Thursday, December 06, 2007



Another Gutty victory for our Top 10 team. Man are these kids gutty. Man do I LOVE watching them play the game.

Couple late-night hits:

  • Gonzaga has a chance to be really, really good by the end of this year. That Daye kid is really going to be something and they STILL do not have Joshey. They could really be special by tourney time. REALLY special.
  • Baynes makes us a real force to be reckoned with, but he still leaves his feet too much on defense. If he keeps that up in Pac-10 play, a guy like Kevin Love will have him saddled with 3 fouls in the first 10 minutes. IF he can keep his feet better, he will still be a force defensively. And with his soft touch from the line, he will be a hero a couple of times this year.
  • Cowgill is a cool version of Mikki Moore. Long and lean with a nice midrange game. But Cowgill is much more physical. And he has hops to go with timing. What a nice player.
  • IF anyone can tell me who they have seen that recovers quicker than Kyle Weaver let me know who it is...I'd also like him to jack it up about 15 times a game over the next three. HE NEEDS that perimeter game to become the NBA pro that he should be.

But I tell you, Cougar Nation, after watching the last two games, our boys are seriously legit. As many of us know far too well, contenders ALWAYS have the way of breaking your heart. Whether or not its by coming back and stealing one at the end in a game you should have lost (e.g. Baylor) or the ability to sustain a late game surge in a game you should have won (Gonzaga) our boys come through with poise AND aggressiveness. Seriously, a top 30 team loses one if not both of those games. But not us.

The ONLY thing we lack is a reliable BIG TIME scorer. But, IF we could have a game where a couple of guys could get off (especially Baynes or Harmeling), we WILL beat anyone.

Enjoy this season, Cougar Nation. This is a once in a lifetime group of kids.


TomThumb said...

DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. Gonzaga is a team that loves to get up and down, especially in this building. It scored 97 against Washington here a year ago. On this night, the Zags scored their lowest total since a season-opening loss at Southern Utah, 71-47, 11 years ago. Gonzaga's 25.9 shooting percentage, on 15 of 58, was its lowest at least since a numbing NCAA first-round defeat to Wyoming (26.8) in 2002.

Nuss said...

It's funny -- I used the "enjoy this" line twice over at my blog, too. I think Coug fans know how to savor a good thing better than most, because it seems like our good things come around so less often.

Last night has got me more fired up than I ever could have imagined. That was a once in a decade kind of defensive performance. It was that good.


MattMcMullen said...

That was awesome. Guess Micha Downs plays for the 5th best team in the state. BTW since they would not play this game in the Spokane arena, we should play them next year in Bohler Gym...bring in some portable bleachers on the end of the court and make it a 5000 seat student only game. Gonzaga should go back to beating Portland state and shut the hell up about being a real program.

Anonymous said...

We are missing a true scorer yes, but not as huge as concern as depth in the post. We keep things low scoring so everyone contributing is sufficient. But with Stanford twins (or maybe just one), UCLA and few others, we may have issues with getting guys in to keep people off the boards.
Great win. I have been hoping to see Nic kick into gear, but fearful he has a couple of more months until he is confident in his knee (see Rochestie last yr). We Nic's agressive style of moving w/o the ball and attacking the basket.

Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) said...

The depth in the post is really a concern for us if and when Baynes gets into foul trouble. As is, the three man rotation with Cowgill, Harmeling, and Baynes is more than sufficient--especially considering that we don't ask our bigs to run the floor that much.

As is, Tony's strategy is to find Baynes in the post early and use him to pass out of the double team to an open shooter or take the ball to the rack and get to the line. Its pretty obvious at this point that he is doing that to get in order to give the guards and Weaver a bit more space.

What you saw last night from us was some of the same (BAD) tendencies that you saw at times last year: too may screens are set too low in the post which allows the defense too much space to recover. If you could go back and look at Low's two threes down the stretch against Baylor and you would see that the pick was set about 15 feet from the basket. So, the higher pick and roll is something we need to see more of--especially with Cowgill and Weaver.

Finally, I STILL wonder whether or not its a better bet to start Harmeling and bring Baynes off the bench. For whatever reason, it seems that Harmeling can establish more of a rhythm for himself offensively by getting in the game early. It also may help Baynes with early foul trouble.

And Finally (really this time), a BIG shout out to Taylor Rochestie who has shown himself to be the unquestioned leader of that group. The kid has moxy, toughness, and confidence in a way that I can't describe.

But I love it.

Again, enjoy this. Our basketball team is fricking #6 in the Nation!!!! We are a LEGIT contender for the Final Four.

Don't miss out on the fun.

longball said...

Dont pinch me! The cougar nation does not want to wake up from this dream.

Hey Ptown, your Joey Warmenhoven comment on the Shami Gill post over at Cougfan warmed my heart. Nice work brother!

JMNOR55 said...

Dear Matt,

You Coug fans should PIPE THE HE!@#$%^&* Down about Gonzaga being the 5th best team in the state. A program isn't built overnight. The reason why you guys got Bennett and the Huskies canned Bender is because Gonzaga eclipsed your teams.
Maybe your team and UW belong in the WAC as you can't make a bowl in football and South Florida, UConn, Rutgers and Indiana can.


Zag fan in Big 10 country
Let's see you beat some teams like North Carolina, Memphis, Michigan State or the Dukies.