Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Will You Boo When Brink Breaks the Record?

Ready or not, Alex Brink is going to break Jason Gesser's passing record, and there's a real chance he'll do it this weekend. He's now a mere 276 yards away from Gesser. Talk about a surreal scene if, say, sometime in the 4th quarter when we're down 42-16, an announcement comes over the PA that Alex Brink has now passed the Cougar legend. What do you think the crowd will do when that happens?

Personally, to save the embarrassment for Brink, I hope he doesn't break it this weekend. I hope he does it the following week at Oregon, and it's merely a footnote from the game story. For reasons that would take weeks to explain, Brink has been the whipping boy for the program, period. He's been ripped to shreds since he became the starter over Swogger, and while it occasionally faded, it always comes back into the debate after yet another disappointing loss.

Here's a kid that was recruited by Boise State and Eastern WA, and was ignored in his own backyard in Oregon and all other Pac-10 schools for that matter. He's not a tools guy, never has been and never will be, but he's tough, efficient and smart. But even as he's set to break all the school records, he's just not "big-time" enough. I think it's as simple as that. And to be a winner in the Pac-10, eventually the rubber hits the road and the elite talent separates from the mediocre. While Brink's tools have been closer to Jason Gesser than Leaf, Bledsoe or even Rosie, let's be honest - our homecoming fans are fed-up, tired of losing and downright pissed at the current state of affairs of the football team. And yeah, what fans that actually go to the game this weekend will be pretty drunk on Saturday, as is typical for a homecoming crowd (not that there's anything wrong with that!). What do YOU THINK they'll do when that record falls?? It could be a very, very embarrassing moment for our program when about 3/4th's of the crowd rains down boos when that record falls. Of course, they'll probably just spin it and say they weren't booing, they were chanting "Brink, Brink, Brink". Well, ok, not Brink, maybe "Frank Madu, Frank Madu, Frank Madu....."

Brink isn't such a bad guy. I know I wrote earlier this year something about why he's never endeared himself to our hearts, and that something was just missing. Whether it's his personality, or the blandness of his quotes or the lack of the signature win, something has been missing. But the Arizona Star ran a story last week about Brink that's interesting. Actually I always find it a good read when a reporter from another school provides an outside-looking-in story about a player like Brink, someone we think we know so well. You don't always hear about the GPA, or the senior thesis on racism, or so much charity work that the school can't even keep track of it all. Stuff like that helps you see the forest as well as the trees, and sometimes an outside perspective is important in the grand scheme.

Meanwhile, Doba and Sterk are quoted today as saying 1) yes, Doba's on thin ice, and 2) No WAY will Doba quit. I'm just glad that Sterk came out and said publically that yes, we are concerned, and he'll be evaluated after the season (translation - a 2 or 3-win season and he's out of here). And how can anyone be surprised that Doba would say no way would he quit? What's he going to say at this point? Yes, I'm sick of this too and I want to quit?? Not only not is it in his DNA to quit when the going gets tough, but if he said something to the effect that he is going to quit now, the lid is sealed on a 2-win season. Let's face it, the damage is already done, he's lost this team and they are likely going to lose out, but for him to actually admit he's thinking about stepping aside would make this train wreck of a season even harder on the eyes.


Logan said...

I hope he gets applauded, because he's endured so much throughout his career here. while he never won the big one, he's had to carry the team on his back most of the time, and that's just damn hard to do in a big time conference.

I will be on my feet congratulating him as loud as I can, because it's an amazing accomplishment for a pac-10 QB and he's only one of few who have deserved it the past few years.

Sedihawk said...

If a work requirement wouldn't prevent me from being there, I'd stand and cheer for him too. The bottom line is that everything that has happened since 2004 is not all his fault. To get to the number of yards and to see him move past some big-time names is a great testiment to the player, and as much as he's ripped for not being big-time, he's had a pretty strong career.

I admit I've ripped him, many times, since the 2005 season, when all the come-from-ahead losses led to frustration after frustration. Many times his lack of execution late in games was part of the problem, but hey, he was just a sophomore back then, why doesn't he deserve some slack and a chance to grow? I spent a lot of time last year defending him, but I finally joined the negative club after the 3-loss fade to end the year. But last year he was 2nd only to Booty in pass efficiency, ahead of the heralded names like Carpenter, Longshore, Dixon, etc.

