Saturday, October 13, 2007

Time to Go

Yep, Mr. Bill Doba, it is time for you to go...

And its time for Mr. Sterk to show him the door.

Simply put, the MOMENT that the scoreless streak was kept in tact, Mr. Brink should have sat his butt on the pine...

But no, despite being blown out, Captain Unhappy, sits his backup QB until the last drive..

If you're not building toward the future when you can in this lost season, then you are lost...

And Bill Doba is clearly lost.

Time to show him the door.

It will be a busy couple of weeks, but Doba needs to announce that he won't be back.

Brink deserves one more start and if we don't win, then he needs to finish his career on the bench.

Its over


Hooty McBoob said...

This has been a busy fall in the McBoob household. With Mini McBoob playing Pop Warner and joining Cub Scouts, we have had to alter our plans in his favor (over the Cougs) a few times now - and I can't thank him enough. Instead of doing yard work and listening to Unbiased Bob on the radio, I was up in the middle of the woods at Scout Camp on Saturday.

I honestly didn't even know what time the game started - that's how excited I am about Cougar football right now. The camp is North of Spokane near Diamond Lake and there was cell phone coverage that allowed me to check the score. I checked three times: 0-7 - no surprise; 0-19 - uh-oh; 0-40 at the half!? - time to turn of the cell phone.

I said it last week: as much as I appreciate Brink, it is time to look to the future. That said, I can also appreciate Dobes not showing Alex the bench in his hometown. That could have been a potentially debilitating blow to a young man's psyche, in what was already a humiliating experience.

NOW - it's time to thank Alex for his efforts and contributions to the program and pass the torch on to Gary Rodgers. If Rodgers gets hurt or turns out to be a total flop, Lopina and Morgan should be next in line.

Hear's your headet Alex. Get used to it because that's the only headgear you'll need on Cougar Football Saturday from here on out.

B.T.M.M. said...

You guys may well have a point that Brink should sit and we should prepare for the future: but I can't see it happening.

They (whoever ends up in charge of this "team" for the rest of the year) will look at Alex's many-fold record setting exploits as the only positive left to take from this piece of crap season. So they'll ride that tired horse until the end.

Also, how would it look from the outside if your all-time leading passer gets benched halfway through his senior season? It just sounds...weird. Like, if I was recruit, I would wonder what the hell kind of program does that.