Friday, November 16, 2007

Football Friday, Week "WHAAAAAAA! WHAAA!"

Happy Football Friday, Cougar Nation!......

And how about the game last night, Duck Nation?

Maybe if Dixon was on the field more and doing less of the "Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds Doin' the Limp Wristed Javelin Toss Thing" then things would have been different for you. But, even with the Bye week, you did EXACTLY what Belotti coached teams do: YOU GOT TIGHT. Sorry little Duckies, despite your purported greatness, you now sit with two FAT L's to teams that have a combined TEN losses..Too bad, so sad. "Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh OVER-RATED..duh-duh-duh-duh-dun OVER-RATED"

In regards to Cougar Bowl hopes, have no worries Cougar faithful. As of right now, we have the following teams bowl eligible: Oregon, USC, ASU, CAL, and Oregon State. That's it. If the Beavs lose out, they are 6-6. UCLA WILL lose out and won't be eligible. Arizona becomes bowl eligible with a win against ASU, but that ain't gonna happen either. So the bottom line is that we have six bowl slots AND even if the Quack hadn't choked last night, they weren't going to the National Championship anyway.....Now, will that cost us an extra BCS slot? Maybe, but it won't matter for us.

So, let's focus on this weekend's constest with the Chipmunks, er, Beavers. And perhaps it won't surprise you that this is a tough call.

Similar to the Ducks, Brinkhater has been staring all week at Week 11, with a PERFECT 10-0 mark in predicting the fortunes of this year's Cougar football team. Can I hang on? Can I have the perfect season of Cougar prognostications?? (Sedihawk is also perfect, I believe, and his pick diverges from mine).

Here's Brinkhater's take:

1) The Beavs will NOT be able to muster much offense in this game. If you compare the Beavs to Stanford offensively, you can see that OSU is MUCH better with the run game and not as good in the passing game (although the line is GREAT). For that reason, with the improved play of the defense, you have to think that the max that the Beav offense will muster in regard to touchdowns is two: That's 14 points in Brinkhater math.

2) SPECIAL teams will be huge. For Brinkhater, Serna is one BIG key to the game--as well as how we play kickoffs. If we put the Beavs on the 40 or 45 after each score of ours, we will make it easy for them to chip at us because Serna's range is so fantastic. For Brinkhater, I am thinking two to three fieldgoals from Serna are probable. So, add 9 to the 14, and you have the MAX number of points that OSU will score on Saturday: 23.

3) So, the key to the game will be the offense. OSU's D is pretty stout against he run, and they love to GAMBLE against the pass. That means that the quick hitch to the TE and pass protection for the long ball will be key for us (and Alex, do you think you could hit a deep ball for six ONCE in conference play this year?). Simply put, we need three touches and a field goal. 24 points wins it plain and simple.

Can we do it?

Without sounding lame, either we will or we won't. Brinkhater has waited all season for little Alex to have the type of breakout game that he had against Oregon and UCLA last year. You know, the kind of game that four year starters are supposed to have.

That said, a big part of Brinkhater "the fan" is feeling a BIG day four the Cougar Nation tomorrow: Like a 38-17 ROUT that will set up a very nerve-filled Apple Cup week.

But, with a 10-0 record in tow, Brinkhater can't be a fan. I have to go with the same pea brain instincts that have yielded this perfect campaign:

Cougs lose a close one: 20-17 as Romeen finishes another episode of 20 feet wide left.

Other game:

CAL 28 UW 17. But nobody cares, right?

Enjoy the game.


Sedihawk said...

Nice call on the picture! Keep it up, pictures just add so much to every post.

And, you are right on one thing - AZ is probably going to lose to ASU. Everyone called AZ to beat the Devils last year, with the Koetter controversy, AZ was white-hot, and it was at Tucson, yet ASU topped 'em. And, I also believe UCLA is ultimately going to lose out. The pressure will be off Oregon now, and they'll devise a better game plan around Brady Leaf and they'll beat UCLA. Then USC gets revenge-city, and UCLA finishes 5-7. So there you go. Still, with Oregon losing, we're likely looking at only one BCS representative, so if UCLA or Arizona get to 6 wins, it'll make things pretty dicey...IF WE WIN OUT that is!

But first things first, we have business to tend to before we can even make this an argument. Oh, and no, I'm not perfect on WSU this year. I picked UCLA (I STILL can't believe I missed on that one!). However, if I must pat my own back, I will for last week's OSU - UW game. I picked 33-20, OSU, but I also wrote this:
"You have to wonder how many more big hits Locker can withstand, and believe it, the Beavers will attack him from all angles." SPOOKY! :)

Ok, this week - One thing that hit me this AM is that EVERYONE IS PICKING US TO WIN THIS GAME! Harmon Forecast on, Ted Miller at the P-I, Bob Condotta of the Times, Vince at Spokesman, and today the "Dixie Dynamo" on KJR, the weekly oddsmaker, said WSU wins and covers easily.

