Monday, December 03, 2007


Yes, Cougar Nation. Sources close to the Brinkhater Army have informed the WSU Football Blog staff that a new head coach has been selected.

An official announcement (regarding the announcement) will be made following the return of Jim Sterk from New York City.

According to our source heretofore known as "Deepest Throat" (DT) the finalists for the job were Mike Price, Turner Gill, Wulfey, and the guy from CAL whose name escapes me at this late hour.

But the Biggest name--and the name that was probably the surprise of surprise where this Blogfather was concerned-- that did not make the cut was Brian Billick. Yep, apparently Billick has several feelers out there that he wants to move from the pros to the College Game. Not surprisingly, he was out of our price range (although we bid pretty high) but could appear at one of the other major collegiate openings--particularly if Miles leaves LSU.

So, who are we gonna hire?

Well, one of our frequent members commented this past week that Keith Jackson has been highly involved in the coaching search. And according to the source close to the Brinkhater Army, Jackson played a very key role in contacting our new coach.

In the end, the athletic department has noted that it wants to make a splash. And certainly this hire will do just that. Who is it? Scroll below. Oh yeah, and to give you a final hint: Rosey's OUT as quarterbacks coach. Levy stays, but Ron Powlus will be assuming the OC and QB coach duties from here-on-out. Here's our new fearless leader folks:

Can you feel the excitement??


fresh alumnus anyone? said...

Beano, damnit he's old as hell. 76 or something.

JEFF said...

What is the real deal.....are we actually going to hear something on Friday?

Sedihawk said... Tongue firmly in cheek here. Although Beano would be great in terms of Notre Dame's history and some Doba-esque quips, it wouldn't really, well, work.

That said, John L Smith is going to interview, according to the John L Smith For Head Coach Headquarters. Although it hasn't been scheduled, Smith's camp has said he will interview. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

the defensive coach from UCLA is named DeWayne Walker and he is GREAT. He made Karl Dorell actually look competent. The only unfortunate thing about him is his lack of HC experience.

QuoVadimus said...

Bad joke/stupid/not funny/who cares/your blog sucks/etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

did I leave anything out?

Sedihawk said...

No, that's pretty much everything. I guess you could look up some other bad things to say, like old MLB players did back in the 1890's:

longball said...

As i was scrolling down and the pic of Beano started to appear,i saw the white hair and glasses and thought it was going to be Phil Donahue.

BEANO! What a spectale that would be.