Saturday, November 17, 2007

Control - Alt - Delete

So that happened. Yowza, what an ass-whoopin'. So much for Senior day, last home game of the season, bowl eligibility on the line, a team playing better vs. a team coming off an emotional home win, blah, blah, BLAH. I didn't see this coming, nor did virtually any of the prognosticators out there. Hey, not that losing to OSU is any shame! Now a 7-win team and one that very likely could beat the yucks in a few weeks. Then watch them win their bowl game for another miraculous 9-win, turnaround season that is fast becoming a Mike Riley specialty.

One more thing on Oregon State - they have become the model program that we should strive for. Think about it. They compete for at least a bowl bid every season now, and they threaten an upper-division finish when things go right. They play fast, hard, aggressive defense and they preach a strong running game with an outstanding offensive line that will kick your ass if you don't bring it that day. They have a beautifully renovated stadium in Corvallis, which isn't exactly Seattle if you follow my drift. They sell out their season ticket allotments, they pack the house and they make a hell of a lot of noise. They are, today, exactly where I hope our program can be, sooner rather than later. A sugar-daddy donor like Reser would sure be nice right now. Anyone know if Uncle Paul Allen has $25 million in the couch cushions to throw at the Martin Stadium remodel?? Didn't think so. They've already gone to that well, and it was dry as a bone.

But I digress. Wouldn't it be great to just hit the old control-alt-delete and start all over? No, I don't mean this game. I don't even mean this season. I mean for this PROGRAM. The system has slowed to a crawl and it's highly unlikely performance is going to improve on this current session. So, just do the old, faithful, Bill Gates three-fingered salute - control-alt-delete - and reboot this sucker!

That's right, reboot the program. Clear the cache, delete useless "temp" files, empty the recycle bin, the whole 9. Clean house. Do what now, clearly, must be done. The wins over UCLA and Stanford were, for lack of a better term, fools-gold. UCLA has folded their tents and we just got them started on packing up the car. Stanford is the least talented team in the Pac-10, and they simply weren't up to the task. So, in the end it's wins over Idaho, SD State, UCLA and Stanford. Give it another week or two and it's doubtful you'll find a bowl team in the bunch. Great. And even the ASU game was a mirage, basically the Devils first game north of Palo Alto and there was a fired-up homecoming crowd to greet them. And the 3-point loss to Cal only came with a TD with 12 seconds to go, in a game that really never was in doubt. Now we see what a disaster Cal has become, including a humiliating blowout today at the hands of a suddenly-dangerous UW team that probably can't WAIT to face our beleaguered defense next week! And again, Cal, whoa. I hyped up the idea of Bob Gregory coming back to Pullman, but those guys were just awful today.

I talked to Brinkhater right before halftime, when it was 31-3, and the first thing I said was "has any coach ever retired at halftime?" To which he replied "there's a first time for everything. Let's see if he comes out of the tunnel for the 2nd half." Ok, that didn't happen. But it should have. In all seriousness, I declared that after witnessing Alex Brink's complete meltdown in what is one of his worst-ever games, that they absolutely cannot continue with Brink at QB in the 2nd half. Could they really keep running him out there to fail in front of the worst crowd in the Bill Doba era? But Brinkhater set me straight. Nope, he said, they're going to play him at least until the 4th quarter. I laughed, thinking NO WAY will that happen. So what did we see for the whole third quarter, only to watch him throw 6 INT's? Brink. Gary Rogers didn't even take the field until 11 mintues were left in the game and it was 52-17. Brutal.

So, now what? Maybe Doba and Sterk call a presser for Monday to announce that he'll be stepping down after the season (no, we haven't heard anything definitive - yet). Or maybe Doba pulls a Lloyd Carr and stays in denial until after his team lays an egg in the rivalry game next week, and, uh, the presser will be called FOR him by those above him. However it's done, whether he retires back to Indiana, whether he's fired in an ugly divorce, whether the payout from the contract is a big fat check or deferred until the end of the world, they have to make a change now.

At least we still have this guy. Any chance he'll coach next week? He'll probably be too busy coaching up his 9th-ranked hoops team. But this point, why NOT?


Anonymous said...

you've said all the right things...I feel a little bitter though because I have truthfully seen this coming for years now.....a ridiculous coaching scheme and a very, very average at best qb....a qb who can not win....can not inspire his team....

get rid of Doba, or make him the DC only for one year and then goodbye, but get rid of Rosie for sure...he is the one that made AB untouchable....ab should have been benched long ago...other qbs should have had more playing time....

the coaches are arrogant and stubborn and boy are they going to show us who's boss....

