Saturday, October 06, 2007

At the Half: Make Or Break Time

Well, the Coug defense has totally caught the flat Sun Devils off guard. Had the O been able to muster anything in the first quarter, we might be really feeling good right now.

That said, in a few moments we face a real breaking point of the season:

We're gonna get the ball to start the half, if we get a touch, we go up 17-7 early in the third--which will give us enough momentum to win this game and perhaps save both the season and the coach.

But, if we don't score, you can bet that Denny is going to make some adjustments which could really send things the other way....

Its on you Brinkster, Rosey, and Levy...Lets see what you guys are made of!


longball said...

Nothing short of shocking - Our defense is playing out of their minds. It really is time for Brink to step up. I am terrified of the adjustments DE is making right now.

Andy Mattingly looks like mini-Butkis out there.

longball said...

Who wants to help me egg Demarco Farr's house after the game?

longball said...

That was an amazing illustration of Collins' break away speed! LOL! Clutch play by the sideline to recover that fumble for us.

longball said...

Allright we are all icing our broken hearts right now but, that was WAY better than any of us thought it would be.

Tip of the hat to Brinkhater, that game is squarely on Brink, not only the pick-6, but being true to form as Brinkhater has pointed out again and again, he could not quite lead us to the big win.

Still - losing by 3 points after that call in the 2nd qtr is hard to swallow, even though mattingly got away with a monster face mask on ASUs last drive.

Overall, tough loss, but i actually have hope now that we can beat some people.

Anonymous said...

Like Stanford?

This team will not win another game.