He'll always be a tough nut to crack, and he'll be the poster boy for what went wrong. But at the same time, if anything he's an over-achiever when you consider where he's come from. And he's a tough SOB too. That kid has taken some serious blows over the years, and keeps scraping himself off the turf. Maybe this passing record is more like the lifetime achievement award vs. an Oscar for best actor, but hey, it's still an achievement. And that, in itself, deserves applause.

Hooty McBoob said...

Due to Mini McBoob's 9AM game on Saturday, I will once again be a late arrival to Martin Stadium. It's probably a good thing because given enough time to "get fueled up", I'd probably punch every dumbass who had the nerve to boo one of our players, right in the brain.

I've had my share of memorable Apple Cup moments over the years but there was one in Husky Stadium that cemented my opinion of UW fans as the low-class, front-running douchbags that they are.

It was probably 1995 and Damon Huard was the UW QB. He was struggling early in the game and the hometown crowd was unmercifully booing him. It was brutal. Later in the game, Huard broke some school passing record (I'm not going to bother looking it up) and suddenly the boos turned into wild cheers and applause, befitting a campus hero. I remember looking at all the fans sitting around me and just shaking my head and laughing at them as they cheered. Minutes earlier, they were practically calling for his head but now that he broke a record, he was the best thing since Starbucks and micro-brew. Pathetic.

Here's the thing: No college football fan, in any stadium in the country should EVER boo one of their own. I can understand being disappointed but under no circumstance should some drunk, half-wit, high school hero-turned middle class stiff boo a student athlete who busts his ass every day to juggle the demands of school and football. No matter how much a player's mistake on the football field disappoints you, pisses you off or otherwise ruins your day; do you REALLY believe it hurts you more than the player? They'll take the burden of their mistakes to the grave, while Joe Fan goes back to his life, no worse for the wear.

As far as Alex Brink goes, I hope like hell he breaks the record on Saturday. With record-breaking performances this year, he and Bumpus may provide the only highlights to an otherwise dreary year of Cougar Football.

Many of us half-assed our way through college. We skipped class because we were hung over, cheated on tests or found ourselves in some kind of trouble at one time or another. Yet when we managed to earn our degrees, our families were there to cheer for us on graduation day.

Alex Brink has dedicated five years of his life to Cougar Football and has accomplished more in his time at WSU than most of us could have ever dreamed. He is part of the Cougar family and we owe him the respect he is due.

Sedihawk said...

First of all - BEST. POST. EVER. Great job Hooty, that's why you are here!

Second of all - I was there too in 1995, to see a cocky frosh QB named Leaf take the favored Huskies to the final minute. Young Talarico and I enjoyed a 5th of Jack Daniels finest sour mash and coke, surrounded in a sea of purple. Although I still remember after Leaf threw a TD, standing up and looking way up in the stands behind us and seeing PK waving a flag or towel or something! That was one of the best Apple Cup's I ever saw, even though we lost.

Anyway, I digress. There WERE some boos at Huard after he broke that record. The majority cheered him, sure, but I distinctly remember some grumblings where I was. And of course, they booed him before and after the record. Boy did they hate that kid. Funny how they brag on how he's starting for the Chiefs as a journeyman QB, and they so quickly claim him as one of their own, but revisionist history is what it is. UW fans booed the hell out of Warren Moon too, until they went to the Rose Bowl that is.

As far as booing a student athlete, bravo. You are right, we have no idea how difficult it is to play at that level, plus juggle everything else in life as an 18-22 year old. Now I'm sure Brinkhater is warming up in the bullpen as I write this, but, then again, Brink asked for this. When you decide to be a QB at a BCS school, you have to accept that there will be a level of scrutiny that is not only unrealistic, but unfair. It's only because the fans care. But hell, we booed BLEDSOE of all people. Remember that? Price even said "don't chase him out of here early" after an ugly game vs. ASU in 1992. So we're not innocent either.

Anyway, I hope if he breaks it at home that we show him the class he deserves. I just don't want it to be an idiot moment, and not only make him feel bad but also make the fans look totally small time.

E said...

Dorian Boooooooooose, Dorian Booooooooooose, Dorian Boooooooooose

Anonymous said...

They're chanting "Put in Whorley, Put in Whorley, Put in Whorley..."

Or, more likely, "Lets go to the Coug, Let's go to the Coug, Let's go to the Coooooouuuuugggggg...."

