Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Big Apple

Well, after taking his due for not taking us to the post-season, Alex Brink came through in spades tonight. Congrats to him, to Bill Doba, and to the entire team for bucking up and playing one hell of a game.

As a result, Brinkhater undeservedly just won his first National Championship.

But, this night belongs squarely to #10. And as a result, he will be known as the quarterback who could beat the Huskies--and could do so in a clutch fashion. He is truly the "Big Apple."

And since our careers are forever intertwined, this is the last post of the mighty Brinkhater. Starting tomorrow and forever after, you will see my post as the "Big Apple," "BA" for short.

Congrats to Alex for going out in style. B.A. will miss you, B.A.

Huck the Fuskies, we RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Huck the fuskies. Cougs rule, dogs drool. Ha ha ha. What bowl the huskies going to? Uh, flush...

B.T.M.M. said...

That was a truly great game. I will remember it for a long, long time. Congratulations to Alex and all the seniors for leaving the school on a high note (Gibson OMFG).

I still think Doba's got to go, but I'll have fond memories of both he and Brink. That said, let's get some people in place who can have a winning season.

Thanks for all your coverage this season, you guys do a nice job. See you next season.

B.T.M.M. said...

Also, Big Apple (formerly Brinkhater), your predicting ability is uncanny; wrong final score for the A.C., but dead on in how it happened...weird...

Sedihawk said...

Fabulous game, fabulous win. What a performance. Still can't believe that final TD pass. I've re-watched it on my DVR about 5 times now, and UW blitzes on the corner, and the safety, Harris (the same Harris who complained earlier in the week about being hit by Derting in an Apple Cup!), lets Gibson run by him, make a post-thanksgiving turkey sandwich and haul in the game-winner. Like Lou Holtz said on ESPN, often times when you see a great play offensively, you also see a great breakdown defensively, and clearly that was it. That UW secondary, uh, yeah, they have issues. Going into next week against a team that, we hear anyway, likes to throw it around the yard a tad.

But kudos to Brink on that throw off the play-action, and the primary read was Bump in the flat. That read and throw happened FAST, and he hit the homerun. But enough of that. It's over and wow, what a game, and what a way to end his career!

We'll always bitch about how he couldn't win the big one, but I had a longtime Husky tyee club member (and family member) tell me tonight that from where UW sits, for what it's worth, they think Brink is the real thing. After 3 AC wins in 4 years, from where they sit, it's hard to deny it. Did you know Brink has thrown 12 TD passes against ZERO INT's in 4 Apple Cup's?? Along with a 3-1 record, that's pretty damn impressive.

One other funny thing - They also asked me why the hell we aren't playing in a bowl game, because our offense was overwhelming at times. I said good question, do you have about 2 hours for a response? :)

Enjoy the win, enjoy the evening, have that extra victory beer and be happy, for we've got another Apple Cup!

TC said...

Doba should stay at WSU! Cougar fans should be more supportive of our coaching staff and our players. Trash talking ourselves hurts recruiting and it only make you sound more Husky. It takes time to (re)build a program, especially in the Palouse. Doba has been there for a long, long time. He's part of the reason we made it back to the Rose Bowl and beat Texas in the Holiday Bowl, etc. So go easy, Cougfans. Be grateful.

As for the Huskies, let them get rid of Ty Willingham and be the ones to start all over (again)... then WSU will win the Apple Cup next year, too.

Anonymous said...

Well as a long-time Brink hater I have to say the kid came through huge. This is what so many of us had been looking for, a big-time performance in a game that mattered. No it doesn't get us to a bowl game, but as we all know a season can be salvaged by beating those arrogant bastards from Montlake. Job well done AB. I'm glad that the kid can walk off with all the records in his pocket, but more importantly three Apple Cup wins.

So as the Brink chapter closes, will a new one begin in Bohler? I can't see Sterk doing anything but issuing a statement of confidence in Doba, and well that may not be the best thing for the program long term, I do love the old guy. I mentioned this after the Cal game, no matter what the guy is a class act.

I also can't see Doba making any changes in his staff either, but we'll see. I've long felt that one of Price's strengths was finding coaches that got everything out of their players' talent, I've yet to see that from this group, hopefully that will change.

To Brinkhater, Sedi and the boys, thanks for a fun outlet to his season of frustration. Till next time boys, GO COUGS.


Sedihawk said...

Fair enough TC. You can make an excellent argument on both sides. But the emotion of the moment can be awfully powerful, and you also need to take a step back from last night and look at how disappointing this season played out. Think about how disappointing the last few seasons have been. Think of the wildly different outcomes on a weekly basis, where they would compete one week, and absolutely lay down the next.

We will always, ALWAYS, be grateful to Doba, but this is a vital time in the program's existence. We can walk around and wax on about how great 2003 was, but that's a full 4 seasons ago. And, like it or not, right now we are about $35 to $40 MILLION short of finishing off this stadium expansion, an expansion we must have to hope to keep up with just our NW rivals. Keeping Doba might sound a message, loud and clear, that WSU is ok with not going to bowl games and that there are more important things than what happens on the field. And when you have an approach like that, donors aren't excited to reach for the check-book when Call-A-Coug shows up on caller ID, know what I mean?