Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Going to be a Roughie Today

We'll keep this short and sweet. I think we're all feeling the same thing about today, and even though it won't be on TV, in the end that might be a good thing. I think I am encouraged by our defense last week, as I watched some of it again last night. Andy Mattingly was a monster, he really was, and that wasn't just a "stats" game. Even when he didn't get to Carpenter, he was knocking him on his ass. If you can, watch the first play of the game where Rudy throws a deep ball in a post-corner route that was dropped by the WR out of bounds. From the first play of that game, Mattingly blitzed the middle with little hesitation and just drilled Rudy. That set the done for the defense, and we really haven't seen a player like this since Derting.

Wanna get crazy? How about this comparison - BRIAN URLACKER. Seriously. Remember Urlacker in college? He was like some kind of tall, hybrid linebacker-safety that made plays all over the field, before settling in as an all-pro MLB in the NFL. I saw Mattingly last week and I see the same kind of player, I really do. I can't tell you how excited I am to watch this kid play. We might finally have that gamebreaker we've been dying for all along, that defensive player that the opposing QB has to point out every single play. I can't wait to see him star.......what? What was that you say?? Bill Doba is removing him from the lineup??? Well, he must be hurt or something, right???'s because Dunn is back healthy this week that Doba isn't starting Mattingly?? The same Mattingly who had the 17 tackles, four sacks, and five TFL's, a school record???? And it's not because of injury???..........................Oh.
As much as I want to be excited about an upset bid today, we're going to get steamrolled. I love what we did vs. ASU last week, but the offense dictated that approach. ASU runs the same offense we've been running since 1987, so we knew what to expect. I look at today's game and I think about the Arizona game, where we're going to play almost in prevent-mode all afternoon and they will still run wild on us. Stewart is going to have a gigantic game, and we'll get our usual 21 points, but that's it. What the heck, let's go 47-26, Oregon.
Other quick hits:
ASU 30, UW 20 - UW has slowly morphed into the worst offensive team in the conference. Locker has absolutely no help and he can't do everything.
CAL 38, OSU 23 - Canfield plays giveaway and you can't do that against the #2 team in the nation on the road.
USC 27, Arizona 20 - New starter at QB, team still in a daze after the Stanford game, spread offense with Tuitama might make this one interesting.
TCU 35, Stanford 13 - THUD!


Anonymous said...

That is just solid coaching anyway you look at it.......hang on WTF!!??

Brinkhater said...

Sorry about my absence this week, although its probably been a good thing for our faithful readership since Brinhater is definitely a broken record at this point...

I am with you, Sedihawk, on all of your picks, except for the amount of points we get in this one...losing Gipson has all of the makings of the games we played without Hill in the past. While this provides an opp for Anderson to step up, I think we'll be lucky to get 17 today.

I do think that the Defense is likely to stand up a bit...As I noted to Sedihawk earlier in the week, I think that the 48 we are going to give up today is going to feel more like the 42 that we gave up against Auburn last year, then the 48 or whatever it was against SC a couple of weeks back. If you remember, our d actually played Auburn pretty tough in that game before wearing down because of a lack of offensive execution..

I know the game has started (I am working so I haven't checked the score), but i am making this a 48-17 call today...that said, like last week, this game is winnable, in fact, all the rest of them are if our offense can start to put some points on the board (yes, that includes CAL).

In the end, I am sticking to my pre-season guns: we'll beat UCLA and Stanford...I am also cautiously optimistic that we beat UW in Doba's swan song game..

One thing is for sure: NOTHING would be sweeter than upsetting the Quack today..Honestly, if given the choice between winning today and the Apple Cup, I'd chose today...

Brinkhater said...

Okay, I just started to check the progress via gametracker on

Like Brinkhater said, I am beyond a broken record regarding this offense...YUCK!

At this point, I just want us to score quickly so we can keep the 25 year scoring streak alive..


JMNOR55 said...

Well, it looks like the Cougs won't be in a bowl as will the Huskies. As a former WA state resident living in Big 10 country that kinda stinks. Yes the Illini and Purple Cats (Northwestern) are probably bowl bound, but more like Champs Sports Bowl, not BCS bowl or even the Outback Bowl.

How good are the Cougs basketball team supposed to be this year? Hopefully good enough that Dickie V will say They're AWESOME BABY with a Capital A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh in Chicago