Monday, September 10, 2007


As you all know by now, Brinkhater sure likes to put out. But, the one area where I am not ready to spread the wealth is toward crowning our much maligned little Alex for lighting up a bad football team.

Like I've said consistently in this short season, for us to taste the fruits of mediocrity, Alex Brink is not only going to have to be GREAT against San Diego State, he is going to HAVE TO put up the same type of numbers against Belotti's Babes, the Beavs, Conquest, and so forth... And, as the Cougar nation knows, Alex has seldom played poorly against weak competition, its how he plays against the upper division teams that matters.

At the same time, ALL COUGARS SHOULD REMEMBER (e.g. do not forget) that were it not for injuries to Bumpus and Hill in the Arizona game, we would have probably finished 9-3, would have won a conference co-championship by default (having lost to the other co-champions, SC and CAL) and we would NOT be talking about Doba's job, Brink's consistent mediocrity and so forth.

So, lets move on to the Spuds.

Personally, Brinkhater feels this game is important for two reasons. First, Doba MUST further implement a scheme with just a TAD bit more complexity than what he has shown thus far. The reason: it is Brinkhater's view that it is usually a good idea to practice something in a game situation BEFORE starting a conference tilt that begins with the #1 team in the nation. Moreover, without an improved scheme (as well as improved play), this team is going to get TORCHED in the conference. As I said last week, while our offense is clearly skilled and effective, Brinkhater does NOT believe that our current scheme will allow us to win 42-40 type games. We are going to have to keep our opponents under 30pts per game.

Brinkhater also thinks that this upcoming tilt is important because it is PROBABLY a good idea to get your back-up QB a rep or two sometime in your first three games. Just a thought.

So, its important that we gain enough separation early against the Spuds in order to give some other guys some much needed PT.

With regard to other Alex Brink comments, it really goes without question that he is the best, if not only, chance for us to win this year. So, while we still have a season, lets ease up a bit.

That said, the moment we hit 6 losses, I will be organizing a full campain to have #10 not only benched, but banished for life. Rumor has it that Chad Degrenier is lonely on the Island of Misfit Cougs....

In the meantime, feel free to weigh in on any issues related to the Spuds, to the UW-Buckeye tilt, or your early thoughts about how the outcome in Lincoln this Saturday may influence the WSU-Conquest match in a couple of weeks..

Have a good one..


longball said...

OK, ok, I was a bit over the top in predicting a complete meltdown by our secondary leading to a shocking upset saturday.

For all the whiners who weren't able to enjoy the clinic that Alex put on Saturday, i would advise not to forget years past when our offense was left in the hands of Shawn Deeds, Steve Birnbaum, Chad Davis, etc. How quickly we forget. Years like those we would have struggled mightily with this same SDSU team. There was ample reason for optimism Saturday.

That being said - I was a little concerned with a few coaching decisions, like not getting backups in early enough, then not getting Rogers any throws. Also, we should have kicked a field goal at the end, classy move by Doba just to run some clock, but missed opportunity to get Abdolmohhamadaddidi like the 4th game action kick of his entire life. I got to sit right on the cougar sideline and had as much fun observing and noting the action on the bench as in the game. One thing we noted after SDSUs first couple scores was the lack of coaching of the defense when they came off the field. In contrast, Levy and especially Yarno are intense when their guys return to the sideline, with encouragement and criticism. Then we realized, the D-coordinator and linebackers coach is busy head coaching. I am not too familliar with sideline dynamics, but my friends and i all felt this was glaringly obvious. We did see Trent rally the guys a couple times and i thought that was encouraging, but in general they didn't seem to be getting the attention a young, strugling at times, unit needs.

From where i am sitting i think our season outlook is slightly better than i first thought, especially considering the struggles of teams like Zona and OSU. Our defense will not scare anyone, but I really think our offense is world class and we can suprise some folks.

Also, did anyone else see Toby Turpin get some PT at the end of the game? That kid doesn't look like much standind side by side with his fellow D-lineman, but when he got in there he was an unholy terror. Might be a gem in the coming years.

Brinkhater said...

GREAT stinkin' comment, L.B.

One thing we'll get to in the coming week is the job that the Offensive staff have done during the Doba era compared to the Defense. With the exception of the middle of year II (right before and after Swoggs got hurt), we struggled offensively.

Beyond that short stretch, we have been as talented offensively top to bottom as we ever have as a unit..we've also executed much, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out on the defensive side this year..

But I agree about the season outlook..if we had ANY D, we'd be a contender for a top 3 finish...with half of one, we go bowling...Week 5 is key for us...

Lets just stay healthy..

And Keep postin'

Sedihawk said...

I don't think Longball was off. I predicted a win, but I thought 45-37, not 45-17!

The reality is that we've seen two extremes. Horrible defense and some frustrating offense, and then some fantastic offense and much improved defense. But as Brinkhater says, just win and stay healthy and we can make this thing interesting. I know it's early, but the Pac-10 schedule might not be as hopeless as it looked at the beginning. Arizona hasn't set the world on fire yet with their new offense. Don't get me started on Oregon State's QB situation, which could blow their entire season. We know Stanford is god-awful. UW blasted the 'Cuse but they didn't look unstoppable vs. BSU. In fact they were outgained in that game, shut out in the 2nd half, and BSU lost the turnover battle 4-1. That could have been a much different game if Tharp didn't force the action. And, while it seems crazy, Oregon gave up over 300 yards rushing - at home - to HOUSTON. So while they were all fast and sexy vs. Michigan, so was Appalachian State! We'll see how it plays out, but it's amazing how different things can look after a few weeks. It's still REALLY early.