Ed Tingstad Fan Club said...

Time for Doba Et al to go. we need a young high energy guy to get this thing going again (think someone in teh mold of Bret Bielsma of Wisconsin)

longball said...

We've got to show our appreciation and respect for what this kid has accomplished. It is the only bright spot in a bleak period for Cougar football. Let's face it, week in, week out, our offense under Brink gives us the only things we ever have the cheer about.

Ok, gotta get this rant off my chest -

Anyone see this quote from Doba?

"We've become kind of a bend-don't-break defense as much as I don't like to do that," he said Monday. "But I think our talent dictates that. We just have to do a better job of reading our keys and keeping our plan simple enough that our kids can execute it."

Grrrrrreat, good to see nothing is going to change. I mean, how does he even have the balls to use the phrase "bend, but don't break"? When have we NOT broken? Most of the drives opponents didn't score on against us were the result of the half ending. To watch this strategy he proclaims to not like fail spectacularly every week and never adjust it is just unbelievable. the old man has finally cracked his nut.

I love Doba, and i appreciate all he has done for the last 17 years, but i love the COUGARS more, and the damage his failed head coaching tenure is doing to my Cougs is not tolerable. We have squandered the best opportunity we ever had as a program to move up a rung on the respect ladder. 2001 - 2003 can now officially be filed away as just a freak occurance. In a day and age when the conference gets 6 or 7 teams into bowl games every year, there is no excuse for this teams failing to do so.

Our fan base is furious, our kids are fighting each other in the locker room and our defense couldn't keep my 5th grade flag football team out of the end zone (I was QB in the wishbone option and one game i even completed a real forward pass!). Anyway, all signs of a directionless program in desperate need of new leadership.

ok, rant over, sorry to waste everyone's time preaching to eh choire.

Sedihawk said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read Doba's quote too. Like you said Longball, where, exactly, is the "don't break"? It's bend and break and break some more. I guess it doesn't break when the half ends, like you said, or, when the Idaho QB is hitting our defensive backs between the numbers.

And the rant is just fine. It's a very frustrating time right now. but just think of it this way - if they somehow get out of this downward spiral and put together a winning, bowl-game season, then we were all wrong and we'll have our Oregon State 2006 moment. If things keep going down the crapper, I think it's clear now that change will indeed come. Either way the alumni and general fan base is going to ultimately come out ahead.

Anonymous said...

I never boo our players...never have, never will....

but I would not be wildly cheering for our qb either....

mostly we should be furious at Doba for being so weak and for Rosie for being such an arrogant you-know-what....

I said this last year...I can't wait til THIS year is over.....

having said all that, we still have a chance for a bowl....

longball said...

Oh lordy, the '92 Apple Cup is on FSN right now. I have already gone thru 3 boxes of tissues. memories.

I was in the horseshoe bleachers and dropped my binoculars beneath them. I went down to retrive them and fell in a puddle. It took about 10 minutes for my jeans to freeze solid and somehow i still have my legs.

Brinkhater said...

What a great post/question!

The only situation in which "booing a record" is warranted is when someone like Barry Lamar Bonds breaks a homerun record because he cheated.

Brink hasn't cheated. So, he DOES NOT deserve even a heckle.

At the same time, it is important for all the Brink lovers out there to note what the heck they'd be cheering for.

So, what will you be cheering for?

His longetivity?

His ability to not get hurt?

Josh Swogger's ability to get hurt?

His penchant for being JUST good enough to not get benched (see last year)?

His inability to throw deep, which has allowed OTHER TEAMS TO largely PLAY BEND, BEND, BEND, BEND, BEND, NO TOUCHDOWN against us for the past two seasons?...

Its really plain and simple, its not just the lack of W's that tarnishes Brink's legacy, its the lack of points.

Of course, the one exception to that rule was 2005 when he had a group of super talented receivers, FANTASTIC TE's, one of our best O-Lines ever, and, oh yeah, AN ALL-AMERICAN RUNNING BACK.

So, Brink will hit the record books on Saturday as the QB who could not lead us to W's and also could not lead us to the 45-42 types losses that we all anticipated, if not wanted.

For that reason, if Sir Brinkhater were at the game on Saturday, I would stand in respect, but remain silent.

It will be one of the worst moments of Cougar football history...

Unless we win on Saturday...and although I am may be losing my mind, I actually think that we might...

longball said...

