Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Doba Denies Resignation Rumor; 2003 Video (Including Holiday Bowl)

Not a shocker by any stretch, but, Doba has denied the resignation rumor to the Times today:

"I don't plan to resign" Doba, 67, said Tuesday.

Even if he's already cleaned out his office and has the motor home idling in the driveway, what is he going to say 3 days before the game? Yep, I can't wait to blow out of this one-horse town and get back to Indy with some serious coin in the bank and 19 grandchildren waiting for me with open arms?? But seriously.....Doba's just not the type and we've been saying it since midseason - it's not in his DNA to simply quit at anything. But once again, Sterk says that his job will be evaluated at the end of the season, with no further comment.

Other points of interest on Hump-day:

  • The Times also has a story about that pesky Internet and how the different schools do - or do not - read this garbage. The thing is, the message boards or comments, it's "safe haven" so to speak, where fans can unload with some sense of maintaining their anonymity. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But it's better that someone unleash their frustration online vs. kicking the dog, punching the walls, or much, much worse.
  • Tony Harris is dead, and we may not ever really get the cause. Some claim suicide, some have no idea. What is known is that he basically disappeared for a few weeks and witnesses claim he was asking for food or money on the street. What a sad story. Sad for him, but especially his wife with their first baby due next month. Damn.
  • Howie has a good notebook in the P-I. Specifically the margin of loss for us this year is staggering. 24 points, and that INCLUDES a pair of 3-point losses? My God that is really bad. I don't know who said it, maybe it was Jim Walden on a post-game radio segment, but someone said that a sign of a poorly coached team is complete inconsistency from week to week. That's a pretty hard thing to define, because often in college football the talent is wildly different from program to program, and when a thin team like our Cougs are also inexperienced in a lot of positions, the results can be pretty frightening!

Finally, to help ease the sting of the Oregon State mess on Saturday, here's some video goodness. This is from the 2003 season, a game in which we came back from a big deficit to win 36-30. That was the game that Scott Lunde kept catching slants over the middle, remember?

That 2003 team, easily one my all-time favorite teams to watch. Boy, that defense, man oh man could they play. The swagger, the speed on the edges with Acholonu and Brown, the power up the middle with Williams and Tupai, the linebackers fly around, the DB's were fast and aggressive and many of them are in the NFL right now (Coleman, David, Paymah and Frampton), etc, etc, etc! But pay special attention to when the Beavers have the ball and not only listen to the crowd noise, which is great, but just watch the aggressive d. Those were the days. Check it out:

The next one is the final minute, plus some post-game, of the 2003 Holiday Bowl. The video is from the broadcast, but the audio is none other than the Jim-n-Bob show! Enjoy:


Anonymous said...

AMAZING. Thank you. The crowd, the atmosphere. AMAZING. Anyone think we we will ever see this program like that again? Thank you Mike Price for that 2003 team.

Anonymous said...

How the hell'd you score that vid? My heart goeth pitta-patta for #51. More PLEEZ!?!?!


Sedihawk said...

I just found it on Youtube a few years ago and downloaded it. You can go to a site called and put in a URL for a youtube video, and you can download it as a video file. I've got some older games that I'll try and get some highlights ripped. Plus a few other clips from 2003 (they aren't on youtube anymore for some reason).

By the way, this video was super-choppy for me the first time I watched it but then after it loads it looks great.

I LOVE the speed of the defense! There's a few plays where Anderson sets up and he's immediately having to move because of the blur that was DD and Brown off the edges. And those DB's could close on the ball so well, and they were SO CONFIDENT! And of course, Derting. The heart and soul of that defense, and only a sophomore at the time. Such a shame that injuries absolutely ruined his career. That's the best thing about that 2005 AC, sending Derting out with a win in a game he basically played on one leg. The stuff of legends my friends!

And I have to admit - I love this video, yet I also hate it. I love it for obvious reasons, I mean that 2003 was verrrrryy special and there was some super talent and emotion on that team. But I also hate it because of where we are today. Compare that 2003 OSU win vs. the 2007 OSU blowout loss, and we've fallen so far we're not even on the same planet anymore. Sad that we would squander that great stretch into what we have become today. BOO HOO! :)

Anonymous said...

