Sunday, November 18, 2007


First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to All Cougar Faithful! Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable start to this Holiday Season!

As a part of our Holiday season kick-off, we are going to give thanks to those who made headlines this last week by Laying some Big Fat Stinkin’ Eggs!

My first award goes to the RAVING die-hards of the University of Oregon who were kind enough to show once again their true Ducky spirit and intellect following the nice oval, brown one they laid in Tucson on Thursday Night. In fact, because of their thoughtful comments and questioning, Brinkhater decided to dedicate much of this post to providing a quick Q&A with his new Duck Fan Club!

(In case you were wondering, here’s a photo of my new (and only) Best Friends):

Quacker-Baby #1 (that’s Brinkhater-ese for Anonymous): I'm loving the crow pie the writers of this blog get to eat for a while, after the drubbing by the Beavs, and for saying the Ducks are being babies for losing to Arizona without our QB. Nice.

Quaker-Baby: Hard (chomp! chomp!) to write (chomp! Chomp!) when my mouth (gulp of suds, Chomp! Chomp!) is full of:


You see, my new good buddy, Brinkhater is 11-0 on picking the Coug’s fortunes this year... But, hey, even though you were wrong about my need to eat Crow, no hard feelings, right?! Hell, now that I think of it, give me a call sometime. At the very least, I’d love to talk to someone from a different school who is also about to lose their rivalry game!

Quacker-Baby Sid Wicks: Brinkhater, How old are you? You are as bad as AZ fans cheering for the injury. Are you kidding me? I am not going to make excuses for how poorly UO played after the injury - it was horrible. But to joke about it is pathetic.Plus, do some research, realize that DD was not our only injury. Try this:Starting RB, WR's #1,2,3..I'm wasting my time. try to be mature, edit your previous post.

Sid (which amazingly is “Dis” spelled backwards): Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Many people have asked me about my age over the past couple of years on this Blog. Truth be told, I started this blog with my Uncle Sedihawk when I was fourteen years old. Now, I’m 19—although people think I’m pretty mature for my age. Here’s my picture. Maybe we can start a page together on in the near future?

Quacker-Baby #3: First of all Brady Leaf does not have a ton of big starts "BrinkHater." Way, off there. To make fun of a team that has been injured beyond recognition is classless and sad. WSU whould know what it is like to have a season blown by injury say 2006? I am disappointed and you should be embarrassed and ashamed by your actions. And Enjoy losing to the lowly Beavers, you are already losing don'tyaknow?

First of all, new buddy, why “WHOULD” I do anything at this point BUT apologize? And you are right, I am totally 110% ashamed of myself. Even though it’s hard to say I’m sorry, I really am sorry. Terribly sorry. Boy, am I sorry.

I mean, how could I make fun of a team that has suffered as much as the Ducks? And what suffering! I mean, when I watched that first College GameDay from Eugene, I cried harder than a soccer mom watching “Terms of Endearment.” Then, when I had to sit through the sequel when GameDay came to Eugene for the second time, I cried even harder! What pain! What suffering! What agony!

Truthfully, if I were to do it all again, I wouldn’t have made a joke about Dennis Dixon looking like Lamar in Revenge of the Nerds.. I mean, if I had known how sensitive your little downy feathers were, I would have NEVER done something like that. I’m also sorry about exaggerating about Brady Leaf. Because, after all, you are absolutely right, he never has played very much. For some reason, I thought that Leaf had gotten SIGNIFICANT playing time for the past three seasons. I’m sorry I was wrong…Can we still be friends?????

Also: I’m terribly sorry about the comment/post where I said something like “when things are good, you act as if you’re the greatest program ever, but when things are bad, it’s fire up the excuse machine.” Totally wrong, my mistake, I’ll make sure to make some edits on that cuz you and your coach NEVER do that….

Also, Also: I totally forgot that after your win against USC, ALL of your fans, players, and coaches were saying that the win didn’t mean much because it came against their second string QB. In fact, now that I think about it, it was really remarkable that NO Oregon fans taunted USC at all following that one. I mean, how weird was that?

And you know, it’s pretty sad that USC didn’t blame that loss on the fact that John David Booty couldn’t play. I mean, thank GOD that those Conquest-Drubbing-Losers aren’t my friends.
I like you guys SO MUCH better!