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the crow pie the writers of this blog get to eat for a while, after the drubbing by the Beavs, and for saying the Ducks are being babies for losing to Arizona without our QB. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Different anonymous than the first two...
I watched a game live for the first time this season (but I am really a Cougar fan, seriously, the biggest I know of, well besides you guys). Wow! Not only was the crowd incredibly pathetic, but they seemed to be cheering for the Coug's to lose as much as the Beav's. It was wet, and then it was cold, and our fans were a bunch of babies. It was a sad day to be a Coug. The player's weren't passionate, the "fans" all left at the end of the first half and by the end of the game, I was all alone. Literally, there was nobody else in my row, noboby behind me for 10 rows, nobody in front of me for 5 rows (I had good seats, I was 5 rows from the frontish), and everyone (I mean everyone) in sight was an Oregon State fan. I felt deserted. Across the stadium was the student section. Just stick around for one more half you little pussies, you postponed family time for this dumb game! Okay, enough fan bashing. On to player bashing.

Alex sucked. I have never actually disliked him, but, OH MY GOD, he sucked! He was throwing everywhere. He was chucking the ball up for grabs, across his body, while on the run. And when he wasn't throwing into a pack of Beavers, he was throwing it to nobody. Awful, worst QB performance I've ever seen (really). Chris Ivory was terrible (I was impressed with Kevin, though). The refs were reviewing everything and gave us all of one good call. Oregon State was packing it in. And, yippee for Gary. He thre the ball once. And proved he was color blind. He was right in front of me as he threw the worst pass of the game, right at OSU. Ugh! What a horrible sign for next year. One more note on Alex. I'm not sure if anyone else stck around to watch this, but Alex had a nice scramble about middle of the 4th quarter. It was about 11 yards. He was heading for the sidelines and, just when a guy came charging after him, he steps out of bounds. I thought, you're getting killed, bowl hopes dashed, you SHOULD be frustrated. Crack that defender. Show some passion. Show you care, you really want this. That's really what Alex lacks. Passion for Cougar football.

All in all, miserable weather. Miserable football. Miserable crowd. Miserable coaching (I honestly agree with the Rosie comment but more for playcalling purposes). Miserable season. Words really can't describe today's game. The weather summed it up nicely.

Sedihawk said...

Why exactly do we need to eat crow? Who said we were a BCS contender? Even getting bowl-eligible was a stretch, even though it did at least seem possible. But believe me, we haven't been delusional around these parts. We are who we are, and we know it. We've been openly pining for a coaching change since this train-wreck season left the station.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can get a legally binding divorce from WSU football? I just got back from Pullman, and I can honestly say that everything to do with the football weekend was awful.

Our fans are pathetic. Honestly, anybody who hopes that WSU will one day become a legitimate player in the big-time collegiate football world should remember Saturday, November 17, 2007. Other BCS programs suffer from fan discontent, but they still show up for the games. There were 20K fans there to see us play a NW rival yesterday. Are you kidding me? All discussions about WSU's future should begin and end with our lame fan base.

The football program itself is a debacle. The team was grossly unprepared to play and the goofy decisions continue to linger. I remember in 2005 when Dick Bennett wrote into the Daily Evergreen in defense of Bill Doba. The football team had been losing close game after close game, but Bennett (correctly at the time) pointed out that close losses don't reflect bad coaching. Bennett went on to explain that poorly coached teams were wildly inconsistent; getting blown out one weekend and playing well the next. Guess what? That's exactly where we are now.

Continuing on the coaching rant, Alex Brink played like a bum again yesterday. Given that, I challenge anyone to think that the offense will improve in 2007 if Rosenseller are still calling the shots. Who in their right mind calls a screen/swing pass on first and goal from the 2? I've watched Alex get into trouble by rolling out of pressure and throwing across his body, into coverage for 3 years now. Why hasn't someone broken him of that habit? He's a limited QB, but he's a smart kid. He should have been told in 2005 that you need to stop doing that or we'll get someone else in there. Mike Riley designed an offense yesterday on what Moevau does well. He threw fly patterns, deep outs, and WR throwback patterns all day. That's it. Why didn't we do this with Brink years ago? Brink throws a pretty good deep ball and pretty good wheel routes over the middle. FINE! Stick with that if that's all he can do. Why didn't/don't we run more inside reverses to Anderson, Gibson, and Bumpus to offset Brink's weaknesses? Our coaching is horrible. Rogers gave me a glimpse of what to expect in 2008. Roseneseller the sequel.

