Monday, October 15, 2007

Even the Media Agrees

Even mainstream media is now starting to say it - coach Doba must go. Howie Stalwick, who is carrying the mail for the WSU coverage these days in the P-I, says it plain as day today in Sport Tri-Cities. By the way, Howie is a good writer and better than anything else the P-I can do, so it's working out. And I'd put him right above Vince of the SR, who in his first year on the beat has a very difficult time doing anything editorial (read: he seems afraid to say what's so painfully obvious!).

But Stalwick is right on many levels. They aren't getting it done, from recruiting to everything else that has been examined ad nauseum. But the most dangerous thing right now is the level of blowouts that we are seeing. Not only is that talent level issues, but, it's also becoming an effort issue. In other words, Doba and staff seem to have lost this team, and we've still got five games left. I can't imagine it getting any worse than 40-0 at the half or 47-7 early in the third, but with the way this year is going, anything is possible.

I just wish we were part of the party this year, a year with more parity than ever in college football. All the upsets that happen every week, it would have been fun to be competitive this year. But oh well. Personally I'm glad the bye is here. I think we ALL need a break from this slow-motion train wreck.

Brutal weekend for Washington football. Cougs get their pants pulled down at Autzen, UW lays down again in the 3rd quarter in a 44-20 embarrassment, and the Hawks dig a 21-0 hole that they can't dig out of. WHHEEEEEE!


Anonymous said...

The rope marks on my neck are me hanging myself with the rope from my Cougar flag. This is painful. No horses? Who's not recruiting them? Brink? Deer in the headlights and chokes in any big game. I am sorry he's taking over Gesser's records. I can hardly stand this. I guess we're a basketball school now.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little preturbed by all the talk of benching starters. Hey we still have a chance for a bowl game, even with 6 wins. I don't think we should be benching starters. However, I think young guys should be getting time in blowouts, e.g., Oregon game.
Doba isn't make any sense at this time. I don't know if he senile or what. I understand not throwing in the towel (bowl game opp., hurts recruiting, finishing last in the league sucks, etc), but when you are down 40-0 at half, why don't you do something different by inserting Rogers, or whoever. Shoot put Collins at QB. This is just plain crazy sitting idly by in a blow out.

Sedihawk said...

I listened to Doba on the coaches show the other night. What a mistake. That show has gone backwards in terms of questions and answers. But I was borderline-shocked at how clueless he sounds right now! He talked big-picture immediately, about how the game isn't that important, talking about the war in Iraq, etc. I know perspective is a healthy thing when times are tough, but he sounds like a downtrodden, whipped man at this point. Where's the accountability for this disaster? Where's the fire to turn it around? You would have thought the show was at 3 AM and he was laying in bed trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

But I really think from what he was saying that he doesn't have a damn clue about how to get out of this tailspin. He's just going to keep doing what he's been doing and hope that it turns around. He said repeatedly that he doesn't want to bench his seniors because of loyalty, and I can respect that. There are some seniors that deserve to play out the string, and we are already burning redshirts left and right this year. But he's got to at least consider sharing the QB job with Rogers, or Lopina, or even Morgan, to get some meaningful snaps in game action. We think things are bad this year? What about next year?? Yikes.

I love Doba, I really do. I'm grateful he kept things together in 2003 and gave us all some of the best moments in WSU history that year with the Oregon blowout and the Holiday Bowl. But he said a "WTF" thing last night that pissed me off, I mean for the first time I actually got MAD at something he said. He said in a very Poor-ME tone that they'll go on the road this week to see "if any kids might have interest in WSU" in regards to recruits. HUH? COACH, IT'S OCTOBER 16th AND YOU DON'T HAVE A SINGLE COMMITMENT! Any player that is actually considering you at a better than medium interest is a 1-star caliber player. His biggest failure, for him and his staff, has been recruiting, and talking about how he doesn't like the early offer system. Well guess what? TOUGH $HIT! Everyone else is doing it, and getting good players in the process.

But what gets me mad is his attitude that he and his staff know how to do a better job than basically everyone else in the country by not doing the early offers. But what do you know, he's basically gotten his a$$ KICKED by the other NW schools for the past four years. His "system" of waiting things out has completely blown up in his face. Just keep doign what you are doing coach. Keep running this program into a ditch that will take years to get out of.

Bill Doba has officially become our version of Keith Gilberston. I can't help but think we're going to lose the rest of our games.