Monday, November 26, 2007

Source: Doba Will Return; Gibson to the NFL?

Barring something unforseen, it appears the Bill Doba era is going to continue. The TNT's Todd Miles reported today that a source close to the program had this to say:

"A source close to the program said while athletic director Jim Sterk and Doba have maintained an amicable relationship, it is “president (Elson S. Floyd) who wants (the coaches) gone … but when he asked about it in the middle of the (season) and found out it would cost $2.8 million, he backed off.”

Not a shock. Might as well say it now, but the WSU Football Blog staff heard the exact same thing about 5 or so weeks ago, in regards to president Floyd. But I guess they decided to keep things as they are. Who knows, though, they can always change their mind if they can figure out the payout structure as something that we've speculated on all along in terms of taking several years to pay it off, but I don't know if that's going to happen now.

Doba also said that as of Sunday night, he HAD NOT SPOKEN TO STERK OR FLOYD, and was still scheduled to hit the recruiting trail on Monday. If they were going to let him go, wouldn't they say "Hey Bill, why don't you delay that trip of yours and swing by the office on Monday for a little chat."

Meanwhile, Howie Stalwick keeps it up, this time writing a long pro/con story on retaining Doba. Give it a read, it's worth your while.

Finally, the TNT's Todd Miles reports that Brandon Gibson has already submitted his name for the NFL draft. Great. I've been fearful of this for the entire season, and you can clearly see the NFL talent on that kid. Not so much the TD catch to win the game, but the slant that he took to the house on Saturday, where he split the safeties and just ran away from everyone, now that is a play that NFL scouts will drool over. He's already speculated as a 3rd-rounder by Rob Rang, and that's good for Gibson, bad for the Cougs. I wonder what sort of advice Jason Hill would give him right about now?? How about "GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!?!?"

I'm very interested to see how they spin this as a positive move towards the future. We'll be back after the Doba announcement for reaction/spinning/complaining/whatever. Happy Monday!


Σ (Rtist4merlyKnownAsBrinkHtr) said...

After JUST reading Miles' quote, its obvious that Doba will be back.

In terms of "is it a good thing?" Tis hard to know.

You look at the improvement of the D and the non-quit of the team and you can make a SOLID case that he should return. When you think about it, the only thing that DIDN'T improve until the last game was the Big Apple. Besides that, EVERYONE got much better.

But, if he IS going to return, Sterk better give him the through 2009 endorsement. I mean, take the whole issue of his job OFF of the table. That way, the Oregons of the world can't continue to contaminate recruiting with all of that whispering.

That all said, best of luck with the stadium expansion. I'm bettin' money that Gipson doesn't go--unless the crop of Juniors is really good. He still doesn't stand to make a team.

Anonymous said...

Found this on the, via Vince:

• One thing I can share about Doba is he's in his Bohler Gym office and meeting with assistant coaches. He's met with athletic director Jim Sterk this morning. Other than that, I'm not sure of anything.

So connecting the dots, he's been told it's status quo and the assistants now know, and then it's off to hit the recruiting trail.

Sedihawk said...

WSU Schedules Press Conference to Discuss Cougar Football

Pullman, Wash. – Washington State University has scheduled a 4:30 p.m. press conference today, Nov. 26, to discuss the future of the Cougar football program. The press conference will be held in the Bohler Athletic Complex Camp Room, located on the second floor. WSU Director of Athletics Jim Sterk and WSU Head Football Coach Bill Doba will be in attendance.

Note - just because Doba will be there doesn't really show a whole lot. A lot of times coaches are fired and htey are there. Look at coach Fran at A & M on Saturday, AFTER BEATING TEXAS no less.

We'll have reactions to the announcement tonight. Based on what we've heard, even today, I would lean heavily towards Doba coming back. But we'll see what they say at 4:30!

Nuss said...

Dobes is gone.

Not sure how I feel about this. An Apple Cup win can carry a lot of momentum, I think. It'll be interesting to here what Sterk has to say. I especially don't really want to lose Levy and Yarno -- I think they're both among the best in the biz.

Anonymous said...

Doba is gone... daily evergreen announces it.