Anyone know why our punter (blunt) is suspended?

longball said...

Well Briknhater, looks like you have some company in batshitcrazyville (or is that overlyoptimisticburgh?). The guy on FSN just picked the cougs to win this weekend too. Gawd i hope you guys are right!

in brink's defense, as much as his longevity and health have contributed to his stats, he still had to make all those throws. Give Blount, Birnbaum, Menke, Deeds, DeGrenier, Davis, and many other forgettable Cougar QBs the same opportunities and they still wouldn't be aywhere near chasing these records. A competant defense in the Brink era would have resulted in at least a couple 7-5 to 8-4 seasons with bowl games, which is more than Bledsoe, Rosey, Rypien, Thompson and others can claim. PLUS at least two wins over the Huskies (yeah yeah, they were bad). I mean would you have stood silently when Mark Rypien set a record just because he and the rest of RPM could never really win a lot of ballgames for us?

The 3 10 win season stretch, means that Brink plays with more pressure on him than any Wazzu QB ever, and he always goes against a fresh opposing D even late in games because our D never forces 3 and outs, and creates too few turnovers. QBs we revere, like Leaf, Bledsoe, Gesser, made tons of mistakes as Brink has, but they were not as devastating, or noticeable because they were on better teams with MUCH more margin for error. If Gesser went 3-and-out, or threw a pick, the D got the ball back to him again.

while i am not 100% satisfied with Brink, or our play calling, I just think that complaining about our offense, while we have a completely incomeptant defense, is kind of like complaining about the table settings on the titanic instead of the HUGE hole in it's side.

So i will stand in my living room and cheer when the record falls. to accomplish what he has against Pac-10 competition is a worthy acheivement and once these years' dissapointments have faded in our memories and we are all "over it", it will be the stuff of Cougar legend.

Sedihawk said...

Brinkhater and Longball are both right. Brinkhater is right in that Brink had a lot of talent around him in 2005, yet we almost went winless in conference play. But Brinkhater, what was wrong with the offense in 2005? Brink threw 24 TD's that year as a sophomore, and we scored the following against BCS competition: 33 vs. Oregon St, 41 vs. UCLA, 38 vs. Cal, 31 vs. Oregon. Think of that Oregon State game, where Bumpus fumbles on that breakaway. We might have run away with that game had he scored, or at least held on to the ball. Think of the Derting injuries in 2004 with the broken wrist, or 2005 with the knee, and how different things could have been against UCLA or Oregon or Cal. UCLA and Oregon were 10-win teams that year, and Cal was pretty good as well. Isn't that doing the job as a sophomore QB? Why didn't he get the chance to learn on the job, a position that we know from watching it for years that it takes a full season - at least - to figure things out?

But Longball is also right, the margin for error was razor thin for a sophomore QB who, statistically speaking, had the best sophomore year in school history. Longball is also right in that Kegel, Gesser, Leaf and Bledsoe back in 1992 could have a few bad stretches and at least they had a defense to pick them up. Last year Brink finally had a good defense, at least through 9 games last year, and we were 6-3 at one point before the whole thing fell apart due to injuries to Davis, Mkristo, and both starting corners, plus the two best WR's on the team. I mean really, other than that 6-3 stretch last year, Brink has NEVER had any room for error!

But to counter Longball's point, many could come back and say that Brink's stretches of ineptness put the defense in the hole too many times, as the 3-and-outs would ring up over the course of a game and a thin, smallish, speedy defense would simply wear out and couldn't stop anyone late. The Wisconsin game this year, the Auburn game in 2006, the USC game in 2005 come to mind. But is it really his fault? Wasn't it always too much to expect him to excel against the better teams in the nation, this QB with average tools that does a lot of things pretty well, but nothing that could be considered outstanding other than his grasp of the offense?

There's really no clear-cut answer/winner in this. But I officially feel kind of dumb for being so down on Brink late last year. In the end, it's not fair the kind of scrutiny he's been under, following the 10-win seasons and all. But life ain't fair is it? Brink will always bear the brunt of the overall failures of this coaching staff and the dreadful defense. It will always be his fault...even if it wasn't.

Sedihawk said...

Oh, and Blunt was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Brinkhater, stand but not boo. You can't blame the kid for playing when his coaches said play. Yeah he'll have the records, but in an apples to oranges type way with # of games etc.. right?

