Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hooray for Bill Moos!

No matter what happens, all I can say is THANK YOU OREGON for giving Moos the boot and promoting some prominent "yahoo" booster to be your A.D. With quotes like this, how can we not feel fortunate that Moos is acting as the headhunter in all this?? From Blanchette's column today:

By Monday evening, Moos had been in contact with nearly a dozen potential candidates.

"I honestly feel this is a prime opportunity to seize the moment and get a jump on the Huskies," Moos said. "Both programs are down. At Oregon, when we went after the Huskies, they were winning and it was a major challenge. This is maybe a time to step in with the right person who has charisma and energy, both for recruiting and to help get the stadium finished."

This is, Moos insisted, Sterk's process and decision.

"But I've had first-hand experience – from Jim Sweeney to Jackie Sherrill to Warren Powers to Jim Walden to Mike Price," said Moos, who after his playing days, rose to become assistant athletic director at WSU. "I think I've got a pretty good feel for those who might want to be one-year wonders or someone who has an interest in the place, can adapt to it or has been there before and won't look down his nose at Pullman or eastern Washington. Because he's got to make a good, solid sell to recruits and fans."

We are, officially, not screwing around here. I trust Sterk and Floyd, rightly so, as the hirings of the Bennett's plus June Daugherty have been strong. And it's hard to really call Doba Sterk's hire, really. The program needed a "Steward" at the point that Price quit on us, and at the time it was the perfect marriage that just didn't work out long-term. Short term, perfect, long term, not so good. But to have Moos come out and say that not only is he going to filter through the coach-speak bullsh*t on who will want be here long-term, but to come out and say "we're trying to seize the opportunity to jump on a down Washington program"?? WOW! That's music to our ears, wouldn't you say? Why not come out and say something like that? Let's get after this thing and make a hire that will get the buzz overflowing again.

There's tons of links today, including lists of candidates, etc. For that stuff, go to Vince's latest blog entry. As far as what we're up to? Hey, we're full of speculation too and we're hearing crazy rumors just like anyone else. But for now, we'll let the dust settle a little bit and we'll see who emerges, and then we'll post more thoughts on what could be considered the true candidates. Let's also not forget one other big thing. There's some really, really prime-time jobs out there right now - Michigan, Nebraska, Arkansas among others - and there's likely more to come, including right here in the Pac-10 if UCLA pulls the plug on Dorrell, or if villagers burn down Montlake in protest to another last-place finish at UW. So while we've got wild lists and ideas, so do a lot of other schools, with quite frankly, better jobs available. But hey, again, Moos is showing some onions already in this, so HOORAY for Bill Moos and thank you Oregon!


Anonymous said...

It should be noted that MP left Doba behind to be the HC at Wazzu and insisted that Doba be hired as the next guy.
MP loved Wazzu and he believed, right or wrong, that Doba was the best guy to carry on what he had established.

Nuss said...

I love this stuff from Moos. I remember Walden saying one time that he used to ask his kids, "What have you done today to beat Washington?" That's the kind of attitude we need. It always just seemed like whether it was under Price or Doba, there just wasn't a sense from the players that they ever truly believed they were better than Washington.

The Huskies players always have this arrogance -- deserved or not -- that says, "We are better than Wazzu, and always will be." I feel it in basketball, and I want to feel it in football. Let's seize this opportunity, as we're doing in basketball.

Sedihawk said...

You are right Ptown. But did you know that initially, Price did ask Doba to go with him, but Doba turned him down? Then when they met with Sterk, Price recommended him. So Price WAS going to try and take as many as he could with him.

The more I think about Price, the less I think it's going to happen. I could be on board with a Price hire if it's a Bennett situation, where there's a succession plan when we're in exactly the same spot we are now in 5 years, when Price is 67 and the rumors of him stepping down are out there.

But I love the fire of Moos right now, exactly like Nuss is saying. Why be shy or timid about the situation? This program needs a real motivating move right now. However it ended with Dobes, even he couldn't answer the tough recruiting questions. Just think, if they had stayed status quo and we suffered through another 5-7 or 4-8 next year, where would we be as a program? We'd be in much, much worse shape than we are today. It's always better to trade a player a year too early vs. a year too late, and in this situation, it was better for Dobes to go now rather than later.

This is the moment for Sterk and Moos to put their heads together and make a hire that will grab everyone's attention - even the guys over here on the wet side of the state!

Anonymous said...

Anybody know who brought Moos in?

Ever since he left UO I've been hoping that he would find his way into the AD job. So naturally I'm curious to see if it was Sterk that called or someone else...


Anonymous said...

So you are waiting to see the list get trimmed to the real candidates before you will write about them? Umm...why should we care what you have to say? Who are you guys anyway. If you are just going to report news that is already out there then why am I here? I am here for rumors and speculation and if you wont' provide then I'll get it at cougfan.

Sedihawk said...

Thanks for the kind words anonymous. So I guess you are looking for a full preview on every name floated? There are like 30 different guys that have been mentioned in various articles. That would be a collassal waste of time, and yes, we have JOBS too. But whatever. Enjoy cruising message boards and starting rumors.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, just keep doing what you are doing. I read you every day and look forward to it. funny + intelligent > message board morons any day. So did you guys know who started this?


That must be the site Doba was crying about when he said the 'internet was trying to fire me'.


Sedihawk said...

No idea on firedoba.com. Never knew it existed until now. Actually it looked pretty tame to me, compared to some of the stuff that you hear is out there.