Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Answer at QB in '08

I want to be the first to request Coach Wulff also bring his QB, Matt Nichols with him to Pullman. I had the chance to see him in person this year and came away very impressed. He was Big Sky POY and probably would have got some looks as national POY with a more reliable receiving corps (imagine 4 Charles Dillons on the field at once.)

Nichols is a 6'2" Sophomore and finished the year 280 of 440 for 3,744 yards; 34 TDs and only 9 Picks. Granted, the competition would be a step up but he'd also be surrounded by better talent. Things that make you go hmmm...

Another name I would not be the least bit surprised to see pop up is Fritz Brayton. You may remember the story... Fritz is the grandson of Bobo and was a walk-on punter for the Cougs this spring. How a walk-on punter leaving the program slipped past my radar, I'll never know but I was surprised to see that he had resurfaced at EWU this year. He was killing it when I saw him warming up but Nichols actually handled the punts during the game. Not only was he (Nichols) a good QB, he can also punt. In fact, I actually saw a planned fake punt WORK! Obviously a punter is nothing to get excited about but given the embarrassing status of our special teams last year, perhaps it's something to consider.

It's going to be an interesting week as the coaching staff is finalized and these guys hit the recruiting trail. With the recruiting dead-period looming large, I have personally placed a call to Kelvin Sampson to give the new staff a few pointers on how to maneuver through that pesky NCAA rulebook.


Diek said...

With Levy getting the boot, what happens to the gray-shirt J.T.?

kaddy said...

Do we know if Levy is gone yet? Wulff said in the press conference that he would probably keep a couple of current assistants. We know about Bruiser staying - I would love to have Levy stay and coach the Receivers - he's shown he does that very well.

kaddy said...

Also, Wulff stated they will run a no-huddle, spread offense with balance between running and passing - pretty exciting stuff.

Zesty said...

Ditto McBoobie. Nichols showed alot of moxie in their App. St. playoff game.

I'm very excited to see our new no-huddle offense and hopefully it will keep defenses on their heels and guessing. Nichols at the helm in 'O9 might be a nice fit.

Sedihawk said...

How can they get Nichols? His numbers are impressive, but wouldn't he throw a year of eligibility away and be a senior if he went to WSU? Let's just let him be where he is and see what Wulff and Sturdy and the rest can do with what we already have on the team.

So....how can you be a Cougar and not love what he had to say today? Wulff just gets it and knows what it means to be one of "us". Aggressive offense (no-huddle, all the time? WOW!), aggressive defense, aggressive approach in recruiting, a general distaste for the color purple, etc, etc, etc.

"A dog barks and bites. A cougar attacks and kills."

How many times are we going to hear that quote over the coming months/years???

I heard Jack Thompson talking tonight, and he said he talked to his son Tony today. Before Wulff met with the team, he said they were pretty unsure and were in a wait-and-see mode. Apparently they had delusions of grander about who they were going to hire and there was some disappointment among some players when word leaked it was Wulff. But after the meeting? Fuhgettaaboutit. He hit an absolute HOME RUN and Thompson's kid said the passion was just oozing out of every pore. The quote was "they were just blown away by Wulff." How can you not like that?

I also heard Sterk on KJR tonight, and he really made it sound that they did their diligence, and without question Wulff was the right choice. What wasn't exactly known was that Wulff was the last of the 6 candidates who interviewed with the committee. Sterk said that each of the candidates they interviewed had some real positive aspects to them. But Wulff just blew them out of the water with what he presented to the committee. He had what ALL the other candidates had, combined, and they knew it was the right guy.

And, Sterk even admitted that going in, Wulff was considered somewhat of a "dark horse" because of the caliber of some of the guys they were talking to, but in the end, Wulff won this job. Wulff is already out on the road tonight, too, and they will be making contact with as many kids as they can for the rest of the week. Apparently the 4 or 5 assistants he's bringing with him have to get some sort of NCAA clearance before they can talk to recruits on behalf of WSU, but the green light should come tomorrow. But they are already on the road and just waiting for the go-ahead.

Good stuff fellas. We are rebuilding a true program in every sense. It might be some real growing pains, and this recruiting class is probably going to be underwhelming, but give it some time.

shooter said...

Why would Nichols leave a situation where he's a guaranteed starter and head into a 4 way competition? Especially when he'd have to take a year off?