I will say that I disagree with longball however, even with a decent Defense, Brink has been so woefully unclutch, there is nothing to make me believe he would have pulled out W's even then.

Again you can't pin everything on the D when the O fails to score enough points to win games.


longball said...

Yeah, you guys are right, and lets just take Rypien out of our hall of fame cause that guy couldn't win the big game either.

The old adage that the QB gets too much credit in victory and too much blame in defeat has finally been proven true in the laboratory of Cougar football over the last 10 years.

When i think of the '92 Apple Cup and Copper Bowl champs, I pretty much think first of Bledsoe, then his "supporting cast". I think almost any Coug fan does the same. But watching the 92 apple cup last night, what really struck me (besides how ghetto the old Prime Sports Northwest broadcast was)was how GOOD that team was. I mean here are some of the names on that team:
CJ Davis
Butch Williams

Need i go on? Good GOD, I mean that team was LOADED. Yet, that will always be Bledsoe's team, the year Bledsoe was 9-3. Drew was awesome, but he was definately getting a BIG assist from that squad. When he led a less experienced team one year earlier the results were much different, but nobody bags on Bledsoe for the woeful 91 season. We all recognize that team wasn't good enough as a whole.

Anyway, i think the impulse to not celebrate Brink's accomplishment represents a total lack of perspective. If you watched a game with me you would see me scream at him as much as anybody, but there is no way i can ignore the magnitude of what he is going to acocmplish in his career. They are monster numbers, but unfortunately not enough to overcome all the other problems these teams had. He has given us all he had and then some.

Now i must go finish my essay about why we should still cheer the effort of the defenders of the Alamo even though they didn't come thru in the clutch.

Brinkhater said...

Look, there are two things that I do NOT want to obscure here. First: NO quarterback could win games this year with the way that our D is currently playing. Second: I actually think that Brink is playing pretty darn well this year. In fact, I would rate him behind Gipson as the guy that I am the LEAST concerned about.

But to argue that Brink belongs in the same conversation as any other Cougar great is just nonsense in my book. Rypien, Thompson, Rosey, Bledsoe, and Leaf were all NFL guys. And they all had markee Ws against top 5 teams.

And Gesser, who was not an NFL guy, won tons and tons of games.

Brink hasn't won games. The teams that did NOT have an All-American running back has averaged 21.36 points a game in conference. And I really can not believe that the guy has a chance in hell of gracing an NFL roster.

So, with that in mind, this record is all about longevity--which is fine. But for me, on the things that I care about, I find his career to leave a lot to be desired. And I'm being polite.

Granted, Bumpus and Hill stay healthy during the AZ game last year and maybe we look at things differently following a 9-3 season last year.

But, Longball, to think that we will look back in a few years at Brink's time and the program and think its of Cougar "legend?" Come on....

That all said, there are 7 more games to be played this year. But in my book, for this record to mean something beyond stomach pains, we better start putting some numbers up on the score board...

Lets hope it starts this Saturday

Anonymous said...

21.36 points with the receivers and o-line he's had blows up the "surrounding talent" argument. In fact the only reason his "numbers" are what they are is because of the surrounding talent. Could you imagine what the #'s would be if he didn't have Hill, Gibson, etc.. pulling balls out of the dirt and out-jumping DB's for his pathetic down field attempts? Simply put he'll never be regarded in the same breath as the others because the teams he led failed to win games.


longball said...

You guys are watching a different team than i have for the last 10 years. A few weeks ago on this very blog it was noted how watching old Gesser tapes really brought to light how much HE was a product of his surrounding talent. Weaker arm, more injury prone, and not as athletic. I guess you have already forgotten that.

Coug97 - As soon as Brink's SOPHEMORE team puts as many people on NFL rosters as those of Bledsoe, Leaf, Gesser, etc. (all who led us to a grand total of 0 bowl games in their sophemore years) then you can "blow up" the surrounding talent argument. Until then, your points argument is the one that blows up.

I seem to remember Mark Rypien having a gentleman named REUBEN F*cking MAYS in his backfield and i don;t remember what bowl game he was able to lead us too, oh wait, he didnt. Yet we still give him a standing O when he enters a room.

i will be back on this board in 10 years when Brink is a revered alum to say i told you so, but in the meantime lets just hope Brink scores on every drive he leads for the rest of the season, cause that is what it will take to get those wins you all need to put your hands together for the kid.