Wow! Before 4:00 on Saturday, I thought Lloyd Carr would occupy that spot. But man, little Alex, SIX PICKS?

But lest you fret about it, little Alex, look at it this way. If Gary Rogers had the same number of attempts as you in this game, he damn near would have thrown 45 picks on Saturday! So, you alright!

So, we’re down to ONE MORE GAME with you kid. And I can’t lie, come Saturday at 7:00, I’ll have many tears in my eyes.
After all, who “WHOULDA” thought that time could fly……… fast…

Have a great week!
P.S. Enjoy eating the “Jake” (the male turkey) on Thursday, cuz he’s gonna run all over us on Saturday…


Anonymous said...

This might be my favorite pic of Brink. The reason why is it illustrates just how terrible his mechanics are. How tall is Brink, 6'3"? How tall is he in this pic, 5'8"? Keep in mind he is a fourth year junior here, nice work Rosey.

As much as I want to punch myself in the nuts for saying this, the Dawgs are going to beat us like a drum.

longball said...

Saturdays game will live forever alongside the 2000 Apple Cup as one of the greatest lay down and die jobs in Coug history. Did we have any players quit the team at halftime?

I'm impressed that you have such a quacktastic following! The insufferable Ducks fans keep reinforcing my decision to always root against them, including when they play UW. Yep, i said it. They have become much worse than the Fuskies. Its becoming a yearly ritual to hear the Ducks prematurely annoint themselves national champs, then when those pipe dreams are smothered we have to hear them cry on and on about how mean everyone is to them. Booo hoo. I love that the ducks came here to basically proclaim that celebrating their loss this week is classless because it was some kind of tragedy. wow.

So let me get this straight Quacktards: Because of Dennis Dickson's injury and the millions of others your poor lil team suffered, instead of cheering my ass off as Arizona beat you, i should have politely and reverently bowed my head in silence? you guys are really something. I still havent stopped celebrating your loss, and if it took a bunch of injuries to make it happen, then yippee for that too. Your program, and your fans, deserved it.

Sedihawk said...

Brinkhater, fantastic post. In tough times, we ALL must laugh at ourselves and each other, and that goes for the yuck fans. I'm proud that you aren't ashamed to post your picture or tell people how old you really are, you moronic sophomore you. Uncle Sean is proud to call you nephew today. :)

Great pic of the 5'8" delivery. It brings back a strong memory I have of Brink. I still remember his sophomore year in 2005, where I was watching one of those ESPN shows. Ron Jaworski was breaking down the mechanical flaws of Michael Vick, and showed that with one throw he wouldn't step into it and the ball would sail with zero touch. The next throw he would over-stride and he would drop down - like Brink in that pic - and the ball would not only flutter and lose accuracy, but he would seriously lose velocity, and we all know Vick has a rocket of an arm. So most of all, a player like Brink who has an average set of tools as it is, his mechanics have to be nearly flawless for him to play well. Anyway, I then proceeded to watch the 2005 game at Martin Stadium against the yucks, and sure enough, I paid extra attention in just watching Brink throw the ball after watching a show like that. It was shocking how bad his mechanics were. Not like he's got some sort of huge, noticeable hitch, or not like he throws it like Bernie Kosar, but he really did drop down and overstride a ton. There was one play in particular where he rolled out (what's new), and threw a fluttering, dying quail into the flat with no velocity or accuracy. They showed an end-zone replay of it, and it was one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. If I can spot this with my untrained eye after watching a show on ESPN, how the coaches have either let not seen it or knew about it all along and just let it slide, I'll never understand. How this kid threw for over 10 K and 70+ td's in his career is nothing less than a minor miracle given his mechanics and talent level!

Maybe it is just more testimony on how Brink really has been THE problem all along, and the players around him made him better than he ever was? And the skill position guys and offensive line were so good that they elevated him to something he really wasn't? I don't know, but I think we'll be sifting through the wreckage of the crash that this program has become over the last 4 seasons.

Anonymous said...

Sedi - I think that is exactly right. Beyond the fact that Harrison ran wild - Hill, Gibson, Bump, these guys have been making unreal catches, pulling balls that were in the dirt, woefully underthrown, or out-jumping defenders for deep balls thrown up for grabs. Those guys are the reason for Brink's numbers.