For X's and O's, I look at it this way - the defense is playing a lot better, we know that. But for OSU, Moevao is still a major work in progress. And that's being kind. If we can somehow slow their ground game and put the game into his hands, we've got them right where we want them. And I think with the suspensions, we might see an offensive explosion out of Brink that we haven't seen since, well, last week. :)

In the end, one big thing that I think we'll see? Emotion. Consider these factors:

1) Last home game for a lot of seniors, including Brink, Bump, Collins, Byrd, and Ropati, Johnson, Abdullah and Mullennix on the other side.
2) Bowl eligibility still on the line for us, while OSU has for all intents and purposes clinched a bowl bid given how 6 wins is enough in the Pac-10 this year. 3) OSU coming off a big emotional win at home, and then they have a bye next week before the big Civil War. Might they peek ahead, just a little? Nah, 18-19-20-21 year olds NEVER peek ahead or let down, do they??
4) And now they hit the road, where they are 1-4 and will, of course, be missing a couple of key DB's for the first 30 minutes.

Add it all up? The experts are right, WSU really SHOULD win this game. But if they don't? Then this team never deserved a bowl in the first place. In a game that I think the Cougs will start fast and then hang on for dear life, I'm going WSU 26, OSU 23.

Other games:

UW 31, Cal 27 - Cal is, officially, out of gas and sputtering towards the finish. The USC loss was them dropping their last load. UW will rally around Bonnell, who might complete 10 passes but 4 of them will be for, like, 80-yard TD's. Luckiest. QB. EVER.

One more bonus in a lighter-than-light Pac-10 slate:
Michigan 30, Ohio State 28 - Lloyd Carr goes out with a Big-10 title and finally an elusive win over the hated buck-nuts. Then stand back and watch as the Les Miles-to-Michigan rumor machine gets set to HIGH.

Anonymous said...

You shoud see the OSU 101 story at Cougfan, sheesh. Mistakes abound. You guys rule and where I go for my Coug news. Emotion is huge in ncaa sports and you got it right, beavers will be flat as Colista Flockhart. Cougars win it big, 38-13.

Sedihawk said...

Ah, cut a break! That's a labor of love for those guys. I did see a few mistakes though, of course I had to look. Beating USC this year? Didn't happen. A few spelling errors too, but oh well. They do a great job otherwise. I just hope the prediction is right!

longball said...

Hey now, anonymous, you cant slam Cougfan and then poach their Colista Flockhart joke in the same post!

Sedihawk said...

Good catch Longball, I didn't even notice that until I re-read Howie's story at Cougfan. You've just got to love the anonymous comments!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Criticizing Oregon for a loss after a key injury and then going on to explain that you need other teams to "lose out" just to go to a bowl game. Pathetic.

Brinkhater said...

Typical response from the Nation of Belotti's crying little babies...when things are right, you are the greatest program ever. When things are wrong, its excuse central.

Bottom line: Brady Leaf has a TON of big starts under his belt. You lost to a 6 loss team and have two fat Ls against teams that have a total of 10 losses.

You have marvelous talent, but once again just could not get it done.

Sorry Oregon, you're just not the big time program that you think you are.

Hope the landing back down to earth doesn't hurt too much, you little pansies.

Anonymous said...

Bellotti's record after a bye week: 14-2.

53-7, son. 80-0 if we keep the starters in all game. Go back to your place. You are an embarrassment to your school.

Did I mention FIFTY-THREE to SEVEN?

Sid Wicks said...

How old are you? You are as bad as AZ fans cheering for the injury.
Are you kidding me?
I am not going to make excuses for how poorly UO played after the injury - it was horrible.
But to joke about it is pathetic.
Plus, do some research, realize that DD was not our only injury.
Try this:
Starting RB, WR's #1,2,3..
I'm wasting my time. try to be mature, edit your previous post.

Anonymous said...

First of all Brady Leaf does not have a ton of big starts "BrinkHater." Way, off there. To make fun of a team that has been injured beyond recognition is classless and sad. WSU whould know what it is like to have a season blown by injury say 2006? I am disappointed and you should be embarrassed and ashamed by your actions. And Enjoy losing to the lowly Beavers, you are already losing don'tyaknow?

Anonymous said...

Wow, a bunch of Cougar fans worrying about the Ducks. I used to think Wazzu were classy. No matter, Oregon State is schooling the Cougs at half with Mr. Brink-a-five-picks. Enjoy sitting at home this Christmas Coug fans!!!! LOL

Sedihawk said...

How sweet. Well happy holidays to you too. I know I'm going to have a fantastic Christmas this year. And what a year it's been. The career is going well, my wife and kids are healthy and happy. The whole family will be over xmas eve and we'll head to my sister's on xmas day. Can't wait! :)