Sedihawk said...

Just to try and simplify things, I think this is the reality - When we've had good talent that stayed healthy and in school, whether we're talking offense or defense, we've gone bowling. When we weren't very good, or beat up beyond recognition, despite the heroics of the QB or some all-world defenders, we didn't go bowling. Period. And quite honestly, the last couple of years we suffered major, major injuries and missed on some big recruits, and had some head-scratching coaching manuvers. So we just weren't very good. We've been exactly who we thought we were. (signed, Dennis Green). We almost need that "perfect storm" to be any good.

The point? We've never really been "QB U" and it's not like Bledsoe or Leaf had a bunch of zero's running around and they just lifted everyone's performance. It's always been about our luck with recruiting and health, all over the field, and good coaching. We don't have any of that these days.

I mean looking at the period from 2004-present, can anyone honestly look at these teams from the last few years and not be amazed at all that's gone wrong? Think about it - WE ACTUALLY CHANGED OUR DEFENSE last year because we ran out of bodies at midseason! What programs could actually do that and have a successful year?? Going back further, from the majority of the Texas kids flunking out of school or just quitting altogether, or the recruiting "names" like Bankhead, Diedrichs, D-Ferg, Estes, and now Mixon with all the stars next to their names that never even made it at all? How about the beat-up Derting, or the WR's led by Hill and Bumpus at the end of last year, etc? And Doba with his fakes, horrendous special teams and taking points off the board to go for it vs. ASU in '05? It's amazing how much has actually gone wrong. But that's exactly what's happened, and it's exactly why we are where we are.

longball said...

It's true, mis-fortune has been our achilles heal as much as anything. I remember the sickening heartbreak of the Gossen and Pattinson years where we were really good both years until those guys went down and things just snowballed down hill from there.

I think what has Coug nation so down this year is the feeling that we aren't snake-bit where a good team is getting bad breaks. Rather, it appears we just aren't good. that is disheartening in a totally different way. It's more like 1995, or 1999 when we were awful and could see no light at the end of the tunnel. Little did we know in both cases we were 2 years away from 10 wins.

All we have right now is each other, and the walk in beer cooler at Dismores. Let's hunker down, keep cheering hard, drinking harder, and just get thru this.

Brinkhater said...

I'll take the last word on this...

First and foremost, I think we all can agree that the poor fortunes faced by this program are not the strict result of Alex Brink. Its not his fault that we have reached this point.

At the same time, let's keep it real here folks.

In 2005, we had arguably one of our best offenses EVER. A 1st team All-American RB and star wideout who could have also been All-American, a GREAT O-line, a great set of receivers, blah, blah, blah. During that fabled year, Alex Brink led us to ONE game winning drive. And it happened in the last game against a beyond awful UW team.

Granted, Alex's numbers were very good--even near spectacular, but honestly ask yourself the question: If Josh Swogger were the QB that year, could he have led us to 4-7 or better?

Then look at last year. And look, folks, you may rightly view Brinkhater as an idiot, but do you know how many ppg our defense yielded last year?

A little over 22. Yep, not even three touches and a safety. 22 points.

Now, given the fact that we run an offense that is DESIGNED to spread the field and score points, ask yourself: Is it reasonable to expect that we would be able to score more than 22 points a game with a third year starter who on paper should be regarded as our best ever?

Mind you, on offense we did average more than that for the season--and that number is decreased because of the inclusion of Idaho, but it ISN'T as if Alex was being asked to put 30+ points on the board every single week either.

So, I think that it is fair to ask for either Points or Wins as a marker of a QBs mettle. So far, Alex has not been able to come through--which is why I do not think that he belongs with the greats.

That said, the future is still out there. If Alex lights it up in the second half of the season and we lose out 41-37 (or some such), or if Alex goes on and has a Pro career--or if he becomes the MVP of a SuperBowl, then I will look back and say that I was wrong--even VERY wrong.

In the meantime, go Alex, and PLEASE let the next WSU QB be of a different mold than the Brink-Gesser prototype. I WANT TO STRETCH THE FIELD AGAIN!!!!

longball said...

What kind of arm does Mini-McBoob have?

Brinkhater said...


Hooty McBoob said...

For the record, he throws a nice 10-yard spiral. While adequate for the "nouveau" Cougar offense, he's still afraid of girls so I'm not sure he could handle the attention he'd get as QB.