Ehhhh. WSU fans = lame. Pathetic attempt to dig up old highlights this week. Yet another UW win I add, do you not have anything recent to feel good about Couglets? Dawgs 54-13, book it.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that a Dawg fan would talk shit about us bringing up the past. I can't think of another program in the land sans ND that brags more about its so called "tradition" than UW. What a joke.


Sedihawk said...

I guess he missed the 2005 highlights. But he could always throw last year in our faces. Oh well.

There sure is a lot of chirping from what is a 4-7 UW team, but you know what? And the Seattle media, my god, could they slurp up any harder all things Locker and UW?? You'd think they were 11-0 with how they are waxing on about how wonderful things are on Montlake right now.

But anyway, hey, it's Apple Cup week. Everyone talks it up, and it is what it is I guess. I think the rational UW fan would still tell you face-to-face that they have a long way to go, and Willingham better win or else. I mean go back a few weeks ago, before the Stanford game, and you would have thought that the press conference to fire Willingham was just about ready to start! Hard to believe a win over Stanford and a badly-fading Cal team would make people think UW is suddenly "back", whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question, are the Dawgs a better team with Locker or Bonnell starting?

My ridiculously talented as Locker is, they get pretty one-dimensional with him running the show. Load the box and dedicate a LB to shadow Locker, man-up the receivers, and you have the recipe to stop their O cold. Bonnell on the other hand, you have to respect the deep ball, and that in turn enables Rankin to do what he did last week.

Not that I'm surprised considering, but it's funny no one is making a case for Bonnell. They only played their best game of the year O-wise with Locker sitting.


Sedihawk said...

I think they are better with Locker. Bonnell threw for just over 100 yards last week. The running game and a soft Cal team that's completely given up on the season just laid down saved them last week. The thing is, they were putting up some really good numbers offensively, even in losses to Oregon and Arizona. Locker really looked like he was figuring things out through the air. He just puts the yips into any defense, but one as young and guillable as ours could be in a world of hurt with the run/throw threat of Locker.

Then again, with our 3-4 D that will blitz from every angle, and the fact that he missed a week, you know we're going to come after him. My hope is that we can get up on them early somehow and put pressure on the kid to throw it, and we'll see what happens.

Games like this, isn't this why you want a senior starter at QB instead of a frosh??

Anonymous said...

Do you mean our senior versus their frosh? Tough call.

The blitzing scheme will work if we take one guy out and have him shadow Locker, if not, we'll over-pursue and he'll kill us by taking off. I don't care if he rattles off a bunch of 10-yard runs, it's the 70 yarder for six that I'm worried about.


Anonymous said...

I have the 2003 Holiday Bowl on tape. What a season. I can't get enough of watching Vince Young running for dear life. What a defense. It seems I've been watching that tape more and more very year the Cougar's continue their mediocrity. Still, It's strange. There was the Gesser era (with Mike Price) and the Brink era. But in my mind our most successful season was sandwiched between those. The hated and unlikeable Kegel year. Granted, this was all Mike Price's doing (Bill Doba didn't do squat), but back then, thing were looking great for Dobes. How far we have fallen.

On a completely unrelated note, my all-time favorite Cougar WR made his first noise in the NFL this week. Devard Darling had 4 catches for over 100 yards and a TD. I'm so proud of him. He almost left football last? season. Now he's shining for the Raven's as their third-string WR. Finally he gets his opportunity! Yes!

After watching these clips, Sedihawk, I am FEELING IT. All I ask for is to see some passion and desire in these Cougs. It's a rivalry. Come on guys. You have to care more than the fans! I've always been told that, hey you're feeling down about your team. I'm sure they're feeling much worse. I'm not too sure anymore.

Sedihawk said...

I know I'll always love that '03 team. I think mainly because it felt, at the time, really important to have a winning season! The way that '02 ended with Price using the Rose Bowl as a recruiting info-mercial about Alabama, losing our MVP in WSU history in Gesser, everything all added up. The media picked us down in the predictions that year, so they had a major chip on their shoulder, especially on D.

