Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Stepping Stone

Well, I hope that you all had the opportunity to check out the Spokesman today and Nick's slew of videos of the press conference.

If you want a quick summary in picture form, here it is:
You know, I have some members of family who are die-hard Buckeye fans who couldn't wait to see Cooper given the axe a few years back.
And so given their hype and speculation, I almost fell off my rocker when I heard that faithful day that they hired some no-name, sweater vest, pea-head from Youngstown State. I mean, what they hell were they thinking?
But then I saw the highlights on ESPNnews of his press conference, the IMMEDIATE proclamation that they were going to beat Michigan every year, the talk of National Titles, the vision for how the program was going to be run....And after you heard him, you just new that all Michigan fans out there were in a real world of hurt.
And so I doth say this before the Husky Nation on this faithful day: you BETTER win in the next couple of years, cuz if you don't, you will be forever LOCKED in the cellar of the Northwest schools.
Coach Paul is the real stinkin' deal, folks. A true, Crimson-blooded, leader of men. This team will fight, it will be fundamentally sound, and it will both outwill AND outscheme people. I can't wait for next year!
And remember: College Football more than any other major college sport is about coaching.
Why? Because there are not enough hours in the day for coaches and players to be able to prepare and adjust to what other teams can throw at them. In that way, the sheer amount of pressure that we are going to put on teams by running the no huddle is going to be overwhelming. Its simply a matter of time of indoctrinating players into the system.
But, in addition to this being the right hire across the board, this hire was about making a solid attempt for our beloved university to have a long-term solution to football. And that meant hiring a guy who wasn't going to either put his teeth in the glass in a few years or jump at the first MAJOR, MAJOR college opportunity that came his way.
Coach Paul (C.P.) is both young and committed. He is the only true solution to our programs needs and problems.
This was a shot that we absolutely had to take.
That all said, while we all need to be patient, this year is going to be absolutely critical for the program. Win this year as Hootie McBoob predicted that we will, and we will be able to collect a group of players NEXT year that will set this program in motion.
And we will.
I already love this guy.


Sedihawk said...

Great picture. Only difference is that Tressell won championships at Youngstown while Wulff was a winner, but not a champion. Then again, considering EWU, 54-40 is damn near a miracle. Then you consider those BCS paycheck games and that makes him all the better.

RUMOR right now - Broussard....and ROSEY will be joining the staff! The rest of them - Yarno, Levy, Burtnett, Peterson, the whole lot - are "free to pursue other opportunities." We'll see if there's anything to it.

kaddy said...

I sure hope that isn't the case. I think the other coach needs to be either Levy for Receivers or Yarno for OL. Rosey is a good person, but not a great coach, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brinkhater:

Alex Brink knows about you. In fact, he hates you.

You are the exact type of person that cost Bill Doba his job.

I hope you and you "other" fans are happy with yourselves

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the previous post.

You guys really should get rid of that Brinkhater guy.

He knows nothing about football and is bringing down your stupid blog.

If it was just the rest of you guys, you would be great..

Anonymous said...

I think that it is really unfair that you guys have used this platform to bash college kids.

Who do you think that you are?

You all should get rid of Brinkhater.

All of us on the football team hate him.

We HATE him

Anonymous said...

Anyone who reads this "WSU FOOTBALL BLOG" should know that everyone on the WSU football team hates Brinkhater.

Get rid of Brinkhater.

We all hate him.

Alex said...

Hey "Bloggers."

I've remained quiet for a long time, but now I no longer have to.

I have read your stuff pretty consistently throughout the years. And you know what? You don't know me and from what I've read from "Brinkhater" (what kind of name is that anyway, idiot?) you don't know anything about football.

You know nothing about what its been like in the Locker room, you know nothing about the dissention among the coaches, you have no idea what the hell you've been talking about.

So, now that everyone has lost their jobs, we have jerk offs like you to thank.

Everyone who has been a leader of this program has done everything.

But, it just isn't enough for you, is it "Brinkhater."

I'm just so disgusted I don't know what else to say.

But, I hope you enjoy seeing my name in the record book for the next 20 years.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

For all of you out there who need an outlet to voice your frustrations:

Its been there for a couple of years now.

For a good read about distinguishing between personal and quasi-professional commentary, check out my letter to Alex Brink in September.

