Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry about the late post, Cougar Nation:

Use the open thread to rant about the following (or whatever, it is "open" afterall):

The Cougs "a win is a win" showing against Akey's spuds.

Whether the D will surrender under 65 next week.

The Z-rated production of last night's game at FSNW.

The wisdom (cough! cough!) of inserting Rogers into the game with 3:50 left and allowing him to throw ZERO passes.

The Over-under on Gesser's career as a television analyst (Brinkhater says 4 appearances).

The exposure of UCLA as the second major fraud of the year.

USC's outright dominance.

Ohio State's speed on defense.

Oregon's speed on offense (WOW!)

Locker showing that despite his future brilliance, freshmen will always be freshmen...

As for Brinkhater, I think at this point, we all have to be relieved that little Alex wasn't knocked out for the year. Nice pass blocking, fellas...Alex is one tough SOB..he was getting KILLED all night long....THAT does not bode well..

Also, I wonder how long it will take USC to beat us deep with a post pattern next week: 5 seconds?

The performance of UCLA and Arizona and Oregon State over the last two weeks are our sources of solace. And lemme tell you, Stanford will be NO pushover by the time we face them in November.

Nothing that I have seen thus far makes me think this is something more than a 4-8 team. But MAN do I hope I'm wrong...the defense is just far too pathetic..


longball said...

I think it needs to be said... our D line, especially Pitoitua and Johnson, are way overrated. The only tackles who excited me last night were Eichelberger and Turpin late in the game, and they were still going up against the Vandals 1st unit. I think a shuffling of the starting lineup on D line is the only hope we have but i fear it isn't even being considdered by Doba and his staff. How bad or inexpereinced out DBs are is completely irrelevent if we cannot pressure the passer. After 3 games of watching our line completely fail to get even a whif of pressure on opposing QBs, i am fed up.

Oh yeah, and FSN... what a joke. My mom could have put on a better broadcast with the old camcorder.

Sedihawk said...

Longball is right, the d-line isn't getting it done. There were a few moments of pressure, but for the most part Enderle had too much time. The 4 INT's were more just simply misfires from a frosh QB than him being pressured into big mistakes. If they can't get any consistent pressure, I don't care if you have Champ Bailey at corner, you can only cover receivers for so long before they will get open. And our blitzing is a complete failure at this point.

The middle of the field is an even bigger issue, one that will appear on AOL later today.

A good friend of mine who's played a lot of football in his life said that it's a bad sign when you are playing a less-talented team like Idaho and you can't get any pressure on the QB. There's no excuse.

I will also add this - it's hard to tell from TV, but seeing these teams in person, it was honestly hard to tell which team had the BCS talent and which team was a low-level WAC team. Brink was clearly in control, and I don't know if the game ever really felt in that serious jeopardy. But seriously, Idaho, for whatever reason, looked much, much faster than I ever remember Idaho looking. Is that an indictment on our lack of speed and talent? I don't know. But they looked quick. And they were also hitting HARD, all night long. Brink, Bumpus and Collins all took severe shots. And their sideline, my God, Akey has everyone from himself all the way down to the trainer INTO THE GAME. Half the team was running onto the field after every big play in the first half. Their intensity was impressive.

That's the one big thing to take from this, something that we undersold from the beginning - IDAHO and AKEY WANTED THIS GAME. Our intensity wasn't great outside of a few moments, and we still handled them on the scoreboard and out-gained them by a good margin. So maybe we shouldn't be too critical here. A win is a win, and this year I'll take whatever we can get. But there are so many questions defensively that I can't help but think we're going to be staring at 2005 levels all over again. Something better change, quick, or we'll get SHREDDED by Pac-10 offenses!