Monday, December 10, 2007


Happy Monday, Cougar Nation. No fancy (or funny!) pics to this post. Hell, there aren't even any pictures.

But, as Sedihawk reported earlier on Sunday, the Price ain't right.

And so ends an era of Cougar football.

One can certainly argue that the Price era ended when he left, but that would be dismissing the HUGE contribution that Bill Doba made to that tenure.

After all, 1997 probably doesn't occur without that 1994 defense and the groundwork that was laid with recruiting as a result of that group.

Moreover, neither does 2001-2003 without the second wave of the Palouse Posse defense. That group, while not as nasty as the first, yielded several NFL players. Again, that was Doba's doing--an extension of the Price era.

That all said, while Price would have given us a chance to contend again, there's no saying that the next coach won't do better over the long haul.

And, as you will hear me rant and rave over the coming days, the next coach is about doing what needs to be done on the field: win the battle of the trenches.

So, with that in mind, the next coach MUST focus on the non-sexy and recruit the biggest, baddest linemen around.

Levy and company have made their living making non NFL wideouts do well in our beloved offensive system.

But this next tenure will be about building a line that can run block AND pass protect. And on defense, developing a group that can pass rush and pass rush some more.

That kind of toughness and relentlessness toward the "Hogs" is what will return us to upper division finishes on a regular basis.

And its hard to believe that that 'someone' is anyone but Wulfy or Gregory.

In that light, Nothing has shown me that an OU assistant is anything but chump change following the record of little Stoops at Arizona and Long at SDSU.

And there's no way that ANYONE is stupid enough to hire Smith.

Paul Wulf will be introduced as coach on Friday.


MattMcMullen said...

I have only been reading this blog since October but I have yet to come across anything that Brinkhater has ever been rigth about (except that Alex Brink was a terrible college quarterback)...2 examples of what I was supposed to "Bank on"

Greetings Cougar Nation...On the eve of a real who cares Football Friday (when our season is over, so is everyone else's), can you smell what the Cougar Athletic Department is cookin?

Yep, they're cookin' up Price Stew.

So, don't even spend your time thinking any more about it, barring HUGE changes in developments, just put this in the bank:


Just Bank on it.

Breaking the Code

Happy Monday to you, Cougar Nation!

Despite rumours to the contrary, Sir Brinkhater is back in action--at least for today anyway..So, before we get to the upcoming gloom fest known as game week, I wanted to take a second to speak toward Sterk's comments from this last wee.

First and foremost, for many, his comments are deeply troubling because they signal possible support for the return of Bill Doba as Head Coach next season.
But as Lee Corso says, "not so fast my friends."
What Sterk has intimated in these comments when you read between the lines is support for the existing STAFF.
So, here's the broken code for you all to chew on:
With that in mind, there are two real candidates for the position given those restrictions. The first is the obvious and best choice irrespective of the bridges burned upon exit #1:

(((mike price photo)))

Yep, Bring him back and as a part of the sweetheart deal, you promise to name the new Stadium after him...and honestly, why the hell not? He's only associated with the only real success that we've ever had, right?

But, of course, that ain't the way, we are going to, with the preceding restrictions in mind, I now introduce to you the next Football coach at the Washington State University:

(((Timm Rosenbach photo)))

Bank on it. I just hope that Alex Brink isn't the new offensive coordinator..

Sedihawk said...


Defending Brinkhater here - (4:59 AM McMullan? Up and at 'em).

Brinkhater is a smart cat. He's currently putting the wraps on his PHD and that isn't a walk in the park. In fact he SHOULDN'T EVEN BE POSTING RIGHT NOW (and he knows it)! But I digress.

Brinkhater was right about several things this year. He's been right about Brink since Brink was a sophomore. And in fact, you can count 12 very big things he was right on in 2007. That's right, he went 12-and-frickin'-0 picking the Cougs this year! That's better than anyone I saw this season, anywhere. In a season that was a complete seesaw throughout the nation, he had his finger on the pulse of this team. What more can you want out of a blogger who does this as a labor of love, nothing more?

One more thing on Brinkhater - like him or hate him, he always takes a position. He rarely if ever waffles, and his goal is to get a reaction. The worst thing you can do, as an artist, actor, writer, etc, is to not get a reaction. If someone goes to an art gallery and looks at a painting, and basically generates a collective "meh" without getting any feel, then the artist has failed. Brinkhater takes a position and doesn't look back. He wants you to love it, or he wants you to HATE it. That's just who he is.

And on this coach search deal, yes, we have one or two well-placed sources. But believe it when the general feel is that things are tight and/or secretive. Cougfan even admitted it yesterday, that the information just isn't flowing from the usual spots, and it appears the Spokesman has the best line in all of this. So while we have been getting some updates here, we also have gotten a lot of "it's REALLY quiet". We do a fair amount of speculating, and Brinkhater is no different with his view on Price. But he had some inside info that from the first day Doba was out, Price's name was high on the list and he was contacted. So he went with it.

/end rant.

TJ said...

I saw Wulff and his wife at the hoops game last night. I think we have our new coach.

AtlantaCoug said...

I get a kick out of people who get mad at 'speculation'. There was a jab aimed at you guys on the Spokesman Blog today too. This is a blog. Not the NY Times. A place to get gossip, a place to be heard, a place to discuss topics that we are all interested in (all things Coug). At least that is how I take it.

kaddy said...

You go, girl!