For the rest of you, lets just get excited about 2008. I think that there's a lot to be excited about.

Alex said...

You know, a lot of us have finals tomorrow, so I want to end this.

I challenge all of you out there who read this blog, to flood this stinking comments box with what you think about this Brinkhater jerk.

Let Sedihawk and the others know that you want him taken out of this blog.

Tell everyone you know to post to get rid of Brinkhater.

He is NOT a Cougar.

Anonymous said...

I am going to do everything that I can to make sure that this happens.

I am going to try to get us to 500 posts to get rid of this guy.

Sedihawk and Mcboob. If we get to 500 posts by Monday will you kick Brinkhater off of the blog?

Will you?

Alex said...

I am dead set on this.

Its time for those of us who have worked hard on the program to stand up and expose this fraud for who he is.

We're going to get to the 500 posts by Monday and if Brinkhater is not removed from the Blog, then we will start contacting the media to out him.

This is a great blog, but it does not need him

Anonymous said...

Stl_Glenn, we need your help on this.

E-mail everyone you know.

Lets get Brinkhater and all of those stupid, offensive, and uninformed posts.

Lets get rid of him!!!!

Coug81 said...

What in the world are these posts about? This is a blog, for crying out loud. If you don't like what the bloggers are writing, stop reading this one and start your own. No one needs to defend Alex Brink, he's beaten the Dogs 3 out of 4 years and the last pass -- no, the last play! -- of his college career was for a touchdown to beat 'em again. Geez, can't we all just get along?

Alex said...

It's not right what it is that Brinkhater has been doing.

I've been silent, but I will not anymore.

Beating Washington, even with that last throw, would never be enough for a fat alumn loser like Brinkhater.

I took a lot as a player. And I kept quiet so not to offend my coaches and my teammates who weathered a lot when things were bad.

And now, its time to make sure that people are fair and that the program can move forward without a bunch of jerks bringing the program down.

500 posts to oust Brinkhater by Monday.

And yes, Brinkhater, you can "bank on it" that we're going to get this done.

We will embarrass you, you jerk

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you are the real guy or not, but I've always been a really big fan and admired you for all that you went through.

I kind of like this blog and have never posted, but if it is you, then I will e-mail my friends to try to support you.

Best of luck. I am sorry you didn't get to go to a bowl in your senior season. You deserved it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in this too.

Maybe we can contact Jim Moore.

I bet you he would love to add this to one of his columns, especially if its really you, Alex.

I think it would be funny cuz the whole blog has been pretty funny. But it would be a good lesson too that sometimes there's a line you can't cross.

And I think he has crossed it one too many times. Especially with that last post before this one.

Not cool.

Alex said...

I'm going to bed now.

But, I can already tell that we are going to get there.

And don't try to change the post, Brinkhater.

We are going to get to 500 posts. And when we do, you are going to know that you can't treat people like that.

We're going to do it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can post something to the Spokesman Review or something.

But I think it would be good to post something good for Coach Wulff also.

I think that would be good also.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brinkhater:

Your stupid letter was written in August of this year, not September as you snottily wrote above.

You big jerk.

At least know your own stupid blog.

Sedihawk said...

Anonymous/Alex, whoever you are: Brinkhater can speak for Brinkhater, but I can tell you he's a big part of what goes on here. Does he miss at times with the humor? Sure. We all do. Is he strongly opinionated about many things? Absolutely. But he's not afraid to share those opinions and really doesn't care what anyone thinks.

But he ain't heavy, he's my brother!

Seriously, if you hate him, just ignore him. He can leave if he wants to leave, but nobody is going to force his removal.

Jim said...

I like Brinkhater. And posing as Alex Brink on the Internet isn't cool and is likely a crime. I would watch out if I were you. I dont agree with everything brinkhater says, but he has the right to an opinion and to free speech. And it just so happens that more people agree with his opinion than dont.

Coug97 said...

If Alex is truly AB, this only confirms that he is the giant pussy I've always thought he is.

Hooty McBoob said...

mmmmmm...giant pussy...

Anonymous said...

haha! rofl. the last comment.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm not sure about this 500 post thing as I am just a simple lawyer who uses pen and paper, but I would think that if I got 500 posts to my website, I'd start soliciting advertisers.