Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Okay, Seriously

Sorry if I got some of you bent out of shape from the previous post. It seemed like we were reaching a point where some levity was in order.

Couple of quick hits:

First of all, IF REAL NEWS BREAKS ON THIS DEAL, then you will see on our header BREAKING NEWS. That's where you regulars can know that the crap detector can be turned off. So, look for BREAKING NEWS, okay?

Second, here is the summary of what we can expect from the perspective of the Brinkhater Army.

1) Sterk and company will NOT want to further handicap the rebuilding of the program under a new coach by stringing this out. Thus, the LONGER that the search takes, the more apt that Mike Price will be chosen as coach. Simply put, Price can weather a non-class. The others can't. I would look for there to a be a strong move in a couple of directions over the next week if Price is not the choice.

2) The other two candidates are Wulf and Gill. Wulf has the leg up in my book because of his ties to WSU, his experience as a head coach, his youth, and because if things went well he'd stay. Gill is a force to be reckoned with because he is a young, energetic and exciting coach. He also is African American which is extremely important--not only for the hire--but to have a strong minority candidate among the final pool.

So BRACE YOURSELF for some serious news within the next week or so. If it doesn't come, know that Price is coming home.

Have a great week


Anonymous said...

Mike Price is a TERRIBLE game day football coach. He managed to recruit 2 NFL #2 draft picks (Leaf and Bledsoe) and managed to lead that elite talent to 2 bowl games in their combined 6 years on campus. There should be no discussion of keeping Rosenbach, Levenseller or anyone from the current staff. Take note that there is NO ONE looking to hire these guys with all the openings around the country.

Also note that an "unnamed" WSU assitant told the Prosser Wideout on monday that he should sign with Washington and "kick our butt". Nice loyalty assholes. He committed to UW the next day

Sedihawk said...

How could you possibly know that nobody wants Rosey or Levy or anyone from the current staff! That's idiotic. They will all land somewhere, if they aren't retained by the new head guy. Have you not seen the kind of WR's that Levy has been coaching up in the last few years? See Hill, Jason; Bumpus, Michael; Gibson, Brandon.

That said, whoever suggested that Bruns should sign with UW is an idiot and shouldn't even be considered to wash towels for the next staff. That's pathetic.

Speaking of assistants, anyone think UCLA is in some trouble? Think about this for a second. They will only spend so much for a coaching staff. After they top-load their head guy, they won't have much money left over to fill out the staff. And, uh, have YA SEEN the cost of living in LA? Think about how far $200K would go for an assistant in Pullman, then think about LA. We have a serious leg up there.

Anonymous said...

Bledsoe went #1 ... sorry to nitpick.