Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is It Football Season Yet?

Seriously? It's already Week 4?! How can this be? I've only seen the Cougs play (in person) one time so far; and won't see them again until they return for their Week 6 matchup with the Gun Devils (Dennis already has 1 recruiting class in the fold, it won't be long before the crime rate jumps up by 25% in Tempe). With all due respect to Jim Sterk, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. With our 'd' (lower-case) it's more like 'outta sight; outta mind."

Thanks for the intro, Brinkhater. I'm looking forward to contributing to the blog. I probably won't spend a lot of time (over)analyzing our matchups but I will undoubtedly bitch and moan about any number of subjects pertaining to Cougar Football. I also promise to post at least once, completely snot-hanging drunk - that might be fun, don'cha think?

I'd write a quick re-cap of my observations at the Idaho game but I couldn't see the field from my new seats in the family section. What the hell was I thinking?! I gave up two seats (conveniently not enough seats to take the wife AND the kids to the game) five rows from the field on the 50 yard line - for four seats in the family section. So now, aside from the fact that I'm barely even IN the fucking stadium, I'll spend all my time toting my little angels off to the bathroom and answering my wife's inane questions. ("Why do the stripes on the football only go half-way around? Why do the Cougars wear red helmets sometimes and other times wear silver??) Shoot me now... Oh yeah, I can't drink or swear either. Can you say "buyer's remorse?"

You know how little kids think it's fun to wrap their arms around your leg and have you walk around while they're attached to you? I bet we could sneak Kensok onto the field by riding Ropati's leg into the huddle. Or maybe he could be neatly tucked under Ahmu's gut. Either way, 12 (OK, 11.5) players on 'd' might be the only chance we have to beat USC. It's gonna be ugly, Cougs. Drink up.


longball said...

Welcome HMcB! Damn, i wish i knew ya so i could have bought those sweet 50 yd line seats from you.

I am trying to remember the last time we had a "shock the world" type win. Perhaps we're due. It's Bump's last shot at his former suiters from Troy and i think that ought to motivate him to at least 300 yds receiving and 6 TDs. tack on a score each for Gibson, tardy and Collins, and by my count we come out on top 63 - 60. Bowl committes will be scrambling to get us a matchup with Louisville or Hawaii for a gaurenteed shoot out of the century.

You heard it here y'all! Now don't forget as those final seconds tick off the clock Saturday, and after you are done cleaning up your self-adminstered gatorade (or Bud Light) victory shower - I TOLD YOU SO!

Of course if we get dealt an Ike Turneresque beating, then, well... I was drunk when i wrote this.

longball said...

Wait just a second... Why DO the stipes only go half way round the ball?

Anonymous said...

Welcome Hooty. It's always nice to find another Cougar optimist. Not. Ah, well. That 'SC score from longball sure looks good. I'd sure as heck take it.

By the way, i'm liking all this drunk posting. It adds a little...uh...flavor to the blog.

Also, could we cut down on the swearing here? I mean, is it really necessary?

More definitions for y'all.

1 an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or performing art) usually as a spectator

2 an ardent admirer or enthusiast

Sometimes it seems that we forget that. Please don't boo the team or rag on 'em. Try to be positive. We'l get better. That's a promise.
(I'm speaking in general terms here, not to Hooty).

Sedihawk said...

First of all, welcome aboard Hooty. I just walked back from Petco Park as I saw the Pads get a walk-off homer from Steve (don't call me Jerry) Hairston of all people. Great stadium, and cool to see a team that's still in a pennant race. 15 rows up from the field behind the visitors dugout. Would have been even cooler if they weren't playing some AAA team called Pittsburgh, or something like that. Seriously look at a Pirates box score and tell me how many of those guys you've actually heard of in their lineup. OH, and Chris Young is all of 6-10. He's REALLY tall. And nice to see old friend Mike Cameron strike out looking. Thanks for the memories Cammy.

Second, Aw, lighten up Hooty. Those seats aren't THAT bad. When the stadium only holds 35K, there's no such thing as a bad seat. Just think of those seats being $125 each, per game, if you were in Qwest Field. And your kids are ready to watch games in real life and become part of the gameday experience under the wisdom of Hooty McBoob. Besides, you are good company. I told Brinkhater how after Idaho scored to make it 21-21, you turned to me and said "wow, we are really bad on defense aren't we?"

Anonymous is right, though, we do get far too negative/critical over college football. But it's an emotional game. And such is life for a self-described critic, someone who risks virtually nothing of themselves, but gives the harshest assessments of those actually out there willing to take the risk. But it's not from a lack of caring. Far from it. It's from a love that is decades long with deep, tangled roots, roots that don't pull up easy out of the ground. Believe it. And I can assure you, there is no booing from Hooty, Brinkhater or myself. Maybe a drunk-induced hailstorm of f-bombs in front of toddlers and old ladies, but no booing. Actually, we're not booing, we're chanting "Doba...Doba...Doba..."

I'm already tired of thinking about USC and it's only Wednesday. But the one thing I'm clinging to right now? Sometimes, in fact as recent as last year, they were a team that played to the level of the competition. They lost 2 conference games, and at the time neither opponent was even ranked in Oregon State and UCLA. WSU and UW both took USC down to the end, trailing by 6 and with the ball before it was over. UW got closer than we did, but both games really could have gone either way. I know USC looked completely possessed last week, but they had a serious chip on the shoulder going into that game. Is it realistic to expect a repeat performance on an emotional level this week? Isn't it reasonable to assume that they'll experience some form of a letdown? Maybe this is the epitome of the sandwich game, where they are coming off a huge road win, and maybe they are peeking ahead to next week when they hit the road to Seattle?