On an unrelated note, I just saw the story in the PI regarding Tony Harris, sad day. I remember watching him tear it up in 94', that was a great team, he'll be missed.


Sedihawk said...

This whole Brink thing has been hard on me. I defended him as much as possible last year, but there's very few left on Brink Island after this year. Oh well, this too shall pass, and there will soon be no more whining about the QB, and possibly the coaching staff. Control-Alt-Delete is your friend! :)

Tony Harris - sounds like a terrible, terrible story and one that has some ugliness to it that we may never fully know. He was a huge part of that 94 tourney team, but the bigger loss is that his wife is due next month with their first child. Sad, sad story.

Sedihawk said...

This whole Brink thing has been hard on me. I defended him as much as possible last year, but there's very few left on Brink Island after this year. Oh well, this too shall pass, and there will soon be no more whining about the QB, and possibly the coaching staff. Control-Alt-Delete is your friend! :)

Tony Harris - sounds like a terrible, terrible story and one that has some ugliness to it that we may never fully know. He was a huge part of that 94 tourney team, but the bigger loss is that his wife is due next month with their first child. Sad, sad story.

Anonymous said...

absolutely right about Brinks' numbers being "good" because of the terrific players that covered for him....I defended him up and until the USC game last year.........if you really watched, really analyzed that game, Brink only did enough to stay close...he could have made just a few more completed passes in that game, and we would have won.....

but folks......he is not the major problem....he has played hard and worked hard...its not his fault that his skill levels are what they are......he probably has overachieved as it is....

the real problem is WHY HE WAS SELECTED and why he was KEPT ON as our qb when we could have very well been working up another qb all these years...

Rogers would have done no worse and at least we could have seen someone with a strong arm....

there is a secret about Doba and Rosie and Brink that we must not know.....there is no obvious reason why AB has been kept the starter....none at all....

I don't know what the "secret" is ....if there is one...but I would love to find out....

at this point does anyone besides me think that Doba has actually tried to lose games for us?......going for it when you're already down at midfield?...I don't get it...

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the problem isn't Brink, it's the staff. The obvious point in the linkage of BD/TR/AB is that Rosey recruited Brink, Rosey calls the plays (I still haven't figured out what the hell Levy's take on all this is), so he's trying to leave his mark, and is reluctant to admit he chose the wrong guy. That all makes sense.

But the real problem is Doba doesn't have the wherewithal as a HC to make the tough decisions, like telling your OC that his plan isn't working, time to try out a different direction. As far as the fake punts and stuff like that, I have no idea who is making those calls, but they ought to be fired on the spot. Gambling is one thing, there is a time and place obviously, but some of these calls are mind boggling in their stupidity.


Nuss said...

I'll be at the game on Saturday, and I'll be celebrating around 7:30 p.m. no matter what the outcome of the game is.

In a way, I felt really bad for him on Saturday. It's not his fault he's not very talented, and that the coaching staff hitched their wagon to him. He really has made the most of his limited tools, and he still sucks. The ending to his college career was so poetic, it's almost hard to believe it wasn't scripted.

Sedihawk said...

Hey Nuss, good point. Saturday at 7:30 will hopefully be cause for celebration for multiple reasons, but we'll see. I think no matter what we'll be happy with something. And man, to have Brink go out like that at home really is sad. Other than giving a 19-year old pencil neck like Brinkhater a lot of "told you so" moments, I can't imagine many people got any joy out of seeing Brink fall apart.

Nuss said...

I actually found myself rooting for more interceptions. The thing was so absurd. I wanted everyone to see once and for all why none of us who actually watch them play on a regular basis can't stand the guy as a quarterback. At least he didn't pull a classic "blow the game then pile up 400 yards trying to pass his team back into it."

The funny thing is that I was one of his most staunch supporters for 2 1/2 years. I really thought I was seeing some progression, and wanted to give him and coaches the benefit of the doubt. But about halfway through last year, I realized he was going to be what he always was, and that it was never going to really change. And THAT'S why I would get so mad at the situation -- I wasn't hating on him, per se, I was hating on the coaches for not seeing the same things we all saw.