Friday, October 19, 2007

Hot Assistant Coach Profile #1 - Bob Gregory

In keeping with the blogger style writing, let's throw speculation out the window and flat-out say that Bill Doba is finished at WSU. In that thinking, it's time to look ahead and who we might want to see as our next head coach. I mean what the heck is there to write about otherwise? How bad the defense is? How poor our special teams are? How is it we can lead the conference in passing yards yet still only score about 15 points per game in conference games???

Today, we'll profile a guy who is regarded as one of the top assistant coaches in the Pac-10, and has to be one of the first guys Jim Sterk talks to once this is all said and done.....or has he already made a phone call!?!? Hmmm.....

Bob Gregory - D-coordinator - CAL

Regarded as one of the top assistants in the conference, Gregory's defenses have been very good at Cal. He won a national assistant coach award last year for his defense against Oregon, and this year again his D held the Quack Attack to only 24 points in the Cal victory at Autzen. Just 44 years old, he's already coached in nine bowl games. He cut his teeth in the Pac-10, at Oregon's DB coach from 1998 - 2000 before being the DC at Boise State for a year in 2001. He was hand-picked by Tedford when he took the job in 2002, and they haven't looked back. He's got one hell of a track record already. Consider:

In 2006, Gregory's defense allowed just 19.3 points per game while forcing 28 turnovers, including 21 interceptions (fifth in the nation).

• The Bears held Texas A&M to a Holiday Bowl-low 10 points, including just 349 yards of total offense (146 in the second half).

• Cal's 2005 defense led the Pac-10 in pass efficiency defense, while ranking second in the league in scoring defense (21.2 ppg), rushing defense (119.2 ypg) and total defense (359.6 ypg).

• Finalist for the 2004 Frank Broyles Award, which is given to the nation's top assistant coach.

• His 2004 defense ranked in the Top 25 nationally in three categories: rushing defense (2nd, 82.5 ypg), scoring defense (8th, 16.0 ppg) and total defense (24th, 320.9 ypg).

• Cal's 2004 defense blanked Arizona (38-0) and Arizona State (27-0) in back-to-back games - a first for the Bears since the 1968 season.

• In 2002, Cal ranked second in the country in fumble recoveries (21) and seventh in both turnover margin (+21) and total takeaways (36).

• His 2001 Boise State team finished second in the WAC in both scoring defense and rushing defense.

• As defensive backs coach at Oregon, the 2000 Ducks led the NCAA in pass efficiency defense.

• In 11 seasons as a Division I-A coach, Gregory's teams have never had a losing record and have participated in nine bowl games.

• Named the American Football Quarterly Defensive Coordinator of the Year after the 1997 season when his Willamette squad led the NAIA in scoring defense and total defense.

Oh yeah, HE'S ALSO A COUGAR. That's right, he played DB and linebacker for our Cougs back in the mid-80's under Jim Walden, graduating in 1987. He's a Spokane boy, graduating from Gonzaga Prep. In the absolute prime of his coaching life, with Pac-10/NW/WSU roots, I can't imagine a better candidate for WSU!

The question is, can we get him? How much would it take to hire him away? You'd think he would be interested in coming home to be the head coach and lead the Cougs into a new era. And maybe he'd bring a few offensive assistants with him and we could run a version of the Cal offense. But what other schools will be after him once the season is over? There might be a line of suitors when the hiring season begins, but Jim Sterk sure as hell better have him at the top of the short list immediately.


Anonymous said...

BG almost sounds too perfect. No question he would provide a spark that is desperately needed. Couple questions though, what does he make at Cal as DC? And who would he pick to run the O?


Sedihawk said...

Per this, he looks pretty affordable to me:

I'm sure the WSU head job would be almost double of what he's making now, again, based on this. I bet he'd get $500 K here?

As far as who would run the offense, I would HOPE LIKE HELL he gets a Tedford system guy. I was going to say this later, but, I really think a wholesale change is needed. That's just my opinion, but, Cal's system is fantastic and it doesn't take a superstar QB to be a success. I know players are everything, but, the system can be almost as important. I'm actually down on our offense right now, I mean we've been running the same thing since 1987 and very few programs even run the one-back anymore. We've tried every wrinkle we can think of and it just seems like it's suddenly becoming a dinosaur compared to the offenses like Cal, or the new spread offenses you see out there (I LOVE OREGON'S OFFENSE, and that's a sneak preview for hot assistant #2!).

Anonymous said...

