Monday, November 26, 2007


Alright, Cougar Nation, I know its been a long day.

I know its been an emotional ride following the season, the Apple Cup victory, and now Doba's departure.

And I know, dear Big Apple, that losing your coach was hard on you today, and I'm glad you stood up for him, but do you think you could allow Brinkhater to forever rest? In other words, would you stop with your news conference stuff and just go away?

Sorry, I digress.

Now, speaking of Mr. Price, there are good reasons why he should not be the man. The BIGGEST of the reasons pertains to the same issues surrounding Doba. Namely, what is the succession plan? Given Price's age, how long would he want to do it? And who would he hand the program off to when he left?

Those, dear Crimson faithful are good questions.

But, can we spare the other comments about needing new blood?



My god, we wanted Doba gone cuz he couldn't lead us to a bowl, and we don't want Price back because he went 4-8 at a second rate school in the middle of the Sun Bowl? Come on.

So, please, lets be a bit more heady than what we've been so far. If there's a dynamite guy out there that can:

A) Win


B) Stay

Then I am ALL FOR IT.

But don't, Cougar Nation, look a gift horse in the mouth.

We are WSU and what we don't need is to forget what Price did here: The Unthinkable.


MattMcMullen said...

Sorry for forgetting that we had the most talented team in the Pac-10 in '01 '02 and '03 and lost all 3 apple cups and only went to 1 Rose Bowl in those 3 years. Sorry if I aspire for our school to aspire to more than a Sun Bowl every 4 years--which you are publicly calling for. When are we going to shed this stupid inferiority complex and open our eyes. In the era of 40-some bowl games and limited scholarships Oregon St can go to a bowl game 6 of 7 years. So can we. So SHOULD WE. Demand excellence people.

There is no need for a $40 million stadium upgrade that houses 5-7 teams.

Sedihawk said...

The view on Price just isn't such a slam dunk. Yes, we reached great heights with the guy, and we'll never forget that. But it wasn't a perfect marriage, and when he did finally leave, don't forget that he wasn't the happiest coach on the planet. He wasn't happy with Sterk, for various reasons, bitching about things small and large, including salaries, bowl ticket allotments, you name it. He was ready for something new and cashed that lottery ticket after 2002. Also don't forget that before Alabama, he flirted with UCLA after Toledo was canned. Remember how he announced at practice that he "wasn't going to leave for the UCLA job" and everyone was like "huh?" He was talking to UCLA behind the scenes the whole time.

And the way he handled his exit was one of the most disgraceful, selfish acts by an outgoing coach that we'll ever see. He used the Rose Bowl moment as an infomercial of his taking the Oklahoma job. In reality, the Rose Bowl should be a game, but also a celebration for the SCHOOLS that are there. It's the biggest national exposure we could get, playing on New Year's day in the Rose Bowl. That's WASHINGTON STATE'S MOMENT in the sun. Not for a coach to tout in cut-in interviews about how he's taking this show to Alabama!

But we'll see if we're serious about bringing him back. Rumors have very strong interest in bringing Price back among the big-money donors, and if they promise a certain dollar amount if Price is brought back? We'll see.

The other thing is yes, everyone has ideas on who the new coach should be. That's totally and completely normal, especially the day of the firing/mutual decision/whatever. But I think on day one, it's natural to see every name under the sun mentioned in one form or another! I've seen every name imaginable, from Jerry Glanville to Jim Mora Jr to John L Smith to Scott Lineham, I mean the names list is a mile long. But that's always the case in the beginning. Let's just see who turns up after a few days of this, and that list gets put together by Moos and Sterk and then starts to get worked.

Anonymous said...

I think letting Doba go was stupid. He was a good coach and good guy. Who knows who we'll get next, a Tyrone Willingham, who cant win anywhere. how about Rick Newheisle who single-handidly destroyed two programs. Good luck all Cougs.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sarkisian...Steve Sarkisian...Steve Sarkisian

Steve Sirkisian would run the West coast offense, where speed ( not size) is most tangible, which happens to be our strong suit , he has name recognition (USC Quarterbacks coach) protege of Norm Chow, offered Raiders... job declined it ( shows smarts and forthought...and not about the money) and would be able to recruit in this area due to these intangibles.

WSU '04...Go Cougs!!!

Sedihawk said...

Sarkisian is a must-preview guy and I'm sure one of us will be writing about him shortly. All the reasons you list are outstanding and the guy could be great. I just doubt we can get him for what we're going to offer. I mean the guy turned down the NFL? He's got to have his sights set higher than turning around WSU wouldn't you say? He'll probably be up for NFL jobs again this year. And who knows, if/when Carroll finally has done enough at SC and wants to try the NFL one more time, Sarkisian would likely be right at the top of Mike Garrett's list. No he wasn't about the money the Raiders were going to give him, but some would argue, today, that being on Pete Carroll's staff is a better gig than working for Shorty Stink-a-lot (Al Davis)!

Anonymous said...

Doba was NOT a good coach....and I have no idea if he was "NICE" but my sister is NICE and she should not be the head coach anywhere...

Ty W. is bringing that program around....why the hate of Ty is beyond me...he is a class act and I very much respect him...

have you forgotten the fake punts?...have you forgotten leaving Brink out there to play at Auburn after Rogers had immediate success?

this guy had to go....glad he was available after the Price debacle but he should never had a long contract...

good bye to the old and welcome the new....WSU needs a change...