Kegel busted his butt and was such a team guy, a complete turnaround from how his season ended the year before. Remember how beaten up he was? Remember how much he would try and help Swogger? He was almost like another QB coach and really, really WANTED IT! That was a special group.

I have the '03 Holiday Bowl on DVD, and it includes the WSU radio broadcast dubbed over the video, so it's always cool to watch and listen to Jim and Bob. It's even got the Texas radio broadcast on it as well, and it's funny to listen to them whine about the game and the refs! You would think we stole that thing from them, but "homers" are the rule in the NCAA broadcast booth. I'll try and rip some of that and put it up online.

Anyway, I'm glad some have liked the video. I think it's important to remember how good it once was, and can be again.

Sedihawk said...

One more thing on that video - little 'ol Martin Stadium, for just about 35K in the stands, hey, we can make some noise when we're excited! That's what gets me, in those clips of Derek Anderson going back to pass and the noise, wow, it seems like we haven't heard it like that in a long time.

E said...

Anonymous, where do you come up with "the hated and unlikeable Kegel"? I've said it before, but I loved that guy! Talk about complete and total redemption. He guided the team to a season that seems to be developing as the consensus best season on record (at least on this board). And, he capped it off with aguably the biggest win in the program's history. It was such a different feeling to end up a ten win season with a win over a major program in a major bowl. The 97 and 02 seasons were sullied by "gimme my 2 seconds" and "roll tide" losses. Kegel had his down times, and absolutely no success against the purples, but he's pretty far up my list of favorite Cougar QB's because of his W/L record as a starter and the QB of my favorite team.

Speaking of Kegel, his success in his senior year reminds me of another critical flaw with this year's coaching staff. They are loyal to Brink to such a fault that it will hurt us down the line. Kegel got lots of quality snaps before he took the helm from Gesser. It was controversial at the time, and even I cursed at the strategy during key drives (like the 2001 Apple Cup), but the strategy turned out to be prescient. Look how it payed dividends in 03. This season, Rogers barely gets to see the light of day at the end of a 30+ point blowout. He's basically been allowed to come in and hand off the ball, very late in games that are completely out of reach. I was at the OSU game till the bitter end on Saturday, and that pick he threw in the 4th quarter was one of the worst throws I've seen in a while. While Brink has been "passing us back" into games he already blew, on the way to meaningless statistical records, we are investing NOTHING for the future. I really hope Rogers (or Lopina) has an awesome season next year, but they haven't had an opportunity to prepare in a meaningful way.

Sedihawk said...

LOVE Kegel and all he did to make the most of his senior year! Talk about burying the ghost of the 2002 AC failure, a game that knocked us from #3 in the BCS that terrible day.

Tonight I added the end of the 2003 Holiday Bowl, with good old Bob and Jim doing the audio. It's the final minute of the game, plus some post-game audio from the radio broadcast over the ESPN feed. Hope you guys like it. I love of out of breath Bob is towards the end, and of course, Jim giving "Will Derting and DD Acholonu my players of the game, if there is such a thing." :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was watching that game and din't hear the radio broadcast, but dang! I've never heard Bob get so excited before. He's the consumate unbiased announcer (obviously a great announcer all the same). Good to hear him showing some good 'ol Cougar pride.

By the way, has anyone noticed that Cougar fans are blessed with great announcing. Bob Robertson, Bud Namek (who talks crazy fast but in a good way), Dave Niehaus (I'm assuming lots of you are fans of Seattle's pro teams like me), etc.

What I meant by the "hated and unlikeable Kegel" was the dreaded AC game. The 2003 season? TOTAL redemption. And, even if I hear otherwise from college students (something about cockiness), I've always thought of him as a good guy (but hey, Ryan Leaf was a good guy in my mind, too, before he went pro). I think Mr. Leaf has returned from the darkside now, based on what I've seen.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the strong armed Rodgers (hopefully, I would prefer the big 'ol Rodgers carrying this team). I'm tired of watching the midget take snaps. Seriously, does he like crouch? Anyway, go Cougs in the AC and next season. Meanwhile we have the basketball team to hold us over.

Drew said...

What a 3-year run that was!