the schedule or bracketology or whatever else, I'm just enjoying the ride. All I can say? We have one HELL of a head coach right about now, and like this season, just enjoy the ride! It's always more fun on the ride up the mountain, know what I mean? Click here for more ...plus Comments

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bad Postseason Getting Worse??

Happy Holidays (and no, that's not Tad after the Apple Cup......at least I don't think so.)

So, with Boise State Junior College shedding the "Junior College" tag now that they've done something we haven't done since the Wright Brothers were still working on that flight thing - actually winning a BCS bowl - while I was thrilled with that fantastic finish in one of the most amazing, crazy sporting events I've ever seen, Boise State arriving on the scene isn't exactly a good thing for our Cougs. In fact, it's BAD.

For obvious reasons, they are now a major player on the scene and are rapidly becoming the Gonzaga of the NCAA football ranks, you know, that ultimate mid-major on the rise, passing Fresno State in the WAC. Even worse, it's happening just down south from Pullman, and there is no doubt now that we're going to be competing head-to-head with those guys for recruits. Don't believe me? There were a few players running around out there for Boise State that were almost Cougars, including Scandrick, the DB.

Anyway, on the game itself - talk about MAJOR ONIONS on Petersen. The Hook-and-Ladder, just a thing of absolute beauty (wish that would have worked for us vs. Michigan in 1998!). The halfback pass on 4th and goal while motioning out the QB, the pass to the TE, just brilliant and 10 of the 11 Oklahoma players on D totally sold out on the run. But my God, going for 2 is one thing with the game on the line, but the frickin' STATUE OF LIBERTY play!?! Do you realize how amazingly huge that was?? And talk about execution, that was one of the most perfect plays you'll ever see. The line just sealed off the weak side and Johnson strolled into the endzone and on his way to holy matrimony. But wow, did they sell that play or what? What a great, great coaching job. I heard one interview before the game where Stoops said that they watched film for 4 weeks on Boise State, and heading into the game, they STILL didn't fully know for sure what they were in for. They are that creative with what they do on offense.

The worst thing though, from our small WSU world, is that Boise State has a major chance to take huge strides the next few years. They have the young, hotshot head coach who shows no signs of wanting to bolt after dealing with a very tough family situation (his young son battled cancer). They play a wide-open, fun, entertaining brand of football. The only have 30,000 seats in their stadium, but it's an intimate setting, and the entire city is decked out in blue and orange. And best of all for them, they play their BUTTS off, 100% effort, 100% of the time. That win over OSU earlier in the year, they just had the pedal to the metal the entire game, and in hindsight, 42-14 over the Beavs is one hell of an accomplishment and looks bigger and better by the day.

So think about how badly this postseason is going for WSU:
1) Boise State. Reasons above.
2) Oregon State - 10 wins, big bowl game win, all the momentum in the world
3) USC - MONSTERS again. 2006 was the year they were beatable, but next year? Forget it. Only 4 seniors from that team that steamrolled Michigan, a team people debated should be playing for the whole thing??
4) CAL - Great win over A & M, great coach, great recruiting, facilities on the rise, etc, etc, etc.
5) Oregon - ok, they sucked big-time, but, they are still Oregon, great facilities, nice college town, rockstar head coach, plasma's, yellow hummer, 100 uniforms, Nike, etc.
6) Erickson - watch how fast they win 9 games and yeah, they are already stealing our recruits (Vasquez).
7) Akey - notice how quiet it is in regards to a replacement? What the heck is going on??

Now, please, tell me what we can feel GOOD about right now? Our stadium renovation is underway, so at least we won't have to miss a quarter just to use the bathroom next year. We'll have a new scoreboard that is 4 times the size of our current one, so that'll be cool. But that's about it. Again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Click here for more ...plus Comments