As a Cal ticket holder and alum, I can tell you that you will never get BG. Tedford loves him like a brother and I doubt highly that he wants Gregory in Pullman. BG has his eyes on the bigger jobs anyway. Michigan UCLA even USC if Carroll bolts for NFL come to mind. They have been tight since their duck days so sorry little Couglets you will have to shoot lower than this. Hope you keep Doba as it is fun beating you every year.
Cal_bear Freak

Sedihawk said...

Hang on - cal_bear, first of all, how did you find us? And second, you really think we couldn't get Gregory? The pull on the heart can be strong when it comes to your own school.

Think about how you feel about Cal. Well, imagine you are an assistant coach and you see your school, where you graduated and PLAYED FOOTBALL, is in trouble. And they want you, and they are willing to pay you good money for one of the cheapest cost of living situations in the west (as opposed to the Bay area!). You can be a BCS head coach at a program that needs you, in your old stomping grounds, and you can increase your salary a few hundred thousand in the process? I don't know about you, but I have to believe he'll at least take the call if Sterk does pick up the phone, or if this is worked through the back channels.

But whatever. You are obviously closer to him than we are, and if you hear Gregory has his eyes on a bigger prize, well, so be it. But I agree with Coug97 above. He's the PERFECT FIT in so many ways, it's almost too good to be true anyway. I just hope Sterk puts the full-court press on him as soon as possible.

Hooty McBoob said...

If not Gregory, how about Cal's OC and former Cougar, Jim Michalczik?

Better yet, how about both of them?!

Anonymous said...


having said that, we would only be here a few years....maybe 3...but that will get us back on track big time...

longball said...

Oh man, anonymous Cal dumbass just confirms my suspicion that Cal fans, like Duck fans before them, are becoming the new insufferable snobs of the Pac-10.

Gregory would be a monster hire. We would lose him the instant he led us to any kind of unexpected success.

Sedihawk said...

I have hope that Gregory could be a long-term answer for us, ala Mike Riley (even though Riley left OSU once, he did come back). But it's all pie-in-the-sky right now. There are always many jobs available at the end of the year, and there will certainly be competition for Gregory. That's IF he feels ready to be a head coach too. I don't think he has much else to prove as a D-coordinator though.

OH, and I don't get Cal fans either, they have moved towards Oregon's level, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

The recruiting tie to Cali is big for me. You already have a recognizable face in the high schools. I also think you may avoid a huge amount of staff turn over because he likely knows some or all of our staff and may want to keep some.

Sedihawk said...

Totally agree, the Cali recruiting would be a nice thing to have. And I did read that he's well regarded as a strong recruiter. Uh, YEAH, we, uh, kind of need that right now??

I'm not so big of a fan on retaining a lot of the current staff. In fact I wouldn't mind an overhaul of epic proportions. I'd love to hang on to Yarno, and I think Greg Peterson is OK, but let's reboot the program. It might be a few years of pain, but, we can't get a whole lot lower right now and a change in culture is probably needed. I want to start over with a coach who has a philosophy and oh yeah, grabs the bull by the BALLS, don't you??

longball said...

The Northern Cali recruiting ties could be very rich indeed. Jason Hill was a nice find in that neck of the woods and Lopina is a De LaSalle kid I believe. I am sure there are many others, but its a great place to find Cali talent that is perhaps a bit overshadowed by guys from down south. The fact their O-Coordinator is a Coug a well makes me 100% sure this is a huge blip on Sterks radar.

I know this sounds a bit gimmicky, but what about Jerry Glanville at Portland State? He has the resume, but he is also in career swan song mode, and lifting up a program like WSU may be exactly the kind of icing he'd like on his career. He is kinda the anti-Doba, as far as his larger than life personality, but i think that would be a good thing. We would have a lot of attention and that can only help recruiting. I dunno, am i sounding desperate?

Anonymous said...

What do yall think about Pat Hill??

Sedihawk said...

We'll get to Hill. Today was just the top assistant, but Hill's got to be on the list for current head coaches anyway.

Anonymous said...

ahhh ok..didn't mean to jump the gun....

Anonymous said...

Glanville is for a team like Idaho, not Wazzu. Although we have not been great, we haven't completely fallen off the map until this year. We really have been competitive football team.
I think one of the Cal coordinators would be huge coup.
I have really no problem if some of the staff is weeded out, but I think there are some keepers. However, Wolfosky (sp?) is worthless! How about being innovative and go back to what STs did in the 90s. Or maybe we should put another layer of blockers that stand to the left and the right of the punter.

longball said...

Ptowncoug -

how is Glanville only at an Idaho level? The guy has coached NFL teams to the playoffs. Plus we are trying new recruiting grounds in Texas and he has great name recognition there.