The thing is, and Brinkhater says it every week - there's a very good reason he doesn't bet on what 18-21 year olds are going to do on a weekly basis. Upsets happen every single week, every single season, and if not an upset, there are always near-misses that people never saw coming. So it's at least possible. Maybe Brink comes out and plays insane football, and everything clicks. Maybe USC is flat after last week, as they see the WSU logo and it doesn't really fire them up. And maybe our defense really does get cleaned up, as Doba has been saying all along, and the proper adjustments are made. Maybe the recipe of a senior QB and some very good skill positions at said QB's disposal are just the kind of team that can really put a scare into USC? And maybe, just maybe, we are actually better than we think we are?

Nah. 52-23, USC.

Hooty McBoob said...

Hey guys. I appreciate the feedback. This is going to be fun.

What you guys will learn about me is that I actually do see the world through crimson-colored glasses. I don't jump on and off the bandwagon - I drive it (drunk-driving is actually encouraged in this case.) That said, I'm also a realist and this weekend's matchup has all the makings of a beatdown.

Despite some average-at-best defenses over the last several years, we have always seemed to have one or two certfiable "playmakers" - anchors who we could always count on for consistenty great play and for making big plays when we needed them the most. We have no Rien Long or DD Acholonu up front. We have no Raonall Smith or Scott Davis at LB and we sure as hell have no DB's who could hold a candle to guys like Tru, Billy Newman or Lamont (Ya Big Dummy!) Thompson. We have some young players with potential and heart - I love how hard Trent plays - but so far in 2008, they are flat-out overmatched.

I'm not a hater (like some guys I know) but I call a spade a spade. Like The Stranger said to The Dude, "Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes, well...the bar eats you." That's just life in general - and life as a Coug in a nutshell.

Longball - I think our only shot in this game is to get into a shootout with a flawless performance on offense. We obviously need Bump to be Bump on offense but we may need him (or Dillon or Anderson) to make his biggest contribution on special teams in order to shock the world.

...and do the stripes go half-way around the ball; or does the ball only go half-way around the stripes? Think about it...

Anony...First off, get yourself a handle. Talking to "anonymous" is the blog equivalent of a glory hole, without the happy ending.

I watched a movie with my wife the other night - "Derailed" with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. I've never been a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. She's never really done anything for me...until this movie. All it took was one line. It went something like this:

Owen: So what are you thinking?

Anniston: (after a slight pause) I think I want to fuck you.

DAMN! Instant boner. This scene goes immediately to the top of my spank bank.

Now, imagine if I had watched this movie on network TV. It would have looked something like this:

Owen: So what are you thinking?

Anniston: (after a slight pause) I think I want to have fun with you.

Hmmm. Doesn't have quite the same effect, does it? Is she saying she wants to go to the circus with him? Maybe toss a frisbee in the park?

So, to answer your question, anony...Yes, it really is necessary.

Over and out, knuckleheads.

Nuss said...

I think our main chance involves USC screwing up royally -- interceptions, fumbles ... something. And multiple times.

One idea I floated on my blog was returning to the 3-4. It seems like we have the personnel for it this year, rather than having to go to it out of necessity. Imagine any team facing Johnson, Ahmu and Pitoitua inside its tackles.

Nobody can run on that, and that would go a long way toward stopping USC. I'm still not convinced Booty is an elite QB who can carry his team.

Brinkhater said...

The above comment really signifies why it is that we are thrilled to have Hooty on the blog...Tremendous....

I think it is fair to say that USC's defense will NOT be caught sleeping on Saturday..the game is against a top flight O on national television...And without question, Brink's performance thus far--as well as the performance of Gipson (and the run blocking of Dillon) has his attention BIG TIME.

But its also fair to wonder whether or not the Trojan O will be caught napping. Certainly, this is a game where Booty thinks he'll get some...And, if you are a Heisman candidate, watching tape of our D has you thinking 600 yards through the air, 5 or 6 touches, and your name on the front of all front-runner lists...

So, IF for some reason we were to make things difficult--even REAL difficult--there MAY be a tendency to get tight...even real tight...

Toward that end, I think Nuss' take (and welcome by the way)is interesting regarding the 3-4..the only problem is that our D has looked so stinkin lost, that I wonder whether or not that would confuse the issue even further....But, again, I think that the bigger theme is the play and positioning of the safeties...I'm telling you--let those corners bump a run a bit...lets put some pressure on people to beat us over the top...I mean, you're playing against the #1 team in America, so what the F?

Finally, do NOT underestimate the POTENTIAL role of Mr. Christopher Ivory in this game early on. Just like the potential of the Bowling Ball last year, he is THUNDER for us....In my view, I would hope they bring him in for a few carries early--I think he may really open things up...

More tomorrow...

Nuss said...

I don't disagree on the 3-4 thing. Doba already said he wants to simplify things this week, so that doesn't seem likely. I was just throwing it out there as a potential solution, especially since it's not like we have three linebackers we need on the field or something.

Or maybe he's just blowing a smoke screen ...

longball said...

YES! I have spoken, and Doba has listened... they are shaking things up on the D-line and my boy Toby Turpin is in line for some extra PT.