You can't blame the defense yesterday for the tough spots they were put in, but that was another awful defensive scheme. Just when I thought the defense was improving, we reverted back to giving 10-12 yard cushions off the line of scrimmage and making Moveau's job incredibly easy. They ran reverses at will because there was no outside contain, and when they needed to pass, he always had at least 2 WR's in isolation coverage on the outside. He could simply read the corners and throw to a spot. I can't believe how easy we made things for him. Bill Doba, that was awful.

The game day atmosphere was abysmal. We spent $300 for 2 nights at the University Inn, $100 on food/drinks, and another $150 at the bookstore. I seriously feel like demanding a refund. Not because we lost, but because the team didn't even try (it seemed) and the atmosphere was D-II. I am ashamed of this program, our fans, and my association with WSU football right now. I've seen many a dark day in Pullman, but this ranks right up there with the all time worst. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I second the reboot idea...just as I have for three + years. The only thing that could possibly make the end of the Brink era more welcome, would be the end of the Doba era. Love old Bill, but this isn't his bag.

Ten years ago I ended a five-year run in the athletic department on a team with little or no support from the department, sadly the view from inside - under a different AD but a lot of the same assistants - was one of little direction, and less passion. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, little has changed in ten years. I love Tony, and love what is going on with the hoopsters, but Cougar Football Saturday's is the heart and soul of Cougar Athletics. The program needs a comprehensive solution and leadership of the first caliber. It's not about money, it's about creating an environment to develop and sustain talent. The rest will take care of itself. I'm open to ideas, everyone else should be too.


Anonymous said...

NEVER, EVER, EVER, capitalize yucks. They don't deserve it.

And Al Reser doesn't really qualify as a sugar daddy. They paid something like 12 million for the naming rights to the stadium.

Like WSU, most of OSU's money comes from us little guys, donating what we can afford. It is hard for schools like ours to keep up with the washingtons and oregons of the world. But hey, we still have our pride, right?!

Best of luck in the Apple Cup. Huck the fuskies!

Sedihawk said...

Hey Coug97, good stuff, as always. You are welcome here any time.

It seems like the gloves are kind of coming off today re: the message boards. A lot of people are more or less spilling the beans for what a mess things are right now. I read one account from a student who said that things are out of control, even more than in the past based on what he witnessed with some players this year. Boys will be boys, but it got out of hand this year (supposedly). I also heard the president was out talking to people during the game, so at least he saw FIRST HAND how far it's crumbled!

And you are right. Things must change or we'll become the modern day version of Oregon State when they were a joke, or more recently, Stanford. The conference is far, far too competitive to just sit back and hope for a miracle. Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Pete Carroll, ASU, the list just goes on and on with how difficult it is to win out here.

Sedihawk said...

Oh, and anonymous? Your wish on the yucks is my command. And your Reser "sugar"? 12 million is 12 million. That's about 12 million more than we have right now for our field. But it's true, the Beavs have been built by the little guy.

KICK THE yucks BUTTS in 2 weeks will ya? Don't do anything fancy, don't ask Moevao to do too much. Just run right at them with that monster o-line and a rested Bernard, milk the clock, and pressure Leaf with your d-line that plays with their hair on fire!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sedi...I wonder about the out of control idea though. Like anybody I guess, I had buddies on various teams, and we all had our fun. I think it's a matter of perspective, if you aren't involved and you see a player out and about getting bombed, well that might seem like he isn't committed, but for as long as I can remember there has been guys and girls partying at Wazzu - frats, sororities, CCN or Bohler gym inhabitants et al. It just seems a little odd to me considering a couple of facts, from what I heard Dobes took care of Kenny Greene in a heartbeat (possibly the best story ever btw), he obviously suspended some guys, and the team leader seems like he spent more time in Holland than the Coug. That doesn't exactly scream lack of institutional control..

At the end of the day/season/four seasons, this is about teams that haven't been coached up to perform at their best - in my opinion. There has been a few really outstanding players in the past four years, but it's the lack of an overall synergy that has plagued the team - I have to put that on the staff.