Saturday, October 06, 2007


Your turn to comment on today's horrible defeat to the Sun Devils...

Brinkhater's bottom line is this:

Through THREE conference games, we're still averaging under 20 points per game.

Who or what is at fault? Who is to blame? How can it get better?

Clearly, the defense looked like a Doba type D today....what should be done about the O???

One things for sure, you can't win many Pac-10 games if you score under 21 points.


longball said...

Dear Brinkhater -

You're smart. I'm dumb. You're the best. I'm the worst. You're a winner. I am a loser. You are handsome. I am very unattractive. You are cool. I am a total dweeb.

That is my concession speach. Brink had the opportunity for a signature last second, get carried off the field type of win and once again he couldn't muster it. It was a killer not having Dillon and having a banged up Gibson, but still, the oportunity was there. Moments like that will be part of his legacy afterall.

Does ASU, more than anyone else in the Pac-10, have a knack for breaking our hearts? remember 1997? 2005? now 2007! It seems Sparky always has his pitchfork wedged squarely up our arses in the clutch.

Anonymous said...

I am so shocked. Wait a second, no I'm not. I don't give a rip about the record books, he is just absolutely terrible. End of story.


longball said...

Stanford? Really? Stanford? the last two weeks have to have set the record for unbeleivable upsets of top 10 teams.


Sedihawk said...

What a day of upsets, again. Once again, as Brinkhater loves to say, NEVER BET ON KIDS! You just never, ever, ever know. Who thought Notre Dame would whip UCLA? Who thought the Beav's would rally and shut down the Tuitama show? Who thought the friggin' trees would stroll into LA and, even with USC coming off a bad game and Harbaugh's mouth, they STILL pull it off? And, finally, who thought we'd hang with ASU, if not just miss out beating them? And where the HELL did that WSU defense come from? I MISSED ON ALL OF THE ABOVE. What a day.

I'm sick that we lost, but, I wonder if we're going to see a different team from here on out in a circle-the-wagons type deal? I keep looking at the stats and I have to think that they are a misprint. How did we get 7 sacks? How did we do so well against an ASU team that can move the ball at will?? Brinkhater was right, we did catch them flat, but, maybe we're really getting better after all? Maybe we need to keep Dunn and Jackson off the flippin' field and just go with Mattingly and Bass/Hicks??

That said, it was just one game, and you can't ignore what's happened in the other 5. And, it was a loss, and we're now 2-4 with very little room for error. But who knows, maybe Doba has finally decided to cut these guys loose, FINALLY? Maybe we're going to play WSU defense the rest of the year?

Most of all....did Bill Doba just save his job?

Anonymous said...

Please....I don't want Doba to stay...we need to find a young, energetic coach....we need to get back to having the bigtime qb and the bigtime defense....this Brink exp in just being good enough to have the job but not good enough to win has been just crazy to follow....

but there is hope...Mattingly was terrific, and it seems that we have a great young receiver on our team..and Gibson....what a day he had....and Bumpus...

Anonymous said...

it's too bad Bumpus ran the wrong route leading to that interception which lead to a touchdown which may have very well been the game changer.

Anonymous said...

Bumpus? I wasn't in the huddle, but that looked like a classic hitch and go. Captain clutch failed to read the D right and didn't check to the go.

And no, Doba did not just save his job with another loss. Please f-ing tell me we aren't to the point where spirited losses are just as good as wins.